The Secrets of Blood and Bone

  by Rebecca Alexander

the author of Secrets to Life and Death

a supernatural thriller (mystery?) with history, Magic and Sorcery

384 pages in a 5-3/16 x 8 binding

ISBN 9780804140706




-Edward Kelly

-Felix  (a surrogate father/ Co-Conspirator in Sadie’s eyes)

-John Dee (?)

-Gina Larabie Researcher of Vampirism and Sexual behavior


Venice (past)   walnut grove and Bee Cottage  New Orleans  (Present)


So far Every other chapter is set in the past in Venice, then back in whatever present setting which is always noted in the chapter. I am finding this a hinderance on the flow of the story. Frankly So far I would have preferred if it was written in the present, then have the option to purchase another book with the stuff from venice or at least release the venice parts as a first book. Oh wait… just as I noted this the pattern ends, or does it. Will it go back to the same.

There are parts I question the grammar. AN before an ‘h’? An is supposed to come before a vowel.

I will say there are lots of  magic and supernatural elements. I saw a page in back there is a character that actually lived but there are some bits of history that she took liberties with (not that would matter to me as far as the character in question would go)

well we have witches, werewolves and in a sense vampires though called revenants in this.

I still think the book should have been arranged as the past parts first, then go into the the present part of the story as for me it took away the momentum, if not for this would would have been a smoother read. There is flow to the writing and an ok story, not great and definitely not original. I’m sure I’ve read at least 20 books with the same plot (or a likeness of it)


imbibe- to drink

inquest  *  Tincture

decoction – the liquor resulting from concentrating the essence of a substance by heating or boiling, especially a medicinal preparation made from a plant   how to

Colloidal Silver Solution   more effective than ink at creating

16th Century Magic Circles  that help ‘borrowed timers’ survive. These suspend them on the edge of death relying on 66  sigils  sigils inscribed inside protective circles

Sendivogious – a Polish alchemist philosopher and medical doctor

More Info *  About the Author *  Find more on 2015 Library on the fly

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”


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