The Night Before

2015          R     1:40  Seth Rogan, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anthony Mackie, Jillian Bell, Lizzy Caplan,Michael Shannon, Mindy Kaling, James Franco    imdb

Life long pals celebrate Christmas Eve with a night of partying around NYC together.  We join them for what is supposed to be the last time they they do the tradition. This year they get to go out with a bang, as they have tickets for their dream party the Prized Nutcracker Ball.

This night they end up on a trip, not only figuratively but for one of them,  literally. To me it just feels like they tried to fit a little of all the classics in one without it ripping them off.  I can tell you it’s not going to be a classic in our life time. For this being a comedy, Krampus was the funnier movie and that was a Horror (with supposed comedy thrown in)

Maybe I just don’t get Seth Rogan and his usual band of friends sense of humor as come on… Franco is ALWAYS in them, and he’s as funny as a stick up the ass… (oops sorry). I think the only thing I liked about the movie was the guys singing the Run DMC Christmas in Hollis, Queens.


Its a one and done watch. I can’t see it staying in someone’s library (other than those who made it)



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