2015  PG13 1:46  blu-ray

stars Adam Sandler, josh Gad, kevin James & Peter Dinkladge  Jane Krakowski with a cameo from a Ghostbuster and ‘The Bean’


Aliens attack using the beloved games of 1980’s arcade fame for their offensive onslaught. Former ace gamer Sam Brenner (Sandler) is called in by longtime friend President Will Cooper (played by James)  to take on the E.T.s who are using favorite shows and music icons (like Fantasy Island or Madonna) to send their messages.

Oh Got Headroom?!!? never thought  he would show up in this. (no not an arcade character was on TV way back in the day as well as a TV Movie) So some of the game characters I don’t remember let alone what game they were from. (Like the blond chick I never heard of that game or character)  I do like the use of the mini coopers in the movie as the Pac-Ghosts. Oh and the ‘trophies’ but I wonder what game that dog & whatever it was with was from. I am disappointed as my favorite game was not represented… where’s my Rampage?!?!?

Adam Sandler in this I can tell what people are complaining about with his acting lately. he’s like a corpse only you could get more of a rise out of a zombie! my Father and I enjoyed watching the movie i don’t know if we laughed at the punchlines we were supposed to laugh at or not though we probably had a laugh at some other things. Like our favorite little Orange ‘cheese ball’ who I was surprised to hear spoke in this.  Kevin James I think needs a health check as he always seemed like he was out of breath, not sure if that was just because he plays the pres. or if he needs a serious check-up around the belt. Josh Gad I don’t like period and I think this is the first movie I’ve seen with him in it. I don’t know if Sadler wrote or anything other than acted for the movie but he & James sounded like they were bored. This was supposed to be a nostalgic romp especially with Chris Columbus directing, WTF went wrong  (other than some if not all of) the acting?  Glad I didn’t see this one in the theater.

Stay tuned at the end they show parts of the movie in 8-bit video game graphics.

over all a C+ for me


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