2017   NR  1:30    horror/mystery/sci-fi      starring Ellen Wong, Aaron Poole, Kenneth Walsh

Cop Daniel Carter spots a man that’s run out of the woods and collapses and is bloody. He calls into dispatch that he’s bringing the guy to the hospital. Inside, things get weird. One of the Nurses gets scissor happy, there’s some cult gathering outside, and one hideous transformation that at the time, I had no idea where it came from.

I’m thinking this is sort of like The Thing or DreamCatcher considering that transformation.

That was a weird one. I don’t know what to say about it. I didn’t hate it, I was interested in it and it didn’t

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Assassins’ Creed

PG13   2016  Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons

Did anyone who plays the game go see it?  did they like it? I don’t think I ever played the game but even I KNOW IT’s a garbage can full of SH** movie. Never thought I’d say this but Wonderwoman or Justice League MIGHT have been better to see than this and I’m boycotting those on principle until further notice. Damn! now I have to watch at least one of them just to see so.

There’s some big machine that is I guess in a sense supposed to be like the machine neo gets hooked up to in the Matrix only this thing is kinda badass as you sort of go back in time. It’s like a virtual reality gamer system and Fasbender is the player.

The only  things I liked about the movie was when the Hawk flew and the fight where they were ‘running’ across the laundry(?) lines.


The Mechanic: Resurrection

2016  R 1:39  Blu-ray  Jason Statham Jessica Alba


Arthur Bishop has sworn off his profession as a contract killer. An old nemisis abducts his new girlfriend and he must complete a string of 3 hits in order to save her.

Nothing to really write home about, its just your average Statham stereotypical typecasted movie. Everything worth seeing was in the trailers!  Although a couple of my favorites (I don’t remember from the trailer)  was the Face Plant into the grill and yes, complete with scorch marks! Then there was a the guy he used to shield himself from the grenade which he put on the front of the guy.

Very predictable

unless you are planning to watch a Statham marathon…don’t bother

Before I wake

2016,   PG-13   Kate Bosworth,  Thomas Jane,Jacob Tremblay


So I wanted to see this when I first saw the trailers. I couldn’t get it from Netflix, and I can’t afford to buy digital movies unless I know I already like them and they are too much to rent in my point of view. I have an app called Stream Dor  I got through my amazon

Product Details

kindle.Then it was free now they charge 1.99 but  find it worth the price. as usually when I can’t find a movie on netflix, this app has it, Old or semi new. If they don’t its only a matter of time (you could always let them know you are looking for certain movies.) Also if you are learning another language, you can watch movies in other languages on here!  purchase the app here

Which is what I did to watch it. The copy I found was in German (or something that sounded like it) Frankly you can figure out what they are saying even if you only know a few phrases in a language. I find it interesting to hear the different languages around the world. Plus you may learn something. Sadly there were no subtitles on this one of any sort.

So this I think was similar in a way to another movie, or at least reminded me of another. A couple lose their son (I think he drowned in the tub) and they adopt a young boy who’s dreams and nightmares manifest. He dreams of their dead son and they end up able to hug him. It’s a solid manifestation. The boy’s biological mother (which I think was in that hung show with Jane) gave him u for adoption as she was sick. I believe she is the scary creature in the movie. I don’t scare easily but when this thing first (and maybe even the second time) showed up I think I may have given off a scared noise or maybe cuddled up to my pillow more.

Would it be have been worth seeing in the theater? Not likely. I did like the creature though. It was eerily creepy gave me a start at least. I think its worth at least one watch be sure to turn off the lights while you watch!

Summer Camp

2016    R   1:24    Horror,Infections


Darren, Michelle, Will and Christy getting jobs as counselors at a summer camp…in Spain. Their adventure comes to an end when one by one they succumb to some rage inducing virus.

Honestly this one is simple math, Friday the 13 minus the traditional camp grounds + 28 Days later x Cabin Fever.  We don’t find out til most of the way to the end what it is that is causing the virus, which should really be called a bad trip. I do like the allergy metaphor of it of how they originally think  it spread. It’s a toss up, I got through it has soe amusing moment but wasn’t happy with part of the beginning at the ‘Petting Farm.



10 Cloverfield Lane

2016  PG-13  1:45      John Goodman

A young woman wakes in a the cellar of a stranger after she is knocked out in an auto accident an auto accident. The stranger tells her he saved her from a chemical attack that has devastated the world. She doesn’t seem to believe him, even though there is one other survivor there.


Oh love the shower curtain… gotta find that one.

Now I was not a fan of the original, I don’t usually get motion sickness but that was one I did need Dramamine for. Compared to this, Cloverfield was better although all it seemed like was running from nothing the whole time with a quick glimpse here or there and even after the reveal you still don’t see much if any of the monster.

For me this was all too predicable, though kudos to John Goodman as he was scary good with his performance. My question though is how long were they down there before we join them, as he seemed a bit more like he’d been on his own awhile to get a bit nutty.

Even after dropping numerous hints and out right reasons to what is going on outside…and  that she should not open the hatch, she just can’t listen and wrap her head around that they are likely the only survivors in the area, and everyone she knows is likely dead.

They try to build and build up suspense but never do, there’s barely any drama either..




2016       PG-13       1:56       Blu-ray

The Starship Avalon is on a 120 year journey to a distant planetary colony of Homestead 2. With a crew of 250 and 5000 passengers.  When an asteroid knocks the ship ‘auto pilot’ and other features start to fail one in which a glitch rouses Jim Preston (Pratt) from his decades long hibernation chamber.

So this looked like interesting fare

After a time and in need of company Preston  wakes Journalist Aurora Dunn (JLaw)

well it started out interesting but it felt longer than the hour and 56 minutes I noted. Sort of like a forced build up just without any mystery to unfold, or climax, or the good scare.  There is I think a little homage to The Shinning when Preston goes to the bar (I think this was after he’d been along for a time.)  I’m not sure if that’s on purpose or its just me that felt that way. Also liked the (Is that) Art Deco of the bar area.


Yes it was an interesting story but at some point it was no longer interesting to me and just started to lose interest (maybe because as I said the 2 hours felt more like 3 or more) I don’t mind a 2 hour (or longer movie for the prices we pay now and days) but when they feel LONGER and they are not that’s when I have the problem.

(Honestly around 2 hours is the norm these days, in the 90s and back it was usually 90 minutes with the rare movie like Goonies, I never realized how long it was til I was an adult its a rare 2 1/2 -3 hours for that era! but still one of the BEST movies ever!


Would you migrate to another planet? Why?

What would you do with no one else awake?


Would you wake another person up? (right away or once you start going mad?)

Same sex or the opposite sex?

What color hair, profession and personality would you choose for your companion?