Ouija Origin of Evil

2016, PG-13, horror, thriller, 1:39,  Elizabeth Reaser, Lulu Wilson, Annalise Basso

set in what seems to be the 1960s  a fatherless family pays the bills by holding seances and palm readings. The mother does the psychic thing while the daughters when not in school, help push the point across.

The mother comes across the new ‘game’ in a store and brings a board home to use as one of her tools. (You are NOT supposed to use them in your home!!!) The youngest starts talking to ‘a friend’ which is never good, even when she thinks her dead dad tells her how to help save them from losing the family house. After this she stops going to school as she’s the one the board works for best.

Once things hit the fan when the older sister finds little sis scribbling on paper on the floor of her room to her right while looking to her left, the sister (I guess its the morning after) finds the papers sticking out from under the bed when she gathers the girl’s things. She gives them to the priest (which I guess is the principal of the school) to find out what they say as they are written in Polish.

I think somehow the story that was told about this family was ‘fudged’ a bit. Of course it’s been awhile since I watched the original movie but something about the story of these 3 didn’t sound right. Also unlike the first which was a little creepy this was not even eerie or anything remotely ‘scary’



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Deepwater Horizon


2016, PG-13,  blu-ray,  1:47  directed by Peter Bergsstars  Mark Wahlberg, Kate Hudson, Kurt Russel, John Malkovich,  Gina Rodriguez, Brad Leland

Based on true events of the April 20th 2010  BP Deepwater  oil rig. The drama recounts the horrific experience of the crew of 126 on board and the courage that saved many lives. All due to the inept executives who want to save a few bucks by not keeping up maintenance on the rig.

Loved the daughter in this for the short time we got to see her in the beginning. I give her presentation an A+!  Makes me miss kicking butt in my grade school Science fairs! (never got to do a volcano like I wanted but what I did always seemed to get an A and an A+ anyway!)

John Malkovich and Brad Leland play the dips who basically cause the Big Problem  spill.

This was an interesting telling of what happened  in the moments of the accident all due to greedy ignorant incompetant Executives that never listen to their underlings. (Serves your asses  right when you lose money)

it took ( I think I heard) 11 lives and The spill lasted 87 days  (doing who knows what to the aquatic life)  I forget did any of these people go to jail?



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Classic Cuts ~ Nightmare On Elm Street

So Syfy channel had a TGI-Freddy Marathon on Friday the 13th (may 2016) and I made it a point to watch.

I thought while doing so I’d work on one of my new ‘columns’ called ‘Classic Cuts’  (well the title is best for slasher movies like this)  which reviews an entire franchise in this case, Brand (Marvel)  or stand alone film (like Goonies)  so

Whatever You do, don’t fall asleep


and WELCOME to nightmare_on_elm_street15

This is one of my favorite franchises, plus I lived one street over from Elm as a kid. I did however wonder why they weren’t doing a Friday the 13th marathon? But I thought why not do an over view of the series!

New line Cinema presents ….

A Nightmare on Elm Street 

 1984      screen play written by Wes Craven (RIP)     90- minutes      Rated R

 Horror, Slasher  stars   Heather Langenkamp , Robert Englund, John Saxon, Johnny Depp


Image result for a nightmare on Elm stI think because of the first and maybe second movies I was never comfortable with unfinished basements, the one that was in the house I grew up in (the street over from Elm) well it was a big basement from what I remember. I remember the big water heater and the one thing I hated was if we had to change a blown fuse, we had to pass by it. There were a few times I was tempted to go over to it and try to look in it, but the basement would spook me out.

I don’t know who he is but he’s burned, wears a red & green sweater , this funny hat and knives like fingernails 


 I think one of the great things about the movie was it came with that morbid, haunting nursery rhyme of 1…2.. Freddy’s coming for you.  Of the series I think the first and their movies were the best. They are at least my favorites. I like how in the first he’s scary and serious then in the 3rd he starts  to become somewhat a comedian! The 2nd in the series well as my friend Rich would say  “belongs in the bog of eternal stench”

With the poor 2010 update (remake/reboot..whatever you want to catalog it as) That combined with original and some of the sequel’s storylines, still couldn’t help it, but then  they ruined all the best parts  of the original movie like Johnny Depp’s Character Glenn’s death.

Image result for A nightmare on Elm st 2010

Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge

1985   R    87 minutes    Robert Englund   Mark Patton, Kim Myers, Robert Rusler

After this bomb I’m surprised there was even a 3rd movie, but thankfully there was and much improved from this.  I like the sort of literal Highway to hell, sadly they couldn’t have at least got permission to use some of the song. Honestly I think this should have been called ‘The Possession’ as frankly Freddy is getting revenge in all the movies, including the first isn’t he? So the title to me doesn’t work (although yes I know they didn’t know there would be so many sequels).

The girl that plays Lisa, for some reason I always thought she looked like (or at least for some reason  reminded me of the) singer Tiffany.

“You’ve got the Body, I’ve got the brains”

So what is it with this story or the movie that gets a bad rap? Honestly when they don’t show this in a marathon of the series, I’m happy (though I do bitch about a ‘marathon’ being the WHOLE series not just 1 3 & 4 (esp. when they play them out of order)  Could it be the homosexual undertones? Is it the acting, or just the story itself?


Nightmare on Elm Street 3 Dream Warriors

1987  Patricia Arquette, Robert Englund, Heather Langenkamp, Rodney Eastman, Jennifer Rubin, Laurence Fishburne

Wasn’t Nancy’s grey streak on the other side of her head in the original film? The series’ even the crappy sequels like Freddy’s Revenge, the 3-D Freddy’s Dead and the not as bad (at least to me) meta sequel New Nightmare are still quite high on the re-watch list and worth adding to your video library. (although not sure on the 3-d one… I think that might be worse than part 2, but Freddy’s Dead wasn’t shown during this marathon.. so I just might be right on that!

Welcome to Prime time Bitch 


A favorite part is ‘Puppet master’ Freddy, the ‘strings’ FX could use some updating!  I believe this may be a fan favorite because of all the memorable quotes. It could also be the alter egos or the cool death scenes.  You had the snarky Kinkaid and the sweet (but pervy) Joey,  Badass Taryn, and Nerdy Will the Wizard Master…

I think this one is a fan favorite because it was so quoteable. While the original was very dark this is a bit brighter but then, that could just be the lights of the mental ward This is one of the originals movies I WOULD like to see remade but as is, just to update the make-up and special FX (like puppet phillip’s ‘strings’)


Nightmare on Elm St. 4: Dream Masters

1988  R   Tuesday Knight, Andras Jones, Danny Hassel, Lisa Wilcox  

So we have the last 3 of the true Elm street kids only Patricia Arquette is replaced by Tuesday Knight..(cool freaking name).

I had (and I guess you can say still do) have a big crush on Joey (the character not the actor)  and a guilty pleasure … (If you see me on the street I likely won’t admit this but) I actually like the cheesy pop rock  music in this! (Though I still think heavy metal and horror go best together!)

How sweet, fresh meat

Alice is a full on daydreamer, her brother Rick is a funny guy no wonder Kristen is dating him, Dan the hunky jock Alice is oggling  and their nerd friend and the big haired one (classic for late 80s and much of the 90s) I didn’t catch their names.

Because Kristen can bring people into her dreams, Joey and Kinkaid get pissed at her for ‘waking’ them up into her’s and because of it think she’s just going to bring him back. Sadly there are soon no more Elm street kids but thanks to Kristen who brings Alice into her last nightmare, and would be the worst person to get Kristen’s power gets them. So now, no one is safe!


Freddy’s Nightmares  tv series  ran from 1988-1990

I don’t recall how long each episode was half hour or a full hour,but I have been trying to find a full episode. Sadly so far I have not but here’s a promo video (from various countries) Did I see Brad Pitt in there somewhere? (maybe it was a different video)

Imdb page


Nightmare on Elm St.4 : Dream Child

If you are not able to read the rhyme, click the pic

1989   89 minutes     Lisa Wilcox   Danny Hassel    Kelly Jo Minter  Erika Anderson  Joe Seely   

Although the movies are still quite rewatchable, even if (some of) the make-up and special FX are dated. My favorite part of this is Dan’s ‘waking’ nightmare with all the pun-ish one liners Freddy slings like “Fuel injection” sounding like an arcade game. Another one is the comic book guy. I don’t remember this poster when it was coming out, the ons I do remember i think all had a baby carriage in it, so I used this one cause I thought it was funny with a Preggers Freddy

man syfy was really constantly I think for 2-3 months doing Nightmare on Elm st. Marathons and I caught this again before something else I wanted to see was coming on. I noticed I think they may have messed with Freddy’s origins, unless because I was tired from my day just didn’t get it. The scene I speak of is when Alice see Amanda Kreuger give birth to Freddy as a lumpy headed looks like Jason Vorhees without the mask creature. I’m not sure if this was just Freddy messing around bringing Mom back to birth him again or if they were trying to change up the the origin story.

I was never really big on this addition to the series    C-

A Nightmare on Elm Street(1989) (Video Game)  

I need to find out what system this was available on… and now wonder if it was the reason the next movie had a gamer in it.

do we get to see a slice of the actual game in the upcoming? (No idea)

(this is the PC version of the game)            if you are a collector… you can find a NINTENDO version on amazon

and the Nintendo NES version (but not sure if it’s the same year)  to me looks like a cross between Super mario Brothers and Donkey Kong

Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare

1991   Lisa Zane, Breckin Meyer  Tom Arnold, Rosanne Barr 

They didn’t include this in the marathon I mentioned but as I said, i’d do an overview of the franchise

With he corny 3-d there’s only one part I remember somewhat clearly, and that’s the gamer (Breckin Meyer I think) that becomes part of the video game. Another part I can remember is one of the characters using 3-D glasses in the movie and that’s all.  Here’s some appreciation one fan shows for the movie; in-defense-of-freddys-dead-the-final-nightmare/ putting it that way, I can appreciate it a bit more. It still sucks though


Maybe NOT so FInal!

New Nightmare 

1994  written by Wes Craven stars  Robert Englund, Heather Langenkamp,  Wes Craven

I’m not sure if this was intended to celebrate it, but I see it as a 10 year anniversary of the series. The meta sequel has its good and bad moments  but I can’t recall how fans took it when it came out; or if I saw it in the theater or not. (Depending on when it came out I may or may not have been aloud in to see it, but would be the only one I might have been able to see when it was originally released in the theater. I do like the meta angle, of it, as it’s different and movies usually don’t do that.



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Freddy vs Jason

Freddy vs. Jason:

not sure if this was fan made, but I liked this better than the others I saw

2003  Robert Englund Ken Kirzinger Monica Keena   Katharine Isabelle  Jason Ritter, Kelly Rowland

In this smack down (which I’m sure in a sense paved the way for the superhero match -ups of 2016) Freddy isn’t even a memory as the town has covered up everything relating to Freddy’s existence.  Birth & death certificates and other records are removed, Obituaries redacted, any teens who have had nightmares are quarantined in the asylum not calls in or out same with visitors and they are drugged with that same experimental drug from Dream Warriors  that keeps them from dreaming.

Instead of committing  them all, why not just give ALL the kids in the town a prescription for it?

Freddy uses Jason as a sypher (I guess you could say) to get to the kids because he’s weak  as no one believes in him anymore. Once however Freddy is on the path to coming back, Jason keeps killing the kids and Freddy is not always able to take what he needs to come back.

Gotta love the stoner having gone down the Rabbit hole… Order or watch on Amazon


A nightmare on Elm St.: Real Nightmares

2005 tv series   IMDB

I have no recollection of this being on or ever hearing about it. I will have to see if I can find disks on netflix or another way to give a few of the episodes a watch. Looked on Amazon to see if there were any DVDs or way of watching but sadly nothing comes up other than a season of (syfy’s) Paranormal Witness and some memorabilia


Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to include this in the series info or after the 2010 update…. I think it fits in better with the series info.


This is both a book and a video release you can find the review and links to order in the series info at the end, meanwhile here is a review for the book.

A Nightmare on Elm street  (2010) nightmare_on_elm_street_ 2010 ver2_xlg

2010     UPDATE  Jackie Earl Haley, Thomas Dekker, Katie Cassidy, Connie Britton & Kellan Lutz

Frankly this update merges the events of the original 2 movies, but is certainly not a remake as some things are done differently not to mention not in the same order as the others. I will say that was the only way this movie was good (& Kellan Lutz.. even when the guy is supposed to look like he’s been to hell and back he’s hot..come on!)
Kellan Lutz nightmareOf course Horror/Slasher cliche #1… the hottie dies first  and during as well after watching this Blasphemous  update I was ready to enter the nightmares of the creators and whoever’s idea it was to start the series again as well as whoever greenlit it.!

The part when Freddy comes to form through the wall…looks so crappy in CGI, compared to the practical effect in the original.

Even the ‘framed’ boyfriend part of Robert Rustler’s is tweeked instead of being shredded on the ceiling Cassidy’s character looks more like she’s having an epileptic seizure and certainly not as much blood as on the walls and ceiling as the 1st death (Tina) in the original

The scenes as mentioned are not actually in the order they were in and to be a remake, what I call the ‘tribute’ scImage result for Nightmare On Elm Street Alice Cooperenes those iconic scenes from the original film (Like Johnny Depp’s) have to be in there not to mention same order and same way…this one… they flubbed the way Depp’s Death was… and that was a BIG F*** up to me. That was THE BEST Death ever and it doesn’t even look like blood, it looks like black sludge.

Oh and funny that, I was going to make a snarky remark in part 3 about Joey’s “How’s this for a wet dream” and how it’s the reverse of Johnny Depp’s Glenn’s  Blood Volcano…In this one it’s sort of the 2 together.

Oh and we have a cameo of the Shock Rocker Alice Cooper as Freddy’s Dad

To me it just makes more of a darker (not actually bad) parody of the originals but the way they did it just sacrilege!  They should all be strung up by their fingers and toes and slashed with a fountain pen.                D

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Series Info

RIPT T-shirts, the creator of awesome horror movie tees, wants to take you back through the life of Freddy Krueger with a walk down Elm Street: Rated R     FAQs via IMDB

Rewatchability 95%

there’s also my Nightmare near my Street hub  With trailers or clips of each of the movies, as well as my own ‘nightmare’

Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy

2010        Doumentary     Heather Langenkamp, Wes Craven, Robert Englund

In the documentary the cast talks about scenes, FX and so on. I’m not a documentary person but this was worth a watch for any fan!

you can order the legacy documentary video here 

The book, you can check out on Amazon, they have the option to look through some of it. There’s some pictures and a variety of information.


and purchase the book via Amazon here as well


as for this Infograph, I thinkthere are some kills missing, but will have to take care of that the next time I watch a marathon. (and I’ll add that information to each of my reviews.

New line Cinema: The House that Freddy Built still Growing Strong


2016    tv series  CW adapted from movie


I remember I watched the movie with Dennis Quaid and liked it at the time, though aside of what it was about I really cant remember it. So thanks to my regular show being switched to another day and have not yet started and nothing else being on the same night as the pilot, I gave it a try.


In the series its the daught in our present 2016 and the father in the past in 1996. Its interesting and from vampires to zombies…. having been and still being a trend for tv series apparently time travel is the new trend be it leteral or figurative. This one being technical…as only speaking to the past and changing things by the past person changing circumstances. Meanwhile Legends of Tomorrow and Timeless being the actual time travel shows, I think we may be in for more shows of this ilk.

As for this, the father was a cop but was double crossef and killed. The daughter grew up to be a cop, and now though apart, father and daughter solve crimes together. They sometimes send evidence and other things the way he’d get her birthday cards and gifts to her, a tin can irvwas it lunch box buried near the house, there’s aslo the crawl space.

I enjoy watching this to see how they work together, and how the present and past come together to solve crimes.



*sorry this and many other reviews have been delayed, been having medical problems

The Ganzfeld haunting

2014  R 1:24  DVD  Taylor Cole, Toby Hemmingway, Rumer Willis    IMDB


a group of students are chosen by their teacher for a project to be ‘neutral’  to prove thoughts can be transmitted psychically while using the German Ganzfeld Experiment. They start by depriving their body of sleep, as well as cover their eyes with some (welders’ ?) goggles, their ears with noise canceling headphones, and turn on an infrared light.

The students drink, do drugs and role with some mild sexual escapades. Little do they know, their history is coming back to haunt them. The partying shots as well as the long scene of the girls are just filler for the 10-20% of story they actually had.

a high 5 for the cliche factor, the whole movie is one too many perfectly following the outline of other movies of it’s ilk.

Toby Hemingway has got the deadpan down,   I’m not sure if some of the lines he had were supposed to be jokes, or maybe it could have just been me seeing ‘shades’ of his Covenant character in this one.


Available on Amazon video, Blu-ray & Dvd

The Other side of the Door

2016         R                 Sara Wayne Callies,    Jeremy Sisto


Greiving over her son’s deather and desperate to say goodbye; Maria carries out a ritual  her house keeper/nanny gives her only to open the door to the spirit world. A malicious entity has passed into our world  and could destroy what’s left of her family.

The movie starts in Mumbai, India with the couple deciding to live there permanently, then skips to 6 years later with Maria waking from a nightmare. We later learn how she lost her son.

A cookie cutter horror note even parts meant to be (or seeme to be) cheap scares make yuou jump, plus a lot of stuff you can’t see enough as it’s too dark to see much of anything.  After the ritual in which she disobeays a warning, she’s haunted by what seems her son who no longer is. (NEVER bring back the dead, it makes for a very messy situation)

Well there’s a bit of a twist,it doesn’t help and  it’s not like it had not been done before. It just disappoints me, at least the haunting was semi-entertaining.   D-

Suicide Squad


Top: The Joker Jared Leto   middle: Deadshot Slipknot, HarleyQuinn Rick Flagg  Viola Davis, Killer Croc   bottom: Katana, Enchantress, Boomerang & Diablo 

2016             PG-13    2 hours 3 minutes       D.C. Comics      Learn more  IMDB

***ing  Jared Leto as the Joker,   Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang, Will Smith as Deadshot, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn   Joel Kinneman as Rick Flagg  Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as   KillerCroc    Jay Hernandez  as El Diablo    Adam Beach as Slipknot and Viola Davis as Amanda Waller Cara Delevingne as Enchantress Karen Fukuhara as Katana    Scott Eastwood’s super secret role, I’ve heard possibly  Nightwing, Slade wilson aka Deathstroke or Degrayson, then there’s Common, is he the Tattooed man, Bronze Tiger or D.C. version (or so looks to me) of Doctor Strange?


& why not go the extra mile!! Full Suicide Squad Fashion Collection Debuts At Hot Topic or represent your favorite baddie with  Suicide Squad Leather Jackets Coming From Merchoid  (pouts…no Boomerang stuff)

Assemble a team of the world’s most dangerous, incarcerated Super Villains, provide them with the most powerful arsenal at the government’s disposal, and send them off on a mission to defeat an enigmatic, insuperable entity. U.S. intelligence officer Amanda Waller has determined only a secretly convened group of disparate, despicable individuals with next to nothing to lose will do. However, once they realize they weren’t picked to succeed but chosen for their patent culpability when they inevitably fail, will the Suicide Squad resolve to die trying, or decide it’s every man for himself?

So what  was the reactions at a Test screening?

Yeah this one got away from me.. Plenty of videos, Links and so on for you to feast on, plus my review of course!

It feels good to be bad…

(Will Smith’s costume & bald head for the movie looks more like Deadpool,  especially  with the description from the below video that he doesn’t shut up sound familiar?… sounds like the D.C. version of Deadpool   Killercroc I thought was some knock off of ‘The Thing’ from fantastic four

for those that need the who’s who of the characters  you just need to pay attention to the trailer as Rick Flagg  played by Joel Kinneman takes roll call  (and can find the preview section with Links and a few other videos ….Reviews of the trailer

Comic Con Hall H Sizzle Reel 

 The Non Nerds Quick And Dirty Guide To Suicide Squad

(wow for once I actually remember something someone else doesn’t Deathstroke is in Oliver’s Jail on the island)

Trailer stills Gallery  * EASTER EGGS!!! * 5 Questions Raised from the Trailer * Top 5 lines from the Trailer *

10 Mistakes Suicide Squad has already made*So what  was the reactions at a Test screening?

suicide squad movie will improve the dc extended universe *  One fan’s theory to who the actual villain in the Suicide Squad is?

Suicide Squad Producers Talk Evolving Costumes From Comic Book Cores

Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about ‘Suicide Squad’

Not long after the trailer dropped, this ANIMATED  TRAILER!!!was one was in my inbox from one of my news sources

how dumb does dc entertainment think you are?   (Enjoyed this, anad the comment on Gotham & ‘Muppet babies’ gave me a good laugh.  P.s… WHY would you kill a character off in some other DC version instead of just writing them out of that storyline?  We aren’t the stupid ones.. it’s DC who are the stupid ones! come on.. we can keep upi perfectly well with the Marvel verse which spans Movies & tv (as for comics well the previous mentioned are based on those, are they not? some of the stories even coming to the big screen with some iconic images from the comics) or maybe.. They’re just lazy and yet another reason why they will never have the quality that marvel does. I won’t pay for a Bat Fleck  movie… really if Marvel has movies… and your tv shows are doing well, why not just stick to the tv shows for the DC universe?

suicide squad star trek beyond blu-ray collectors sets

for those that need the who’s who of the characters  you just need to pay attention to the trailer as Rick Flagg  played by Joel Kinneman takes roll call  (and can find the preview section with Links and a few other videos ….Reviews of the trailer

Introducing the Skwad

Roll Call    Skills InfographicSuicide Squad golf tournament bonding    suicide-squad-character-photos * describe core Lineup * Chose characters for squad Motion Posters  suicide squad actresses detail research done inhabit vicious roles *

Suicide Squad” Character Videos Open Fire With New Footage

Harley Quinn I’ve heard of before, it’s a play on Harlequin, but don’t know much about her. the psychiatrist turned psychologically obsessed  with the Joker. as much as she messes with their minds she also unites the squad.    15 Things You Need To Know About Harley Quinn

Director Kevin Smith named his Harley Quinn. I think if she were old enough, SHE should have been the one to play the role. Gotta love the ‘Daddy’s lil monster shirt…and yeah.. That should have been mine in my teens (only for me should say Moms monster & dads angel..maybe i’ll make my own)
From Zero to Anti-Hero: How Harley Quinn Went From Girlfriend to ‘Suicide Squad’ Star

Margot Robbie Explains Harley Quinn’s Relationship with Joker…
suicide squad…Robbie almost wore classic Harley suit

Harley Quinn’s Iconic Jester Suit Was Actually Made For “Suicide Squad”

Harley Quinn Will Make Or Break Suicide Squad

step inside Harleys tattoo parlor  * BTS 


Suicide Squad’s” Robbie and Courtney Let Loose as Harley Quinn and Boomerang

The music Pumping…. Suicide Squad soundtrack revealed

Skqad cast tats

Joker Suicide Squad epmpire-cover-b1fe0Jared leto’s  imposing creepy Joker steals the spotlight in the new suicide Squad trailer (for me, aside from Joker, HarlyQuinn & Boomer  I really don’t care about the others. Maybe because  I have not heard much about the others and more familiar with Joker than all the others, or have seen them already in Arrow or The Flash. this Joker is inspired by ‘Drug Lords of Instagram  On set Leto went method and sends cast ‘gifts’,  Viola Davis mentions one around the 2 minute mark and makes  Joker faithful to what the character represents. The antisocial psychotic freak in new footage



 Squad members on Jared Leto’s ‘Full Joker’  *Jared Leto Says Playing Joker In Suicide Squad Was Most …

Jared Leto Shares Creepy Joker Selfie From Suicide Squad Set

and the antics didn’t end once the movie wrappped….     *  jared-leto on heath-ledger-joker

Who is the Best Joker? (Video)  

The Amazing Evolution Of The Joker Throughout History

Boomerang_SuicideSquadBoomerang I only know from I think it was one episode of Arrow (or was he in The Flash?)  tv show,  but being as Jai Courtney is Boomerang and my current fave Aussie I’m happy he gets to be in one of these movies, (especially being as I didn’t get my Thor on with Civil War)  though I’m not a fan of those chops on his face. It could have been much worse, as researching the character  I came upon  a variety of comic book Boomerang’s costume incarnations and I think with at least the first 2, you’d agree with me that they look like an airline stewardess/steward costume!! The one on the left is even worse than the one previously mentioned!  I came across this mock up of Jai someone did.  I just wish those from the D.C. shows could be in the movies esp. the Arrow & Flash actors and those on their shows)

Ayer personally cut -captain-boomerang-beard/   …then there’s this additional little note which I’m  not sure I believe as they didn’t mention where they heard him say this )

15 things you need to know about captain-boomerang-jai-courtney-trivia-facts/

He’s a ‘Brony’  First I thought it ws some sort of Aussie Colloquial expression, NOT! Couldn’t help but laugh (with tears in eyes) at  the article…

Suicide Squad’s Jai Courtney Wants to Play Captain Boomerang Again …

captain-boomerang-has-trick-boomerangs-in-suicide-squad  (NO.. really?!?!? I thought they were pizzas!)

Rick Flag is the all business leader of this band of Misfits known as Task Force X super powered baddies from Belle Reve  Penitentiary.     Suicide Squad: 12 Things You Need To Know About Rick Flag

Joel Kinnaman Explains How The Suicide Squad Cast Got To Know One Another

Joel Kinnaman Talks Suicide Squad sequels and Rick Flagg in …

  Will smith Playing Deadshot (keep trying to call him Deathstroke!)  I’m surprised they’ll cover up an A (or b?) List actor’s face in a movie!  Basically This guy doesn’t miss, probably even when someone nudges his arm. The conflicted baddie is  a concerned dad by night trying to do right by his daughter and assassin by day (umm shouldn’t that be the other way around?) Will Smith’s costume & bald head for the movie looks more like Deadpool,  especially  with the description from the below video that, he doesn’t shut up… sound familiar?… 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Deadshot

Will Smith Says Suicide Squad Cast Is The Horniest He’s..


Looking for an image or 2 for Slipknot in this I ended up with a a bunch of stuff on the metal Band. He’s a master assassin which utilizes ropes he made while working at a chemical company where he developed the chemical for his durable rope which he later uses as Slipknot. 12 Things You Need To Know About Slipknot


El Diablo  played by Jay Hernandez manipulates fire. I’m guessing this will be the Chato Santana incarnation of the villain. From one of the trailers I guess he has to get mad in order to ‘Flame on’ (yeah sorry couldn’t resist using the line)  squelched his fire conjuring to a slitary flame after the horrors he inflicted on those he loved.

Suicide Squad: 15 Things You Need To Know About El Diablo


Katana  the martial artist & fully trained samurai with a strong moral code  wields the soul taker sword which grants  the ability to capture the soul of the beings it kills and communicate with that soul including that of her deceased husband. I’ve also heard that she’s like the den mother of the crew, which makes her Flagg’s #2 .katana-trivia-facts-need-to-know/

Killer Croc played by Adewale Akinnuoye- Agbaje is the the croc in the sewer, Belle Reeves that is. He’s a team layer especially when water is involved. This look in the movie is not so menacing a make-up compared to this image here… which actually freaks me out! I guess especially being I had a dream once  of wrestling a croc after watching Lake Placid or Rouge one too many times! I did wake up to laugh at myself though! Croc aka Waylon Jones has a genetic condition of atavism that give him his crocodilian look. He’s often depicted as having cannibalistic tastes, but then wouldn’t you expect that from a villainous croco-person? He’s usually hired as the muscle by other villains and is supposed to have heightened reflexes.   Killercroc I thought was some knock off of ‘The Thing’ from fantastic four

You’ll Fall in Love With Killer Croc, Promises “Suicide Squad'” Star   * Why “Suicide Squad” Replaced King Shark With Killer Croc

Cara Delevingne plays the sweet June Moon aka the Enchantress  a freelance artist/archeologist looks to be an assistant or love interest to Joel Kinneman’s  Rick Flag, and is some how possessed by a witch. However reading the character’s biography  I think I may have figured out what the supernatural (black goop) in the first trailer may be.

Suicide Squad: 15 Things You Need To Know About Enchantress

but  Where’s Common in the trailer who was photographed during the shoot all tattooed he plays some I underworld criminal , which before seeing the movie I find out to be “Monster T”

Scott Eastwoods ‘secret’ role SuSuicide-Squad-Scott-Eastwood

and there’s one more I consider.. This hot ass car!  At first I thought it was a lambo but  It’s NOT it’s some sort of kit.   I believe this .Midway city streets and scene description has the name of it in there.

Motion Posters video

The Review(s)

So I went to see it at Alamo Draft House, and it definately changes the movie going experience, they showed clips and things of various Suicide Squad related stuff, including where we have seen them  before like clips from CW shows like Arrow, The Flash and Smallville (as well as note as to who played them) also the various cartoon incarnations. There was some sort of Super cat v batcat  but I missed getting the youtube channel as well as some dance tropes dressed as the Worst heroes ever!  Wonder Woman trailer, I doubt I’ll be seeing that other than as a rental or on cable! Looks like a big yawn and what I’ve seen so far, Gal Gardot does not work for me as Wonder Woman…

Suicide Squad Joker n Harlee alamo

Alamo Draft house employees getting in on the fun

So the summer’s last big hype has come and is Dominating the domestic boxoffice and setting records oversea, it has even surpassed Captain America Civil war’s box office!!!  The only 2 movies maybe 3 I was excited about this year were Civil War, Suicide Squad & War Craft, tho I never read the comics or played that game but I do love my Marvel men, and a certain Viking & former Vampire (that’s in warcraft)! Then there’s the triple ‘J’…Jared, Jai & Joel I’ve been a Leto fan since the (0s watching most if not all of his movies. and have a few of 30 seconds to mars albums. (Oh wait also have yet to see Star Trek, and then there’s Fantastic Beasts coming out the day before my birthday!!  The Suicide Squad is the first decent movie from the DC universe after the Bale Bat, not to mention so much more fun than any of their movies. Lighten up people!  Thankfully we get a break from Zack Snyder and possibly the reason this was actually enjoyable! I’ll bet it will have mixed reviews depending on how much research one puts into before actually seeing the movie, yet at the same time trying NOT to read anything so nothing will be ruined.  I at least knew what I was getting into, which sounds like some did not.

First off it’s a DC NOT Marvel movie so no high expectations on any front,

  1. There’s at least a likable cast  3. characters some I’m familiar with and others not so… though I’m sure either or I have seen at some point in the current CW tv shows for Arrow or Flash at least.  4. I KNEW going into seeing the movie the Joker is NOT the antagonist of, nor part of the Squad.

Handling of the characters

So to start things off we meet Deadshot, Harley Quinn & Waller all to each of their own cool tunes. I thought the use of intro music was a great idea, and some of them like Boomerang coming in to ‘Dirty Deeds (don dirt cheap)’ was fitting,

same with the scene where they get their gear back and that goes to the tune of Eminem’s Slim Shade “Guess Who’s Back.. Back again”  and here I was finally able to get a good look at what Deadshot’s collar says  “I am the Light, the Way”  I guess it’s a bible verse or Ghandi saying.

Waller has her binder of our loveable sociopath baddies and here we get more introductions or a little more backstory on those we have already met like “Don’t call me” Floyed aka Deadshot. I’d say we get at least 5 minutes for each.  We also meet June Moon who is ‘possessed’ by Enchantress which is supposed to be a 6000 year old witch,which (and I’m sure those are symbols from the Necronomicon on her headdress) when they are that old, usually have a god complex! Never trust them.  As for all the theories as to who Scott Eastwood was playing… Wrong, Wrong & double Wrong!! He’s not Deathstroke, or nightwing (which were the most popular theories)  and honestly when they mentioned his name inthe movie, it went right over my head, thinking it was a joke to his good looks like a nickname from your army buds! I believe this was a character made just for the movie, as I still have yet to find any information about him in the D.C. verse. Oh and WTF is with Boomerang and the pink Unicorn?? He was also definitely the comedic relief of the movie although Deadshot and Harley were no prudes either, not that it was so dark or humorless that it was like the oppressive Batman  v Superman but he was an addition, and I think should have been the one wearing the jester costume! For some reason the shot of Boomer opening the beer still gives me a chuckle. I still can’t figure out why it seems funny to me either.  I really do hope  most if not all the characters get a spin-off, so long as it’s NOT Snyder. I do have a question…how the hell does Flag know Katana/meet her?

Well isn’t our badass aussie one caggey bugger?! Don’t get too attached to anyone! I’ve read in every Suicide Squad outing (in the comics) someone usually doesn’t come back.  Unlike Marvel who supposedly gives each character equal time (or so I’ve read/heard) D.C. does not  which leads to Katana & Boomerang being so underused.  Character development was quite minimal if at all  and what if Waller delivered what?

So as one can see in the trailers (or at least one of the many with too much in them) in the subway our squad will be up against an N.H.E.  (Non human Entity) but what is this entity? There’s also some sort of creatures I call the black berries who look like a cross between Croc & a Black berry! and so I am giving the movie the alternative title ‘The Kiss of the Blackberries’!

Well Look at that, ‘Hoyt’ from True Blood is now working for “Mr. J”  and his name is ‘?  Frost’ (is this who Arnold was in one of the 80s/90s batman movies?)

All the fun stuff starts about an hour in when they are finally on the mission. Man Deadshot is the bomb outta control!~ and Croc gets to save the day at least once.

I thought there could have been a little more to HOW Harley Quinn fell for the Joker during their sessions, for me there seems to be a big blank missing from the scenes they showed  of their relationship, (I later find out during an interview there was a lot more material that was shot for the relationship)  I remember of the scene between them, one of their sessions, another the vat that makes you clowny looking and one other I remember, but then those mentioned we’ve seen a zillion times in the trailers. Which I have or will likely mention again  there were TOO many trailers, and with that TOO much of the movie was shown. Usually that would be a big point reduction but the jokes in the trailers still gave me a laugh when I saw them in the movie. Sadly most of those were in said trailers as well. I swear I really need to get a hold of someone in Hollywood and explain some of this to them. Too little or too much in your trailer (and too many trailers) could be a detriment to your movie; just as the amount of times we see the trailers, by the time Batman vs Superman was released (and that goes for some other movies as well) EVERY. SINGLE. Commercial. BREAK.  it was shown. I didn’t even want to see it by the time it was out. Then there’s that Batman vs Superman part… the movie was supposed to be a sequel to Man of Steel and it seemed to be more a Batman movie and that fight.. that was no fight, I was quite disappointed. Thankfully Civil war came out and actually gave us a fight, and as  for Suicide Squad, (and the lack of Zack Snyder) 2 hours and 3 minutes were not enough. A couple of other viewers I talked to after the movie give it 5 and another a 6 or 7, so an average grade. I think it deserves a little more than that  at least for one who did not read the comics, plus that includes there were too many trailer (and alot of the movie in them) I was surprised some of the funny parts from the trailers still gave me a laugh.

It’s still a fun movie and worth seeing in the theater even more than once!  DC still has a lot of improving to do and this is proof you don’t need  Zach Snyder. I liked it WAY better than BvS which frankly was way too dark in tone and lighting (I think it was more so than the Bale Bat movies)

I would see spin-offs of at least Captain Bomerang, Deadshot, Harley and Joker as long as it’s those actors

While Harley and Deadshot are great if there’s a sequel  they need less time to let others shine. It’s the squad, NOT the Bullets & bats show

I enjoyed Jared Leto’s Joker or Mr. J as he was called on set, he was maniacally funny in a sense but they also showed too many of his scenes in the trailers.  As far as comparing Leto to Ledger’s Joker, I’d say Leto’s is a cross between Nickolson’s ‘Tame’ 90s joker which was too cartoony (or at least so I remember him as) and  Ledger’s over the top,  Oscar the grouch  look portrayal. While he was great as the joker, I never liked his make-up for it.   Leto’s Joker tattoos didn’t bother me, and actually when I first saw them the “Damaged” on his forehead gave me a laugh. Another thing is there’s a story behind that (& the grill) Batman knocked his teeth out before putting him in Bele Reve after he killed Robin, and The Damaged tat is supposed to be like “hey Batman you damaged me, I”m not pretty anymore”  (source, one of the many links throughout this feature)

here’s an article on why    “Leto’s joker is actually the best on film”

As for Harley Quinn.. I enjoyed herm though would have preferred a bit more material covering her ass, but having checked out other versions of the costume… it could have been worse, it could ahve been the french maid uniform and the black and red jester one I would say wouldn’t cut it unless everyone else is wearing spandex or tights.

Boomerang back around , I think we only get to see one or 2 shots where he uses his name sake weapon and one was a failed attempt. I hope they put more footage of him on the blu-ray special features.

Final verdicts

Are there flaws? Of course  and I’m not even one of the comic geeks so imaging any complaints they might have. One of which I heard was about Enchantress’ costume. There was one I saw in a search or in an article, which included a comic panel and it looked like a good interpretation of it. I still just thank the gods they didn’t put that stewardess version on Jai! The funny thing about that is in an interview he made the same comment about previous incarnations looking like a stewardess.  Speaking of Boomer, I’m glad my friend at You tube channel “The B.A.R.” said he liked Jai’s portrayal  as he is the one person I actually respect their opinion on Movies (there was a co-worker)  after that the only other I take into consideration, and that’s after I’ve seen the movie (I don’t read reviews before hand so I don’t get caught in the hype of other opinions, I want to give you my 100% non-biased review)  is Entertainment Weekly  as what grade they give a movie is not far off, if not spot on to mine grade for the movie(or show) .

These bad reviews I’ve heard about have got to only be from critics who are given the assignment to see a movie, one in which is not likely what they would normally see and later bitterly reviews it. Even if tt’s not a quality story as Civil war, but it is a fun movie, though the editing may have been a little coarse. Thankfully the movie going public has let their voice be heard, the ‘worst’ is it’s average, the best is at least a B

One beef I have, I think they should have had the Ramone’s “I wanna be sedated” playing at least at the end (when we see boomerang through the window of his cell) I thought it would be good for at least a ‘Ha!” laugh.

Just as I’m writing this… WOW! I find  Suicide Squad sets Tuesday Box office record for August, Beast Captain America Civil War!!!

I was surprised after reading these Easter Eggs that I actually recognized one of the characters some how 


D.C. vs Marvel

I think DC will figure things out and maybe in a few years 5 maybe 10 become an actual competitor to Marvel’s movies. DC movies still have to learn though (and I know this is just their first ensemble gig, but You need to give each character equal time. It’s the Suicide Squad not the Deadshot, Harley or Rick Flag squad. I enjoyed the movie and if I could, would see it again in the theater! I’d say 2-3 times would be sufficient for those that could see a movie more than once in a theater. (compared to Captain America Civil war I would say would be at least a 5x theater worthy watch)  but then Marvel’s universe is not just in the movies, they carry the stories and characters over to their tv series S.H.I.E.L.D.  and equally divides the time with the characters. Those are just a few of the reasons I finally figured out how DC needs to step up to the bat err plate; if they want to be the power house that Marvel built! While past DC movies have barely been worth the cinematic experience (Christian Bale’s Batman and Suicide squad the exception) or at least maybe only on discount day, They may have been around since the 1930s then why is it their success is better on TV than the big screen? Oh then there’s all the various versions of one character that there’s not just one earth it’s a multiverse,  That there might be another reason. I love that Marvel carries over story lines even characters (as the actor that normally plays them, and is fun to see in other movies or on Tv where you wouldn’t expect them to show.  I can understand that Batfleck can’t show up on Gotham because that is the  coming out of  all these characters.  Also Marvel had Captain America, Iron man and I think Thor out before The Avengers, and we’ve met some of the characters before hand even if only for a little in those movies before Avengers came out. Did we meet any of the Suicide Squad before the movie…No. I think in some sense, Batman vs Superman should have done that (even if it were only for say the less known characters like Slipknot at least)

If what I’m guessing is knock offs in the Marvel roster, (as didn’t come around til I think the 40s or 50s) why does it seem their versions of the characters are better than DC’s incarnations (be they have the same names, likenesses or not) also Marvel  has the better writers/producers & directors?  DC might want to borrow them, or maybe some way hopefully in my lifetime a deal can be done that a marvel vs DC movie is done (ONLY the characters that appeared in the movies.. fans get to vote which actor that played the DC character plays it in the movie, and there is a vote (one per person period) as to their favorite Marvel or DC character.. as well as which company they prefer, that way it’s  a fair way to write who the winner should be, unlike the cheating Batman in vs. Superman.


In the dossiers Gotham is in NJ, wait …WHAT?!?!  I always thought Gotham was part of NYC… here’s some more revelations of the movie. Robin ‘s murderer, Scott Eastwood’s role (to which I thought by the name a bit of a joke or cover up for a surprise later in the movie… being as theories were Deathstroke or Nightwing, both of which I’ve heard of, but this character never I don’t think anyone heard of! But at least he had a bigger role than Common’s.  I still have yet to see if it was just for the film or an actual character in the DC universe. But hey, it was nice seeing Clint’s mini me… there’s also a blink & you miss him (literally) cameo which comes in one of Boomerang’s scenes as well as who the real villain in the show is.


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Moments we didn’t see coming

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suicide-squad-purple-lamborghini-music-video (The Vector is not even in the video)

Leto tried to out do Ledger and fails… He didn’t try to ‘out do’ and frankly in ways the joker always came off as a ‘mob/gangster’ boss to me…frankly when I first saw Ledger’s I thought he came off as a gangster and now that Leto’s version is the same there’s a problem with it? Yes the Joker is in it and not the villain the squad is up against. But I’m guessing if Harley Quinn is in you need to have the Joker, especially being as you need a recognizable character to draw those who are not familiar with the other characters. aside from those that have been in the DC shows on the CW, I have no idea about any of them other than the Joker, (hell I still occasionally watch the old batman tv show)

Bad-News-Suicide-Squad-Sucks P.s. it’s not as bad as Green Lantern, and as to which Fantastic Four they are talking about I guess 2015.. but I boycotted that one.. Sorry but I saw the original 2 with Chris Evans , and there is NO other Johnny Storm for me! (Ya know I noticed ony bad reviews on sites that do not seem to allow comments…mmmmm)

Frankly if You don’t want to listen to MY review or my friend at The B.A.R. Then at least listen to geek man himself

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Trailer reviews

Here’s one person’s overview of the actors and their roles. (I find his deviation from doing his job and complaining about Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn as quite unprofessional. I mean if you ask why would she play that, then WHY did Charlize Theron play ‘Monster’ that was a worse make over (err.. under) frankly I don’t find HQ as a make under. It may not be what I’ve seen and know of the character, but I think it’s a cool take for the character (an updated look?) rather than the slutty maid look I’ve seen, and the cliche jester look.


my friend’s review of the trailer

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skip to the last one…had a chuckle at that

jared-leto on heath-ledger-joker