PITCAIRN NEEDS YOU – “Sons of Liberty” Premiering Sunday January 25th

I am Most happy to see Kevin Ryan will be in another show I plan to watch (& yes likely because he is in it, as I was never fond of History class but with shows like the Tudors… I always ask myself why couldn’t they have been around when I was in school.
If Kevin looks familiar to you, he came to my attention on the show Copper from BBCAmerica which sadly only had a run of 2 seasons. I miss Maguire quite a but and looks so funny to see Kevin in the SOL garb. It’s a 3 Night Miniseries from the 25-27th on the History Channel.

Simply Kevin Ryan

It’s the day many of us have been waiting for. Come Sunday, we’ll all see how this small group of young men sparked a revolution. Starring Ben Barnes as Sam Adams, Ryan Eggold as Dr. Joseph Warren, Michael Raymond-James as Paul Revere, Rafe Spall as John Hancock, Henry Thomas as John Adams, Marton Csokas as General Thomas Gage, Emily Berrington as Margaret Gage, Jason O’Mara as General George Washington, Dean Norris as Benjamin Franklin, and our very own Kevin Ryan as John Pitcairn. It’s going to be great fun seeing this cast of characters interact and show us through historical fiction what went on during this poignant time in American history. I, for one, am thoroughly excited to see how it all comes together.


Pitcairn2Pitcairn3Pitcairn4Sons of Liberty

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