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Lady Gaga  plays the gloved eccentric enigmatic ‘Countess’ and Matt Boner plays Donovan her paramour. I’ve read of a certain scene where the 2 are supposed to be having a foursome, but is it still so if half the participants are dead?

This season’s story ‘Hotel’ is supposed to be  the bloodiest boldest, and sexiest one yet.   With Jessica Lange declining, is the newest face of the anthology series. There’s a bit of a different tone as there are things Jessica may not have done. After the creators said the seasons are connected, we know now that Freak show is connected with season 1 and 2. Hotel is connected with season 1, and will have the ‘Murder house’ on. Here’s some more ways season 5 will be connected

Here’s some more connections


Sarah Paulson is back and plays ‘grungy junky hypodermic Sally’ and in the Entertainment weekly article I read is quoted  “There is something about this season that’s got real heart to it, it’s pulsating. Every season has a different color, or tone; and I think this year’s would be blood red for sure”

Queen ‘monster’ is a big fan of the series and said last season’s ‘Freak Show’ the most watched and most Emmy nominate of the seasons was her favorite (would you think any other?).  Gaga called creator Ryan Murphy and told him she wanted to be on the show.

Creator Murphy told Entertainment Weekly he “wanted Modern, Gruesome and primal for this season. Past themes of the show do not scare him, but he has had some encounters in hotels with people getting access to rooms so it will pray on people’s paranoia. This story will be both interestingly vial and humanistic.

The Countess is a glamorous socialite who acquires the hotel and  whose looks are not entirely from a healthy diet of veggies and tofu, but from imbibing blood. No,  it is not a vampire show, it’s the ancient blood virus of hemophilia  (which makes no sense as  it impairs the body’s ability to control blood clotting, which is used to stop bleeding when a blood vessel is broken). However the virus (in the show) does give the infected some ‘vampire powers’ like agelessness. She  adopts a brood of kidnapped Bloodsucking blonds

Donovan has been the countess’ lover  for more than 20 years, and like any couple who is set to spend eternity together 1 has commitment issues and the other wants to, so there are some ‘model’ temptations. Enter Tristan (Finn Wittrock) he does what people tell him and has an addictive personality  possibly hyper-sexual but follows his gut (I just wonder if he’ll be following it down a hallway!)

The rest of the cast?  Angela Bassette  plays actress Ramona Royal who has a literal (?) axe to grind with the Countess. While Cathy Bates plays donovan’s mother Iris who is the front desk clerk, and Denis O’hare is a cross dressing businessman who goes to the hotel to play out his secret life.  L.A. Detective John Lowe is played by returning Wes Bentley (yes! cause i loved Mordred last year) who is on the hunt for a serial killer he thinks may be staying at the hotel.  Said killer offs his vics  based on biblical dictates and is so named the 10 Commandments killer.  So the detective moves his family,  Pediatrician wife Alex played by Chloe Sevigny and their daughter in tow into the crazy world of the hotel’s things that go bump in the night.(Take that for what you will,  good on at least 2-3 levels) and round out the gruesome is Naomi Campbell who plays Claudia  the editor of Vogue and then there’s New York  Fashion designer Will Drake played by Cheyenne Jackson and Even Peters’  who plays the original owner of the Cortez who died in the 1930s (James March).

Here’s an early promo with the whole cast

So is the Garden of Allah hotel the one this season is based on?

Oh that EW article I read.. said Murphy & his team have been considering  doing 2 iterations a year of the show instead of just the one due to the series growing success. We may get one in the fall and a spring helping as well!

I wonder what hotel/ or murder the season is based on. In an EW article in the fall preview issue, says that The Cortez is not based on any specific hotel but  Mark Worthington one of the set designers said he was inspired by the art-deco  architects  William Van Alen and Timothy Pflueger.  he thought that tonally  the art-deco would  make sense for the horror genre because it’s dark and spiky and odd with strange composition. Everything you see in the hotel the designers made right down to the coasters, Keys and even the carvings of venus fly trap in the columns or as such, which is a joking homage to Gaga’s character.

As far as the shows lore goes, the hotel was built in 1930 by a murderer named James March (Evan Peters)  and serves in the modern day as home to the bloodsucking countess (lady Gaga)

Oh cool one of the actors is from a town ‘near’ my city

so room 64 is the ‘evil’ room. The alarm clock goes off at 2:25am (heck some nights I’m just going to bed at that time) oh now THAT should be in a 1000 ways to die episode! Quite Interesting, and apparently we have a little bit of ‘Hannibal art’ (or close enough) But serves them both right!

from the first 30 minutes I can already tell you we are in for a sick, maniacally demented sadistic trip this season!

Love Matt Bomer with the smokin hot semi-goth look. The rockstar look suits him well.

The credits montage flashes the 10 commandments in neon across the screen, you don’t even have to blink to miss them among other bits in there. You might want to watch the title sequence on slow speed (if available) or just constantly click pause to catch everything (clues). They aren’t even listed in order from 1-10 or 10-1. They seem to be grouped together in a way  for instance 5 then 6…3 then 4  9 & 10 8 & 7  & 1 & 2.

But #7  & 6 we definitely hit on already in episode 1  and maybe in  away #5 being as Donovan’s mom is the receptionist.

all seasons Zi Approved TV seriesMotvision seal of approval   Binge worthy  for me all but Asylum


So Epiosde 2 which was like 2 hours long titled Chutes & Ladders we find out the countess was born 1904 (is that as in birth or when she was turned?) and the story behind builder March and his extracurricular activities whose scenes are in black and white which was a good touch.  The Cortez is basically an ‘engineered Alibi’


More info and references

american-horror-story-hotel-inspired by real life mystery? 

AHS:Hotel Wiki






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