1976   Christopher George,Andrew Prince, Richard Jaeckel, Joan McCall,Joe Doresey  Directed by William Girder


Visitors to a state park are terrorized by an 18-foot grizzly bear. Christopher George who stars as the park ranger Michael Kelly hatches a plan. This fearsome forest foray (sorry just had to) is supposed to have a ‘Jaws’ feel to it.

At first, they don’t show the bear much, if at all (maybe a foot here or a patch of fur there…) but toward the end, they show more of it (body wise) with full shots. For being as old as myself (give or take a few months) it was a good suspenseful movie. The only thing that didn’t hold up was the make-up fx techniques and the 70s fashions.    I love 1970’s fashions, but between that and the contrast and colors of the picture you could tell its age.

Include this in a retro movie Marathon this needs to be part of it.

(Suggestions… do an all 70s decade or pick one from each decade 30s-2000, 2010-2018… and make sure the 30s movie.. is a universal classic! I recommend the Invisible man)

WARNING animal sensitive people

I know its fake  but it still saddens me to see it so just an err heads up

maybe even in the literal sense!


Return to House on Haunted Hill

2007  UnRated, 1;21  Erik Palladino, Andrew Lee Potts

When I saw a preview of this before a rental I got a bit giddy as you can choose your own

I used to love the choose your own adventure books as a kid as you could read them over and over (Neil Patrik Harris did his autobiography in this fashion which I loved!)

Soo you can choose between the

Director’s Version   or     _*_Choose Your own

I’m sure its needless to say which I went with!

A pair of sisters do not speak much if at all when one of them calls her very busy fashion editor sister who doesn’t answer.  Regular sis (sorry forget their names) leaves a hysterical sounding voicemail. From this, you get to decide if busy calls her back. Continue reading

Murder on the Orient Express

A retelling of the classic by Agatha Christie set on the Orient Express train we ride through Europe when a passenger

is slain which makes everyone aboard a suspect.

I can see the mustachioed chap is going to be amusing. He steps in shit then says “its just an imbalance”   then steps in it with the other foot!!

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April Fools News

Bill and Ted 3 could actually happen  (but what a YAWNER of a title)

Walking Dead FANS helicopter theories

Avengers Fan Theory: Infinity War Secretly Features Multiple Timelines

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CARL’s full letter to rick

Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Will Be Accessible To New Viewers

Recasting the Fantastic Four For the MCU Matt Bomer…Maybe but no. As for Johnny Storm (sorry but you will never do better than Chris Evans)  I suggest maybe Targon Egerton or would Kellan Lutz be ‘too old’ for it? Either that or get unknowns.

‘Hawaii Five-0’: Alex O’Loughlin reveals the most difficult actor on his directorial debut

Ernest Cline By the Book

Godsmack’s new album will be out April 27


‘The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan Brought Some Negan To ‘Rampage

Book Bind ~ Ghouls just Haunt to have Fun

I took into consideration how long it took me to read (and give up on) the last book I read. So with that I wanted something that was familiar and I enjoyed once before, so first I thought to read a Stephanie Plum book by Janet Evanovich, but I’d have to dig through my pile (and I was too tired from the past two nights as I couldn’t sleep) So I thought to choose something that was on my to-read shelf.  I had a few choices but this book I thought would be the one I could most likely Hopefully finish in a week or less.


See the source imagepages  310 (not including an excerpt from next book)

Started- April 1st

Finished- April 7

I’m not sure if I mentioned it in the previous book of this series I read but I do love that Victoria Laurie mentions what inspired her or gave her the idea for the story.

This story not only covers a living mystery (or 2) but a paranormal one, and the two are connected! One deals with the death of a resident guest,  another is the appearance of a dagger and the spirit attached to it.

M.J.’s partner Gilley has set up a gig without speaking with her first (a running gag and very bad flaw of his). So M.J. and her team go to San Fransico for a ‘Haunted possessions’ show, that she was heavily against figuring it would exploit her abilities even though she’s the real deal.   There are three other mediums that will be on the show, sadly not all are real. There is Heath Whitefeather and 2 others. Of all places, they have to do it in the VERY haunted Duke hotel.

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The Terror

By the way the featured image above looks, it reminds me of the posters for ‘The Thing‘ back in the 1980s. Could that be a hint to what we should expect?

AMC   Monday’s @ 9pm est  (10 ep)      Based on true events 

Period Drama, Mystery, a tiny bit of horror

stars Jared Harris, Tobias Menzies, Ciarán Hinds, Paul Ready, Nive Nielsen , Adam Nagaitis , Tom Weston- Jones  imdb


Adapted from The book by Dan Simmons  The Terror: A Novel by [Simmons, Dan]

1846 A Royal Navy Expedition discovers a seemingly unseen predator in their search for the Artic’s Northwest Passage 200 miles away. They think it a very cunning polar bear, but just might be something bigger, and undiscovered.  The ships of the expedition are the Erebus (wasn’t that the name of the Vampire Bible in Blade?) and ahem.. Terror.

See the source imageSee the source image

We open to a couple of text scenes one of which is “last seen by European whalers in Baffin Bay awaiting good condition to enter the Arctic Labyrinth”  then what I’m guessing is the aftermath of the events. Some Naval men speaking with an Eskimo, who is not only trying to relay a message left with him by the Captain (Francis)they call ‘A’Gluka’ but also trying to explain what happened to them, how or by what. ‘made of muscles and spells’ (not sure if he said walks on 2 and fours or eats on 2 and 4s.

When you start seeing your compass go loopy, it’s time to reassess your plans or at least have a plan B for direction. The first episode has a really nice looking, not sure if I should call it a rainbow but some sort of light anomaly in the sky.  When they hit some ice,I love how the  floating ice looks like lily pads.

As they race to beat the pack ice, one of the inhabitants of the ships falls ill and has an hallucination, or is it more of a forewarning, a premonition of sorts? Stuck, a group is sent to find some sort of help.

The group experiences hail the nice of baseballs (or maybe it was tennis). The predatory being attacks and I did catch a glimpse of a shadow coming out of the ice wall, it could be a very big Polar Bear or Wolf (talk about hunting tales making things bigger than what they are.. this is not one of them).

The show plays on suspense more than scares which is a good thing and hopefully, we’ll get a nice climatic reveal. Maybe even a scare for those of us that would like one. My only problem is that they aired the show at the end of the winter instead of July or August when we need to look at some cooling, calming ice and snowscapes. (if I could I’d live there. talk about picturesque. I wouldn’t mind seeing that out my window in the morning.

See the source imageSee the source image


The Osiris Child

sci-fi  action adventure drama   2017   not rated   1:39 Kellan Lutz, Daniel MacPherson, Luke Ford, Isabel Lucas, Bren Foster


This sci-fi thriller is set in an unstable future where there’s another inhabited planet which has been or is being terraformed for humans.

Oh that’s a cool flyer not sure if I should call it a plane or what though. Kellan Lutz playSee the source images one of the prisoners that is set free from some accident. There is a big cover up about it by Exor,those in the sky as to what the prisoners were working on. They say the prisoners broke out and took hostages. To get rid of the threat the higher-ups decide to blow the area up. Lt. Kane (MacPherson) goes on a mission to save his daughter who is in the line of this attack.

Along the way there’s an attack by the monsters. Let’s just say some gnarly looking  not so Teenage ninjas but definitely mutant turtles on steroids.  I won’t even ruin it with including a picture.

I liked the landscapes and certain aspects of the movie. (rented from Netflix on disk) I wouldn’t say it was actually a good movie, not sure if I’d say its bad. It was one of those movies that was recommended by what  I watch and I saw Kellan Lutz in it and I jsut like hi in action roles. So if its your taste I think you’d like it otherwise to each his own. Though I do hope you will watch for the overall experience (especially if you have Blu-ray or if available on 4k)

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