Army of the Damned

2013   Pg-13  90 minutes

stars Sully Erna (lead singer of Godsmack)  Tony Todd (Candyman) Michael Berryman (the Hills have eyes) and Joey Fatone (Nsync)

Erna plays a Salem County Cop (Sheriff?), nothing happens around here other than the usual small town fare, like getting locked in the drunk tank and other minor offenses.  With not many on the force to begin with,  2 of his officers go to check out an old house and go missing.

“There’s some Real Life Dungeons & Dragons shit going on in there”

So the acting was a bit questionable at first or maybe spotty; though I could have been

Comedic and the dialog may have been a ‘bit’ cliche but I was trying to pay more attention to how Godsmack singer Sully Erna was doing in (I think) his acting debut. Aside from a few bits in the beginningI;d say he did a good job (but remember I could have been paying too much attention)  There is one cheesy part at the end and a twist (trying NOT to ruin anything) but with those that didn’t die…HOW? Or did they and just didn’t show cause I didn’t see that coming. It starts slow and maybe a bit monotonous but I think it’s worth a watch and even if not then if you are at least a Godsmack fan it is your duty to support Sully, he’s got a few witty lines and frankly of what I’ve seen in behind the scenes videos etc, he gets to be himself or it seemed so.

a cool soundtrack  with a couple songs by Godsmack and  a few with Sully collaborating with someone else. 2 of which

The Hunted written & Performed by  Mike Mushok & Sully Ernathen there’s

In through Time: Written by sully erna & Chris Decato

Then there’s  Pickin a fight by The Can’t Nots  and Liar written & Performed by William Readey

I looked to see if I could find a soundtrack but no luck not even sure if amazon music would have it (have yet to explore that on my kindle but first need a micro SD)

grab a copy here Army of the Damned


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