All Hallow’s Eve

2013      NR  (not rated)     1:22

Strange things begin to happen after a ‘baby’sitter  finds a VHS tape with 3 terror tales linked by a murderous clown in one of the kids treat bags.

This scary in a way… seeing it’s teeth made me disgusted. To sum up each of these tales, the first simple put is a ritualistic freak show of sorts. The 2nd is a very lame sci-fi (and pretty bad at that) story the 3rd is a road trip  where she stops for gas in the middle of nowhere (because she’s on empty!).

The overall movie to me screams the Urban Legend  babysitter story                         C

moral of the stories..

Do not talk to strangers

Do not movie out to the woods (& silver faced martians are not scary other than reminding me of praying mantis)

and while on a road trip… top off each time you come upon a gas station


All Hallows’ Eve  available formats via amazon     & All Hallows’ Eve 2  via amazon streaming

This one is not the one I reviewed but came up and thought I’d just add it for those that may be curious
All Hallow’s Eve


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