Syfy (Check Local Listings I forget what night it’s on)

Watching the first episode I ugh! you can tell the background  landscape was greenscreen (or just a large picture behind them) it looked one dimensional. Not to mention the fact they seemed to have a ‘halo’ around them so I’m guessing green screen.

During the second episode I still can’t give it my full attention. The BBC America’s show Atlantis to me is surpirior to Olympus (even though Hercules is a rotund coward and not much of a hero) and Atlantis is has Jason (which I’m guessing is supposd to be Jason & the Argonauts)

As far as Olympus goes I’ve heard King Midas, and Queen Madea’s names and the inventor genius ‘dauntlas’ (or sounds like it) and those are the onlhy names I am familiar with in this. The ‘hero’ doesn’t even have a name. it’s just ‘hero’ same with the seer! err I should say Oracle.

While Queen Madea’s Husband the king is horribly sick, Lycos (no not that old internet site) their son who is thought to be the holder of the Lexicon try their best to cover for the king. When he seems like he won’t make it, they have a ceremony for Apollo and the Queen becomes regent. The court is manipulating Lycos to their own agenda or at least trying.

Hero, the Oracle come upon Dauntlas who litteraly flies in and they go to rescue. They are all now a small party on Hero’s journal to find some ring.

So far that’s what I gather but I am still trying to figure out the show. Likely I’ll watch it if nothing else is on, or just watch as background fodder as I can’t seem to put 100% attention into it, though oddly enough when reading I do get distracted and find myself watching.

After the 3rd episode I’m still not sure. It’s not memorable and some of the acting as well as already mentioned FX I had to laugh at.

Maybe it’s one of those shows that has to grow on you.


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