Avengers: Age of Ultron

First off I kept thinking they were saying Voltron when I first heard the title of the movie. I wondered why the ‘Robot’ looked like it got a make-over! (I had to laugh at myself for that)  Then I realised what they were saying and knew at some point before the movie premired I’d end up calling it Age of Voltron instead. (I did!)

I saw the movie at the Alamo Draft House.

I love this place! You can literally have dinner & a movie, however you can get the traditional Popcorn (refillable) & Soda (also Refillable) instead so it’s more worth going if you do as a family. (you then don’t have to spend an arm & a leg for snacks!)  Also if you are of age, you can get a beer! They change up, i sampled some sort of Pear one which smelled and tasted good. I even said it sort of tastes like White wine (and I don’t like wine unless it’s moscoto) but this was good. You don’t have people’s cell phones lighting up and distracting you from the movie, if they do they get booted! The chairs are high backed and I want to steal one for me for the house! One other thing I like about the theater, the pre-shows. They’re not like the usual oh hum theaters with just previews and maybe trivia and music. This place has some crazy stuff foundonline, and overseas. It all had something to do with Avengers or Marvel one clip was David Hassellhoff as Nick Fury (What!) Some older one That I can’t place the name but it had some rolly polly robot in it that looks like the one in Star Wars (like a R2D2 head with a different color but a beach ball as a bottom.

A few trailers were the New Fantastic Four… thanks but looks crappy plus I’ll stick to the 2 Captain America is in! Flame On! for sure! There also was Jurassic Park and the dinos are actually scary seeing them on the big screen, and the new Star Wars looks like a blast (at least that comes out in Dec. so I might be able  to see it in the theater.


avengers-age-of-ultron-2015-13Avengers:Age of Ultron   2 1/2 hours  stars Jeremy Renner, Robert Downey Jr. Chris hemsworth, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johanssen Aaron Taylor-Johnson (you know… ‘Kick-ass”) & Elizabeth Olsen

And they’re outta the gates, and I’m a bit lost as we catch them in action without knowing Where they are, why and let alone who they are against in the opening scene. But that was an enterance, though I feel a bit indiferent about it. Also cheesey slow mo poses.

There’s at least 1 but possibly 2(one being literal) Running jokes.

I think my favorite Line was Iron-man and “What No one is gonna touch that Capatain Just said “language” aside from that I will say no more)

Ooh Cap & Thor team-up… like the move! A secret room and a shield kick which I swear I felt in my seat! I’d like to call it an Atom kick but that would be the wrong Comic-verse. Scarlet witch already starts messing with their minds and Loki’s scepter again? Ya know… just give it to me it looks like a Scorpion claw anyway! and I’m the damn Scorpio Queen. Hulk seems to be more animalistic, but ‘Widow is there to calm him down. Some ‘realtionship’ between the 2 of them in this.  I have to say the Iron-man Hulk fight definately a fave. I don’t find it as funny as the first one, but then again this maybe could be considered Darker;besides the fact that the Avengers are in-fighting.Maybe that’s the reason for the mellow humor.  I only watched one trailer and slightly peaks at a scene when one of the cast was on one of the talk shows, so no idea what happened here. (maybe Joss Wheadon had taken on too many projects and a this one suffered a bit or did they as usual just put too much in the trailer ?)

Talk about a bomb being dropped! I’ll just tell ya has to do with Hawkeye!~Speaking of which, is it just me or does Jeremy Renner always look drunk or stones to you?

As I mentioned the Running joke(s) and whatever of jokes they have in here they’re not like the first Avengers where a few almost had you pee yourself! (though there may be one here but doesn’t take off err.. oh forget it) I guess they’re just going for giggles .

I wish the Mjolnr (Thor’s hammer) ‘Testosterone’ scene was funnier, that could have been better, and now I know the reason they include that scene! And why does the Hulk Hate Iron man more than the rest of them? Hawkeye is more prominant in this so I know 2 of my friends will be quite happy! We also learn a but about Blac Widow. (Romanov)
and Marveltaking ‘Punch-line” to a whole new level,   that just does not get tired… timing IS everything! Ok in the movie they’re supposed to be ‘upstate’ somewhere I want to know where! (Damn shield 😀 )

Oh No way, does that car (at the end) REALLY do that? Did you spot Stan Lee in the Movie? (I love that he plays ‘where’s waldo’ for us)
Well the first one is definately the better one, and I heard mixed reviews, but I do feel mixed about the movie. Not a full ‘depressive’ disappointment but not the usual expectations that come with a Marvel movie (well other than the Thor ones..which this one was maybe just slightly above the level of those)  I’m chalking this up to a sophmore slump . Sadly joss won’t be back for the next one to redeem himself as the next will be helmed by someone else. Also I sadly don’t think Robert Downey Jr. will be in the next.

I love the cross overs between the movies to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  and back. And take note.. Thor isn’t the only one ‘Worthy’ and NO I don’t mean me & my little Mjollnr keychain. THere was only one easter egg at the end of the movie (in the beginning of the credits. but WTF? usually there’s always a 2nd one all the way at the end for whatever the next individual’s one is) I waited and a fewothers did wait basically  wasted our time. WHY Marvel!?!!??

I think I liked  Evan Peters portrayal of Quicksilver in X-men Days of Futures past better. (really just becaue it’s 2 different superhero parties they had to use different actors? (I guess maybe comsidering what happens in Avengers but then how does that explain Evan Peters going to be in the next X-men movie? (and what are the time differences?as to when in the movies from the last X-men ‘Days & Avengers Ultron back to X-men Apocolypse?)

Entertainment Weekly’s critic Chris Nashawaty reviews the movie mentioning ‘There were 5 Shock and Awe action sequences; when 3 would have sufficed” frankly I only remember 3 maybe 4 The beginning (if you want to count that), Iron Man and Hulk, Maybe the Legion and the ending. He also mentioend that the ‘rim shot one -liners have the desperation of a stand-up comic scared of bombing. Not to mention though I said in a different way that “you can feel  Joss Whedon’s Exahustion”

(This part is a  spoiler for beginning scene as well as plot) Storming the medieval lair and the last Hydra agent Baron Von Strucker who is in possession of Loki’s stqaff. Stark descides to use the ‘computer’ insie the sceptor to make AI (artificial Intelligence for those that couldn’t figure it out) Iron man aka Iron Legion. This backfires and instead of Ultron being menat for peace soemthing goes wrong with the computer process and creates ultron who wants to destroy ‘Daddy’ and the Avengers as well as theworld.    (spoiler end)

EW Grade  B-


avengers-age-of-ultron-and-the-risks-of-artificial-intelligence Did ya’ll not learn from the Terminator Movies



While reviewing the movie and researching I thought wait…

I’m seeing alot of doubles between the Marvel ‘verse and D.C. comics. Some quite obvious and others maybe not so much. (or ones I thought would be but asking My friend Rich who might have came up with a different character or more) it lead me to wonder,

so who ripped who off?

Marvel I believe was started by Stan Lee after having worked at some other comic ‘shop’ so did he & the Marvel artists ‘borrow’ some ideas to get going?

I used  marvel.com & D.C. Comics for the dates characters first appeared and noted as to which incarnation of the character (if there was more than one)  Ugh D.C.’s site for the characters doesn’t seem to want to work for me. So I’m using http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Characters instead  (so the D.C. dates might not be quite right or from a later ‘series’ like New Earth or Prime earth) and a fitting quote…

“C’mon People, where’s my Doppleganger?”

   -Fire storm

NYG= No year given


Marvel Year D.C. Year My comments
Iron-man (Tony Stark) 1963 Atom 1961 If this isn’t Obvious I don’t know what is!
Hawk-eye (Clint Barton) 1964/1965 (The Green) Arrow 1941
Quick Silver ?NYGX-men #4 Flash 1956 Couldn’t find year on Quicksilver but could have turned up around the tme as Gambit & the lot from the 90s?
The HulkThing 19621961 Doomsday 2003 I guess there’s a cross between them but Marvel’s are goodguys
Black Widow 1964 Black Canary Laurel Lanceor cat woman? 19691940 I can’t figure out if it’s either or someone else
Thor 1951 Ares 2005 Does Thunder beat war? It certainly sounds like it
Captain America 1941 Superman ? 1945 Superman was the first to come to mind, other than him, I’m stumped
Scarlet Witch 1964 White WitchZatanna ? 19661964 I remember the character on arrow Tv series not sure if
Thanos 1973 Darkseid 1970
Dr. Strange 1963 Dr. Fate 1940
Sentry NYGSenry #1 Superman 1945
Dare Devil 1964 Batman 1986first appeared in ‘Detective Comics #27’ in 1939 Who is the idiot that made up the wiki page? Even I know it was well before 1986! There’s a show from 1966 as for DD & BM Idon’t see the similarity (other than the little ears on DD mask)
the Sub-Mariner 1939 Aquaman 1941
Nova Corps NYG Green Lantern Corps 1959
Human Torch 1961 Fire Lord 1978
Mr. Fantastic 1961 Plastic Man 1941
Ms. Marvel 1967 Power Girl 1976 (the year I was born)
Deadpool 1990 Deathstroke 1980 Yeah I’d say obvious
Green Goblin 1964 Joker 1987 ? From comic to Movie the Goblin is different (comic to comic I can see the likeness)
Beast 1963 Beast Boy 1965 Obvious
Gambit 1990 Booster Gold 1986 Look a lot alike


You’ve been warnedspoiler_112807


five-funniest-moments-from-avengers-age-of-ultron  (if you want to really call them ‘Funny’)

P.s. #5 was funny at first but then well….#4 So I did see right   #3 I was like WTF Why would it be?  #2 I gasped  #1. That was a hoot!!Also loved the litteral ‘Punch Line on that too!




in an issue (this one being #1361 dated May 1st 2015 from News and Notes)

(disclaimer: I made notes from the article and may have also included some other info NOT from the article.)

“Six secrets from the set of Avengers…”

well it’s just 4, I made notes on

  1. for those of you that have read the comics and such, Did you spot the vintage Ultron? The star villain may have gotten an update in looks, but the ‘fanged’ version  from the comcs is within the sea of those his consious is uploaded to
  2. Jarvis Becomes (at least in a sense if nt truely) ‘The Vison’. No idea where Pepper Potts is  but Iron-man has a new girl Friday in his ear.

  3. Cast and crew on the set would get a bit confused between actress Scarlett Johansson’s and Elizabeth Olsen’s Characters Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow and  Wanda Maxinoff  Scarlet Witch (even a certain one of them and the other’s character! ahem.. The Scarlets) making muddled confusin of conversations. Then there were the look a like stand-in’s for Scar jo who at the time was 4 months pregnant (f I remember an interview correctly) at the time.

  4. So the arms dealer played by ‘Gollum’ himself  (pulling double duty while coaching Ruffalo with his performance) Ulusses Klause is a sort of easter Egg for the upcoming Black Panther movie as he becomes his foe in the comics and (and I think Black Panther will be in one of the movies prior to his individual one)





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