Pride, Prejudice & Zombies

2016          PG-13      1:47  Classic Novel Adaptation to horror     Matt Smith, lily James, Same Riley, Lena Heady (yes Cersi is in this) & Charles Dance


I tried to read the book earlier this year it was a lame animal. The writing just for me was herky jerky and did not flow.

There were way too many characters to keep up with in the way the writing went and if there were EVER a time I wished there was art in a book I wished there were portraits of the characters, that might have helped me to keep track of who the characters were and maybe one of a map to keep track of where who was.

The movie is not much better, while yes now I have names to faces to follow the story and somewhat was able to keep track (or better understanding) of who each character was , the only memorable one was (& I have to look up the cast on IMDB because I still can’t remember the names right!)  Elizabeth. all the other girls at least were forgettable or interchangeable, pretty much the same with the guys as well.

I did get a laugh out of the fight between Elizabeth and Darcy and was the only interesting (Entertaining) part. All I could think was Get a room, oh wait they’ve got one. aside from that, in to the dung heap with both the movie and book. (I think I’m gonna give up on trying to read any more Classics)     D-

If you still are interested in watching it anyway  You can get the Blu-ray, DVD, 4k or Amazon video via Amazon

here’s my friend’ from ‘The Bar’ review.


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