Now you see me too

Mark Ruffalo plays Ring leader and FBI agent Dylan Rhodes

Morgan Freedman is back as Thaddeus Bradley

Daniel Radcliffe as Walter the science wizard villain

and the rest of the cast Jesse Eisenberg, Dace Franco,Woody Harrelson

With  Lizzy Caplan replacing Isla Fisher who almost died during her water trick in the original.

Best tricks work on many levels

The easiest ‘preview’  why should I spew a bunch of blather.. when this guy has made my job easy for me?!



We start with a flashback to 1984 New Jersey where a young Dylan is on hand to watch his father is performing a deadly magic trick. I don’t want to give away too much but will say they are all gathered on a bridge.

I like the way they did the opening intro and the scene leading into the laptop.

Well  the horsemen got hosed and sort of literally at that! In through a tube and out…. on the other side of the world???

The new girl is so annoying , talks way too fast and just gives me a headache..

WTF?… how does Thaddeus get that cushy in a cell? Or shall I say get to have that stuff in his cell?

Wow when Bruce Banner said in the Avengers he’s always mad, he wasn’t kidding! We’ve got a HULK SMASH-up in this! And Avatar Awards nomination for best fight vs. Walter’s minions.and then the son surpasses the father.

Darn I couldn’t get the whole quote    “Lies forever shrouded in his fist”


The Fool is the most powerful of the tarot, as the fool is a clean slate”

Of course instead of showing one preview of a trick in the trailers they had to a little too much. For me the end tricks really didn’t top the original movie’s which isn’t that what a sequel is supposed to do? (and isn’t that one reason why the Fast & the Furious series is so popular?) For me I didn’t feel there was enough meat in the movie. Also I didn’t find the tricks to top the original. Thaddeus, isn’t who you really think he is, but then who do we think he is? I wish I could make Caplan’s character disappear.This wasn’t as magically fun as the original for me.


after writing my review I read Entertainment Weekly’s by Leah Greenblatt who finished off her review (and a B grade as well) with  “Pay no attention to the plot behind the curtain, Now you see me too says because it barely registers and hardly matters. Just go with it and watch 2 hours…POOF! disappear

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