Animal Kingdom

Zi Approved TV seriesTuesdays TNT @9pm est Drama, Crime,  IMDB info  showrunner:Jonathan Lisen

Ellen Barkin, Scott Speedman, Ben Robson, Jake Weary, Finn Cole, Sean Hatosy,
The Subversive spectacle of this edgy manly menagerie of the Cody crime family is set this time in seaside So Cal (South California). The crowded house, the usually seems more like a Frat house is  run by mama known as ‘Smurf’. When Josh’s drug addict mother dies of an OD Grandma Smurf takes him in, of course with  his (spoiled?) Uncles’ disapproval as he is an outsider to them. They take advantage especially, Pope who take him on a few ‘jobs’.

Thankfully ‘J’ as he’s now called seems like a sweet kid, compared to his testosterone driven uncles (especially Craig.. really man you have to walk around butt freaking naked in, I think about every episode of at least the first six?  but hey… I won’t deny it… Nice ass!)  They are all loose cannons, in their own respect, but well Baz who has a wife and kid seems more laid back and smarter than the others.

reading an review in Tv guide  or maybe it was Entertainment weekly, they mentioned & I quote…

“The Cody clan  may as well be thought of as the Surfer Dudes of Anarchy”Binge worthy

I can’t think of an argument against that! Though I’ve also seen it mentioned as the ‘SoCal Sopranos’

The show is based on the 2010 movie of the same name from Australia which starred Joel Edgerton and a pre Blindspot Sullivan Stapleton,  provides the source material; inspired by the real life account of the Pettingill family of Melbourne Australia


Meet The Cody Clan

Left to right

Josh– (Fin Cole) the teen’s junkie mother od’s and is taken in by Smurf. His uncles who haven’t seen him since he was a tot don’t trust him being around, and basically give him some ‘hazings’. He’s weary of his grams and uncles, and seems to equally not trust them.

Baz– (Scott Speedman)  The adopted soft spoken son who is basically Smurf’s lieutenant is married with a daughter and fornicates with some Mexican chic while brother Craig is being fixed up after a wound turns septic.

Smurf  – (Ellen Barkin)

Coddling, manipulative arrogance is at least 3 ways to describe the matriarch of the now famous “my boys have big appetites” line.  You will hear her referred to as Smurf more often than her real name, Jeanine. I can’t even remember when or how I found out the character’s real name. Though she’s called smurf because she’d stay in the water til she turned blue. (Everytime they call her smurf  I so wish she would all of a sudden have at least a blue streak in her hair, even if just a streak I’d be happy!)

Pope– (Shawn Hatosy) The jail bird freshly out of the pen after 3 years is the only character I don’t really like. He creeps me the hell out (which I’m sure is the point so the actor is doing a great job!). Usually when I get a negative vibe about someone, my instincts haven’t done me wrong yet!  Broody, volitile, stalkerish goads his nephew into tagging along on some of his schemes. He’s a psycho or sociopath.

Deran– (Jake Weary) definite surfer vibe  I swear he looks like  he should have been in a proper remake of Point Break or play skank in a remake of the Crow. Maybe play Kurt Corbain even! He tries not to get caught up in the dramas, and Smurf”s hold over them. Has a secret boyfriend he thinks no one knows about, but Craig does and says he’s cool with it.

Craig– (Ben Robson) The big guy Vikings fans will know as Kalf , I’d say is the one with the biggest appetite of the bunch. He’s the wildman  Drinking, snorting coke, girls and loads of parties. Not to mention possibly us ladies favorite moment…him walking around in the kitchen Butt freaking naked in front of the whole family. (Nice ass!)

5 of our favorite Craig moments

Catherine- (Daniella Alonso ) Baz’s wife who has the (unwanted ?) attention of Pope.

There are times when watching feels more like you are at a frat party (or at least watching a better version Motvision seal of approvalof Neighbors, if only they were my neighbors I’d make is a point to be very nice so I could at least use the pool, not to mention Hello.. Scott Speedman, Ben Robson & Jake Weary… are freaking HOTTIES! And  I’d seriously suck up to any one of them to get Pope away from me! There’s something not right with him… My creep detector goes off every time he shows up) I feel threatened by the character just watching the show!

Mmm should we call them the Hyena frat? It’s like The Lost Boys without fangs (though this vampire fan would LOVE to see Robson & Weary with a set in their mouths)  They party all day, and snort, smoke & screw all night till their wanton ways lead them to another ‘job’

The drama hooks you like a fish then reels you in  and can be intense. There’s a bit of mystery (and least to me) in pop as to why  he creep me out. How does no one seem to see he acts so sketchy?

Ben Robson, well what can I say other than Nice ass (as previously mentioned) at one point aftet r a commercial break or some distraction I look up at the screen and he’s walking around the kitchen in front of everyone full on naked in front of the whole (or most) clan! I think at that point I definitely thought this family is not normal net even in a dysfunctional sort of way.


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Season 2

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Animal Kingdom Season 2 Spoilers: Jake Weary Talks Deran, What Happens Next

As the tag line says in the poster “The Tide is turning’ and it does, which I like seeing for this year

Simply put the boys, are sick of Smurf’s crap, and its finally not just Deran! She’s choosing all the jobs and shooting all theirs down. Also could she be the reason for the screwed up on this first job? Baz is skirting his dad duties, and what’s her name Nikki? Jay’s former girlfriend is still jocking Craig who is sick of her, but puts up with it to keep her in line cause she knows things.

In the previews I see something with a crane. and I’m just waiting for whatever that is as it looks so Lost Boys to me.. (yeah the Vampire movie!)

May we all get what we want and Not what we deserve

I do love when ‘Deran and Craig’ are ripping on each other, like in  episode 2 in Deran’s jeep I nearly short circuited my TV with the drink spray (thank goodness I was too far for it to hit the tv!)  Deran is trying to be responsible and show he’s serious about getting out from under Smurf’s control of them. He needs money but the good big bro Pope is, keeps Deran from making a mistake but goes another way working with him and Craig. The 2 brothers give D the money not even knowing what he needs it for. The ads are right, you either want to be part of the family or hang with them (even if they aren’t partying) but Craig needs to get that teen twat out of their lives before she gets them er HIM in trouble. ‘Baz’ needs to get a grip and take care of his daughter who he is neglecting, but doing nothing but yelling at her.  Pope tries to be the voice of reason but is shut down just because he doesn’t have kids. (let me tell you something… usually it’s those of us that either are not in the relationship or don’t have the kid etc that are the best to give you the advice, because we can see the problems in a neutral view. And our experience is between how we were raised and if we had our own. So yeah just because someone doesn’t have the actual learned ability or life experience doesn’t mean you should shut their advice (wanted or not) out.

So far this year Pope seems to be getting on my good side. The creepy feeling isn’t there as much but at least at a yellow alert.  Baz is getting on my bad side and as always Daren and Craig are still the men for me. Then there’s Jay. not sure how I feel about the kid. I feel sorta bad for smurf in a way but at the same time I don’t.  I’ve been known to refer to the show jokingly as ‘watching my boyfriends’.


StayTuned  #CodyPartyDrinks

Bello June 2017

Ben Robson cleans up Nicely


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