The Apparition

2012  PG-13  1:22  Sebastian Stan,  Ashley Green, Tom Felton  written and directed by Todd Lincoln


An entity from Ben’s (Stan) past comes back to haunt the former College Paranormal Cameraman. While still in college on an investigation his girlfriend was taken by the spirit and has not been seen since. Will Kelly be the next?

Creepy things start happening as they move in and settle down in their home where they will be care takers of the housing community. There’s some funky mold shows up out of nowhere, around the house the one that looks like a hive (I think)  in the kitchen has a key to the past.

It’s not very creepy feeling (like Insidious was when it came out) although I can say there isn’t exactly a happy ending here which is how horror should be. I don’t expect movies to scare me, I’ve been watching horror since I first saw Quinn get eaten by Jaws when I was 5 or 6… a movie is lucky if a cheap scare gets me (Like the first paranormal activity)

Frankly I watched for Sebastian Stan and well seeing fear on someone from Twilight’s face….

Otherwise this movie really isn’t worth it if you want to be scared.


If you still want to watch it    find it via Amazon here  DVD, Blu-ray multi format or Stream


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