MacGyver (2016)

CBS Fridays Action, Drama, Adventure  starring    Lucas Till    George Eads Tracey Spiradakos Vinny Jones  IMDB

The Mac is back with a re-imagining and a young 20 or 30 year old version of the character.  This (so far) does not seem to be a prequel to the original series.

Well ‘Angus’ (never knew that was MacGyver’s first name) said he was only a scout for (was that) 6 month’s I heard. This I gave an ironic shrug to the mention as I was just about to write something like the best (boy)Scout ever, maybe he’s just so smart that’s how quickly he finished.

I’m old enough to have seen the original, I may not remember much of it but I do like the reboot. The credits montage I like how they show and item, what its made of and how to use the components of it.
Yeah the star looks young (honestly I swear there are times he’s really just 12) but if it bothers me I just pretend its supposed to be a prequel to the original show or that he’s the original’s son (of same name)


AWESOME!!! The villain is VINNY JONES!!!

(well for the first episode at least.)

The opening title credits I like showing items like light bulbs and what the parts are and what they can be used for.

The pilot was fun, but I think now everyone is really going to be trying to be resourceful and “MacGyver’ something Heck even I had to macgyver my teabag as the tab on the string fell off before I was able to pour the water into it. So I just used the packet it came in and wrapped it around the string so I wouldn’t lose it in the tea.


“oops”? Like I stubbed my toe or Oops I may have started the zombie Apocalypse” -Jack Dalton (George Eads)

2016 Tv Series   or  Watch the original series with Richard Dean Anderson


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