The Hunger Games: MockingJay part 2

2015  PG-13  2hr  sci-fi  jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth & Josh Hutcherson  etc return

for this last installment of the dystopian series Katniss leads her people to liberate them  against the oppressive ruthless President Snow by assassinating him.

I hpe this has more action and entertainment than the last one as MockingJay 1 … was not a memorable movie to the point I ended up accidentally renting it a second time because I couldn’t remember if I saw it… in which when I put the disk on for a few minutes then I remembered why, it’s like watching paint dry (or watching chess).

This was a little boring at times but much better than the last one thank goodness, as I was able to get through the whole thing.

In this you can see Katniss feels dead inside  and takes it out on Prim’s Kitty toward the end throwing stuff at it and thankfully nothing else other than yelling at it.  For shame cause Kitty only asked where everyone went and why only you returned oh yeah and Feed me.


There’s more than one ending but thank goodness not like Return of the King had.. (only 2-3)  I would have preferred if they’d cut it after the climax in the square but oh well.. for those that did not read the books… be preppared for some boring drivel in the end.






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