Best time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris

Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris

LIVE  Variety show  Tuesdays on NBC

The first episode had Reese Witherspoon as a guest announcer tonight, the first segment  Neil was telling people how much he knew about them, leading into the main couple (which he was stalking candidly, in photobomb like funny ways)  and send them off on a honeymoon.  Another segment was sing along Live in which GLoria Gaynor came out and sang I will Survive, and the contestants had to sing the next line. Neil vs… was another also goes undercover to prank a celebrity and each show ends with the End of the Show Show, in which Neil participated in.

One of the pluses about this show, is there is (to my knowledge) no other Variety show on air at the moment!

the following  had one of the Baldwin brothers doing the announcing, Tyler Perry as well. The end of the show, show is never the same always something different going on. I wish they could have this on year round, and even travel around and do shows and not just in some big arenas, do it in the community (‘Civic’) centers and clubs.



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