The Night Manager

Night Manager blue red
AMC  Tuesdays @ 10est         6 part mini series event   stars Tom Hiddleston & Hugh Laurie (House’s Curmudgeon)  IMDB

This review will likely benefit those who wait til the mini series is over, so they can binge watch it, or are waiting to watch it at a later date, or will rent it in some form.

Jonathan Pine played by Hiddeston is the nightmanager of the title and is that of the Nefertiti hotel in Cairo Egypt.  He’s trying to protect some dude’s mistress (even if I could remember the name I doubt I could spell it right)  and is his fault she’s in trouble  as he passed along papers of  mass destruction (you’ll understand when you see)

Hugh Laurie Plays (as the character introduces himself) ‘Dickie Roper’ and you can tell by his face the night manager (who’s now in Switzerland) name sounds familiar.

When I heard about it I didn’t know it was originally a book (by John le Carré ) . I just heard my favorite ‘Curmudgeon’  was in it and Thor’s Loki. I was like finally Tom Hiddleston on TV in the states even if it’s a limited time and immediately notified a friend of mine who is a big fan of Tom’s.

The show is pretty decent but I think it would be best to record this limited series and save for another day, or to maybe watch over a few days instead of each week.

There are times I do get bored during the show, but then there are those that can watch and do something at the same time and still know what’s going on, and then those that don’t. This at least for me isn’t one of those shows that needs your full attention.

Order the Book via Amazon   or  Watch FREE via AMC!



An Exclusive Interview with Simon Cornwell and Stephen Cornwell, Executive Producers of The Night Manager — Barnes & Noble Reads

a Twitter Q & A with Tom






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