SciFridays: “Dead Snow 2” (2014)

I’m still waiting to see this, so thought I’d post this for you in the mean time

Rooster Illusion

Tappeluft Pictures

Baddie – Pesky nazi zombies.

Lesson – Fight zombies with zombies.

I’ll admit, Dead Snow 2 was supposed to be my Christmas movie, but instead of watching it I was busy having my appendix removed, so I lived my own private zombie movie in a sanitary controlled surgical environment instead of watching it in a timely fashion.

In case you were unaware, the first Dead Snow is (Norwegian) film about nazi zombies, in this case somewhat enraged/risen because of buried nazi gold. Now, like most horror movies that find success with a ridiculous premise, it takes place in your classic horror cabin setting with a bunch of teenagers of varying personalities and proclivities, so for me the first film was ultimately very enjoyable. The beginning of the second film makes it clear that they know exactly the level of ridiculous they’re approaching but they don’t care, featuring our lead…

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