Sewing Suspense and horror with Needle

A Double Dose today!


I don’t recall how I heard about the movie Needle,  if it was a Netflix suggestion, a preview on a rental or what but I am glad I found out about it.

Needle has an original storyline (at least to me), with suspense as well as gore, thanks to writers  Anthony Egan & John V. Soto who also directed.

College student Ben Rutherford (played by Michael Dorman) whose father passed away receives one last piece of inheritance; a mysterious box from the 18th century. At first while with his friends no one can figure out what it is. Someone then accitentally finds a way to open part of it, which looks to have a piece of a photo in it.  With that alone I knew exactly what it was!  A Voodoo box.  

The box goes missing and Ben’s friends start dropping, one in which is jock Ryan played by Vampire Diaries & The Originals Vamp Nathaniel…

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