American Horror Story season 6 – Roanoke

So the Emmy and Golden Globe Award winning Horror Anthology is back for a sixth season, here I will recap past seasons and (with a lack of information) try to preview the new season (I will also review it here as well as the season goes on.

The series is produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck  there’s no chance in the show getting in a rut, as every season is a new story; which I love! Plus some actors return and others do not so we get some fresh blood err life back into the show.


1- Murder House  (I keep calling it Hell House, maybe because of a book of short ghost stories I have)

2-  AsylumBinge worthy

3- Coven

4-Freak Show


6-  ?  Harvest, Mist, Autumn, Croatoan

So far I think my favorite has been the Murder House, with Coven or Hotel Though Not sure if I like Coven or Hotel more so they are tied for 2nd right now.  Asylum I wasn’t crazy about I kept falling asleep while watching it or forgetting it was on altogether! That was the only one I had a problem with. Coven I enjoyed… If it’s Witches or Vampires I’m there! So when hotel was announced and what it was about I was like YES! Vampires!! Even if it wasn’t in the literal fang faced sense. I wasn’t even upset that Matt Bomber didn’t get to don fangs! Freak show was a good story as well and I was never bored. If there is a series that is binge worthy, this one certainly is this!

A lot of mystery surrounds season 6 with its promotional imagery, using only a question mark and a 6. So what could this mean? as the 6 and question mark are one.


There are a few theories that the promos either have nothing to do with the season or some are to throw us off of what it’s about. One idea I’ve seen for what the season  is about is the Roanoke colony that disappeared, (All the people etc ) seemingly overnight.

If that is it, (and with the promo images included) the season might end up titled ‘Harvest’, especially if you look at the grass (or is it a wheat field) in the picture on the left, as well as the hand sickle in the one on the right.  There’s also a few other images I’ve seen with a creature, another with 3 shadowy people with glowing yellow eyes. Then there are my favorite promos which look like Universal Pictures gothic horror movie classics like Dracula, Frankenstein etc. Or maybe there are aliens? Maybe it’s all of these in one season… Though I think the main theme has something to do with the picture on the right of the 3 as there’s 2-3 trailers (I’ve seen) with something of a ‘wind chime’  look as that does (and that one looks like it belongs in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre House) .

I’m pretty sure Lady Gaga & Angela Bassette will be returning as for others from last and past seasons, I have yet to hear anything. I wonder if there’s any chance Jessica Lange will come back for another season, if not this one.

Will season 6 be linked with any other previous season in some way, could it be in the present, i’m guessing Past as the first 5 seasons went from present time then past So seasons two and four take place in the past while one, three and five are all present time. I wonder if there will ever be a season or 2 that will be set in the future.

I recently came across this article where the ‘theme’ may have accidentally been leaked  and looking at some of the promo pictures aside from the Tv Guide print, that could also be the case for the season’s title, as there seems to be smoke, mist or just a bright ‘void’ in some of the promotional videos and pictures.  To me, however that really does not sound like an AHS title though.

Then there’s this article, I came across yesterday and I think it said you can see all the promos in the trailer shown in the article.

Lady Gaga Reveals That The ‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Trailers Are A ‘Perfect Illusion’

Whatever the season is about, I am sure as fans we will all love it. It’s a new show every years and one of the reasons why it’s still on. are there any other Anthology shows out there? (and I remember the end of last season the Falchuk & Co wanted to do 2 a year the usual fall season  &  one for spring/summer. I just have 2 words to say… YES PLEASE!



So episode one came and went and I’m not all too happy with American Horror story this year as far as the first episode goes. I figured the Roanoke thing was going to be the story, but I am not happy with how they are telling the story this year.

The eyewitness account type ‘paranormal show’ (like how Paranormal witness re-enacts the story and has the actual people talk about it in between) . Why do you have to stoop to telling the story that way, instead of as it’s been?  Why not have the couple be brought back in time, or the old colony be brought back (maybe it’s the time of year they disappeared) and is haunting the couple as the house is on their land.  This season however in a sense you could say is not just a story in the present, but also past as well.  Now I have not sure if you could say a problem, but as I have read the below article and even before this, always thought that something like the colony having gotten sick, and other’s leaving because of that reason. Whatever it truly was (regardless of what the historians thing they figured out…. unless someone finds that spot and does a seance I don’t think we’ll ever truely know.

American Horror Story: Roanoke Might Have Just Revealed Its Big Twist With This Photo

if  You are interested here’s a Nat Geo article on clues to how Roanoke disappeared 



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