Scorpion season 2


s2. E 1. Satellite of Love   on IMDB

Agent Gallo is apparently working in the movie industry, and OMG! Is that… Yep!  Cameo Alert! I’ll just say the guy in the cop Uniform should look familiar to you, if not I’ll give you a hint. His Initials are G.S. and wears make-up  & out of this world costume for a living!

Walter is recovering from his crash, has some brace with I think pins in his hand OUCH!

The gang’s all back together and the guy above Gallo has been replaced  and now Alana De La Garza who played Jo Martinez on Forever is in his place. 

A (Russian) satellite is off its trajectory so if the crew doesn’t save the day it’ll be a fireball, air blast and fallout. Sadly all the good parts were in the coming attractions for the show, that started being shown around last may or june. Though we did have a possible workplace romance awkwardness which made for some fun.

in episode 2 they travel to Cuba when someone Agent Gallo rescued when she was a child needs help with catching someone (that if I remember right) was the cause of Gallo’s rescue


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