TV Tuesdays~ The Odd Couple

Well at least I don’t need to look up who the other guy is.

The show based on the original from 1970. With an Obsessive compulsive neat freat by the name of Felix , and a lazy slob Oscar. Oscar is already divorced,  and Felix in our pilot is tossed out by his wife. He shows up at Oscar’s and ends up cleaning up the pig sty! (frankly, for keeping the apartment clean, he shouldn’t have to pay rent, or just 1/4 of it instead. He’s a food Photography and Oscar has a sports radio show.


I thought it was going to be aweful, but hey makes me laugh more than certain other comedies I’ve watched once or twice and just stopped bothering with.

I particularly enjoyed this past weeks airing I think it was the 23rd  April.

In this th gang goes to play softball (or baseball whichever) and Felix surprisingly does well. Oscar the macho man he is, does not take it well. Felix and Oscar end up challenging each other to a triatholon of games until the ‘drop’. Quite a few laughs, though not as much as my mahor fave comedy undateable that let’s just say I make sure I go to the bathroom before I watch so I don’t ahve an accident if I laugh to hard!~ With the Odd Couple you actually get breaks to breathe.  It’s worth the watch or even if you just want to wait to buy/rent it & just binge it it’s worth it.

If you are interested in watching the old version I’ve included a link to check it out on Amazon

The Odd Couple, Season 1












Want to check out the original?

Here’s the The Odd Couple – The Complete Series, Seasons 1-5 On Amazon


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