The Other side of the Door

2016         R                 Sara Wayne Callies,    Jeremy Sisto


Greiving over her son’s deather and desperate to say goodbye; Maria carries out a ritual  her house keeper/nanny gives her only to open the door to the spirit world. A malicious entity has passed into our world  and could destroy what’s left of her family.

The movie starts in Mumbai, India with the couple deciding to live there permanently, then skips to 6 years later with Maria waking from a nightmare. We later learn how she lost her son.

A cookie cutter horror note even parts meant to be (or seeme to be) cheap scares make yuou jump, plus a lot of stuff you can’t see enough as it’s too dark to see much of anything.  After the ritual in which she disobeays a warning, she’s haunted by what seems her son who no longer is. (NEVER bring back the dead, it makes for a very messy situation)

Well there’s a bit of a twist,it doesn’t help and  it’s not like it had not been done before. It just disappoints me, at least the haunting was semi-entertaining.   D-


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