A Christmas Horror Story

2015 NR  1:47  Anthology

Four Yule tide yarns for you. Santa vs. Zombie elves,  a family’s invocation of Krampus to name a couple.  While it’s supposed to be an anthology, it switches back and forth through the stories, instead of just telling one of them in full then the next. So with that they may be intertwined somehow. William Shatner is a radio show host. There’s the story with the young boy that goes on private property to get a tree, there’s a tree with a hole in it that is really cool but wicked looking.

The one with the zombie elves turns out to be a twist, i didn’t see coming so the switching between stories takes away from the moment of each to me but I guess is a way to keep you from finding out the twist by distracting you somewhat like a magician’s illusion. I think this one should have just been saved for last then, but if it were tod that way maybe the twist weouldn not have been so surprising.

One of the stories is about a changling, which I can’t find HOW that has anything to do with Yule, Xmas or any of the december holidays! And I have a thing for reading about the supernatural.  (a changling , some believe that fairy folk steal your child, and send one of their own in it’s place)

Krampus looked like he was a Ram looking abomiable snowman, though I did like the look of it.I’ll see how the movie Krampus is when I see it but something tells me I’m going to have fun making fun of the Loki helmet style ‘reigndeer games’  antlers on it.

Not a great movie(s) but it was something fun to watch instead of the usual repetitive crap that’s always on during the holidays! I may have grown up catholic but hello can someone please make some Hanukkah specials, Kwanzaa and some for those who are of the pre-christian faiths?


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