2015  R 1:22  on Blu-ray


Laura barnes kills herself after a Cyber bully attack. The 6  classmates whose cyber abuse drove her to her end, look back on the tragic event during a video chat, in which they soon realize someone else with a fatal agenda is listening in.

So I’ll give points for the different format, of using the internet instead of some found footage docu, though this turns out to be a bore.  THe movie is flat, lame and not even scary. Good gods, who moves their mouse around that much, if you get motion sickness, don’t watch this, you’ll get it from watching that cursor move around the screen so much.

You don’t see much, all the characters do most of the time is argue, freak out and so on. You have to not only listen & watch but read IMs as well. The movie could have been much better  if it wasn’t all done on the computer screen.    D


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