Mia’s Tempest

Mia's TempestMia’s Tempest

Started: August 24 – 26

Pages:  129



About the book

Mia’s tempest is a long look at what could go wrong if our world could fight back. How that fight might affect individual lives, and how just one person’s unwillingness to take responsibility for their actions could damn us all. In the span of a single year, we walk in the shoes of those people, to try and understand what it is to be human in a world full of horror, magic, and fear of what the next season might bring.


Something is happening in the nature world, it’s the season nature fights back the pollen is extremely high. It’s so severe that people that don’t even have allergies are fatally breaking out or not able to breathe. Instead of them happening instantaneously, it seems to happen one after the other.  Ugh oh,  now my eye itches (and I kid you not on my part)…is what you ‘hear’ from one character.  It’s an allergy ‘plague’!

What is interesting about the book is that the main character is not a person, but but ‘mother nature’. The  storm  of weather plagues is the main character, reaping havoc and chaos across the globe with various severe or maybe extreme (would explain it better) weather disasters.

The narrative story has a good flow which makes it a fast read. There’s not many characters in the stories but for those that are don’t have the time to have their stories developed more.  As I am one with seasonal allergies (thank goodness the foods I’m supposedly allergic to I can eat or I would have died of starvation long ago’!)  the first chapter can get you a bit paranoid.

I actually got an itchy nose and eye and looked at the window like oh gods its here!  I hate hot weather but do love my thunder god (and lightning). I get more or less hyper when a thunder storm is on its way. I go outside or I watch ou the window. I can say if this book were to be a movie (or tv mini series)  ‘Thunder’ would have has some of the best scenes, or at least one of the best parts  (as long as they didn’t screw it up with some lame cheap FX)  They were anyway in my mind (and the reason I prefer to read, not listen to books)

I asked LA Nantz about adding another word  to the title of the thunder chapter, making it Thunder Shock. As I thought it would beef  up and make the chapter sound  as scary as the chapter was, even for someone that loves thunder and lightning.

LA Nantz :  Thunder was the word given for the story idea. I take single words and turn them into horror. So all of the single name titles were part of that writing exercise.


I was a little disappointed there wasn’t earthquakes (other than the volcano) or worse ones as when I was little  here in New York, we had one in the 80s that was 3-5 pointer that shook the bed as well as left some new cracks in the pavement outside. I woke up thinking Mr. T was shaking the bed  (meanwhile the neighborhood got up to inspect what happened) In New York we do not get many earthquakes (and I would like to leave it that way) even though we have one of the largest Teutonic plates and if I remember correctly, it doesn’t only span part of Ny but I think another state or 2 as well. I’m sure if I felt another if I didn’t freak out (which it hard to get me to) I definitely wouldn’t be all too happy.


I enjoyed the story after getting used to the format as I have not (or at least don’t remember) reading one of this sort.  There is some great  imagery. There were a couple areas where I got ‘turned around’ but I think that may have been a bit of confusion,

(misunderstanding the way it was worded?) Not sure if it’s on my part or not  not sure.           C

Book Excerpt

And as suddenly as the flash that had knocked them down, it had happened. Out of the four witches sprang a horse, and upon its back sat a woman of such power, and dressed in battle gear so bright, the witches found it hard to look at them. The young witches struggled to flee but could not: they were held by what they could not see. From the backs of the horses were lowered an old woman, a woman of middle age, and a young woman who looked to be in her teens. Again, only three stood there, but they did not move or say a word, rather they looked towards Mia, as a darkness grew up from behind her. The one spirit there stepped away, almost in fear of it, and out of that darkness stepped a woman none could see clearly. Her age was unknowable, her power made the very earth tremble with each step. And finally she stood over Mia, smiling down at her, and spoke to all there. “These three are the Norns, my daughters, Urd, Verthandi, and Skuld, I am Wryd!”

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