PG     2015    1:51   Josh Wiggins, Robbie Amell, Lauren Graham, Thomas Hayden Church,  Jay Hernandez

Based on real events

Max a military trained dog is adopted by his trainer’s family after he dies in the line of duty. Not only does the dog help the family to grieve but also helps to solve the case of the soldier’s death and a local crime ring.

I like the story, but I didn’t like they had a couple dog fights in it, even if Max was protecting his new owner. I didn’t like the bridge scene either, it made me sad and as an animal lover.. no shame it made me upset and I cried a bit but it didn’t last long.The movie pulls the heart especially if you are like me and love our furry friends more than your fellow man. (even just a little more)

Max the dog is a handsome German Shepard or so looks, is quite the handsome one. I think the girl said it was a different breed than that though.  I checked out the credits and the main Max dog is really named Carlos and his doubles played by Jaggger, Pax, Dude, Pilot and Chaos.  I was wondering why the dog looked different at times. Also there were a couple of rottweilers called Draco played by Atlas and doubled by Ebony  and the other was Loki …wait for it… played by Odin (really is that a jke just for me?)  who was doubled by Ursa and greta.

as I have many cousins in the various branches f the military and Veterans in the family (dad,Uncle, Gramps, a family friend or 2 and older cousins) I saved this & Captain America :Winter soldier to watch over memorial day weekend as we had no plans.

If you are one of those families of the military I salute you & your soldier, be they human or K-9. Thank you for your part in keeping us safe.

I would definitely recommend to watch but like I said, I didn’t like seeing the animals fight (or get hurt) even when I know its fake. So have someone with you to hide what you don’t want to see.

The song   Forever Young (sorry not sure who by)  playing over the credits is fitting

Oh and remember, when a normally friendly dog growls and barks at someone… its a warning they’re not to be trusted. (cats can be the same way, I had a scaredy cat at one point, and when a boyfriend came over she just sat there and let him pet her! My family & I couldn’t believe it! Now I have a cat that loves people, so if someone comes and she avoids them… I know something is wrong with that person. Honestly animals can be smarter than we are)





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