My Darkest Days

Canadian Band My Darkest days out of Peterborough Ontario came as a surprise to me, discovered by CHad Kroger , Yes the singer from Nickleback.  They were in the side bar of something I was watching on youtube and I’m not one for club music or dancing much but This song made me want to dance and rock out at the same time!
They are listed as rock, alt, & post-grunge on their Wiki  page and darn it says Sal is no longer in the band.

The lead singer looks like he should be in a boy group but he at least hot & not ‘cute’ then there’s the guitarist and I think my fave (but that could be his hair do talking) Sal who is no longer with the band according to wiki

And by the  Official Site The lead singer seems to have joined,  (I’d say my 2nd or 3rd fave band)  3 Days Grace! (DAMNit!  couldn’t he have done this when I had seen them in March/April 2011)  Does this mean the end of My Darkest Days? Well at least the singer is working with his brother who is the bassist of 3DG.


sample the songs on xbox music*Order My Darkest Days here, via amazon

 The song that was the reason I bought the album (well after listening to a couple of their other videos)

Their song Move your Body

 Track Listing

My Darkest Days sample the songs on xbox music*Order My Darkest Days here, via amazon

1.Move Your Body

2.Porn Star Dancing

3. Every Lie

4. Like Nobody Else

5. The World Belongs to me                  – Ballad

6.Save Me

7. Set it on Fire *

8.Come Undone- Duran Duran cover

9. Can’t Forget you

10.   Goodbye

11.   Porn Star Dancing Remix featuring Ludacris

Move your body*- Well this was the reason I wanted to get the album. It’s a rock song but at the same time it could be played in a club as well!  Porn Star Dancing* – cooler for the guys but hey for those wives and girl friends.. surprise your man with a lap dance or strip tease to this one! Show them they only need you and not the trashy strippers! Every Lie is ok, but sounds more like something from a boy band! So does Set it on Fire but both are good. However there are others on the album that I really don’t care for, and am still figuring out if I like, being as I really only get to listen to music in the car.

Simply summed up

basically Dance Music for the rocker,  or rocking  dance music for everyone else

My Darkest Days – Every Lie (Official Video)


Porn Star Dancing

Sick & twisted affair


I’m hoping  Three Days Grace comes out with a new video soon I’m dying to hear & see how Matt (the singer from MDD) fits in



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