Vikings: Season 1 & 2 Review

I haven’t even read this person’s review so you know I’m being fair & not just looking for good or bad reviews of the show, I have no idea what this says about it. All I can tell you is I have heard critics etc say it’s better than Game of Thrones (which I also watch) and I agree but how can you compare it when Vikings were real… and this is basically the sagas of Ragnar and his sons. Its based as close as possible to what we know from  recorded History while Game of thrones is just fiction. (But I LOVE Dragons and Wolves)


Here is   my Vikings Page       as well as (season 1-4) star  Travis Fimmel


In Harsh Light

One of the most intriguing things about the History channel‘s Norsemen saga, Vikings, is how untapped the ancient practices of the Vikings are in contemporary America. What’s even more compelling, however, is that a TV show of this high production value and gory abandon falls under the History channel’s wheelhouse.

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