Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation

2015 PG-13 2:11 Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, Ving Rymes


That ‘so big’ stunt that was so hyped up and talked about with the plane dangle… it’s the beginning of the movie it’s not even a climactic one.  and being we saw it 5000 times before the movie came out it was worthless in the story, now if it happened in the middle or around the ending and not really have been in the trailer other than maybe a blink and miss it… THEN it would have been a payoff!

(do I have to go on another trailer rant?! Don’t put the whole movie in it… just tell us the plot and leave it at that let word of mouth help you cause hype like assume makes you look like an ass in the end!)

The IMF has been absorbed into the CIA which Alec Baldwin is the head I think. Ethan hunt is tracting down the syndicate and trying to also prove they exist.  What goes for jokes in this are the sort you’d SAY is funny without laughing or just a ha.  They dion’t muster enough of a tickle for  a giggle, chuckle or actual laugh (ie: ‘The Funny scale’)

ok that last joke  was a good one actually got a sound out of me at least, what the joke was… don’t remember and I didn’t want to ruin it so I didn’t even note it (or what scene it was in)  I do hope this is the last one, but somehow I doubt that.

For me the series needs to go away for 3-5 years and have someone OTHER than Tom Cruise as the lead…    C-



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