Theater Thursdays- ABCs of Deaths pt 2.

The ABCs of Death is an anthology movie of 26 mini movies showcasing death in all a manner. They are all horror but many sub-genres, funny, others serious and the formats vary as well, from live-action to what seems as clay-mation, one even in the form of a commercial!

2014    Not Rated   2 hours & 2 minutes

The sequel like the original showcases work from around the world and includes one from animation great Bill Plympton and horror auteur Larry Fessenden. a drafthouse film (as in Alamo Draft House & there’s one in Yonkers, NY!)

The Introduction credits are creppy yet ‘cute’ in a disturbing way. A girl jumping rope and another a swing but it’s not as innocent as it sounds. also creepy that ‘La-la’ music Here’s a look

I think these shorts go faster, or maybe they are just better than the first go round?

I wonder what they will cover this time? Sadly I cannot recall the ones from the last movie., but there were at least 3-6 good ones in the last)

*A- from the looks of it I’m guessing assassin but from watching the original  I’m no amature and the title will likely not be what you think.

B – I laughed at this one as it is supposed to be a documentary being filmed on badgers near a nuke plant, The boom mic is assaulted and the smug ‘star’ well he won’t get a second chance to listen to the crew I’m sure.

C- A community thinks someone killed a girl, says he did not but they already have judged him could it be criminal?. This one you might know what it will be…the way they go about it, it would be the easiest one!

D- Oh I thought this was a waxy rendering of Freddy Kreuger! I liekd the ‘clay-mation’ and so did not think of that not sure if they was even in my vocabulary before hand!

E- Beached on an island 2 guys just try to survive. I’m just wondering if it was real or an illusion

F- a soldier falls into enemy territory

G- is just all sorts of creepy but not in a horror sort of way, more like creepy old man

*H- this is another I liked it’s an animated  sketch the way it starts I’m thinking  halitosis but like i said it’s the beginning and usually you don’t figure it out the head game until the end if at all. I was sort of close. The style and art of this one set it apart.

I-oh look Witching and Bitching part 2! lol

J- didn’t like but pretty cool in the end saw it coming.

K- Some black goo, could this be what a death knell is?

L- Some sacrifice that’s supposed to be done maybe the voodoo deity papa Legba?

M- This i remember form the trailer.. butt ugly dude with piss stained tighty whites  and white eyes yes it’s a zombie sadly I can’t remember the end game of it

N- It’s Halloween and I’ll just say ‘Frankie’ and his girlfriend are getting ready to meat,  I mean meet up from house to meeting place is clue

O- Zombies versus humans I’m thinking oppression but no….

P-this was a 3 stooges sort of  thing Thought the title to me, is a cheat!

Q- This one will make you think twice about surveys etc

*R- ah Russian Roulette, but I’m sure there’s another underlying or DUMB ass (cheat) meaning here. Or maybe just metaphoric?

S- home invasion

T- well shouldn’t this be in S ? She looks like she’s supposed to be a Succubus in a porn movie.. Oh this ends up just being lame as that genre is pretty much played out

*U- this one I liked and has a portable Crematorium

V- I don’t remember just have what it covered and trying not to give anything away

W- this is the one that’s a commercial which I thought was a cool angle. to go, and how many times as a kid did we wish about a toy….

X- I knew it right off! but it’s Gory and quite disturbing! (even for my sick Morbid blood lusty self!)

Y-Ah here’s another cool one

Z- Gross and nasty. Daughter ‘kills’ mother for not letting her go (That I can sort of relate to… w/o the killing part)



Official Site *The ABC’s of Death Combo Pack  * &  ABCs of Death 2  links are to Amazon page * *


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