Point Break (2015)

2015    Pg-13    1 hour & 53 minutes             Action Adventure         ***Luke Bracey & Edgar Ramierz

I’m not sure if you want to call this a reboot but a remake it’s definitely not as even though yes toward the end there are a couple scenes that pay homage to the classic of the 90s original; but aside from that the names (at least) of the 2 main characters remaining the same and the premise while sort of the same (Athlete turned FBI agent etc) it’s different. He’s a Poly athlete (Snow boarding, Motor-cross etc) Johnny Utah is played by an Aussie and we get an adventure (& a trip around the world for the price of a movie ticket!)

I thought to include the old trailer so you could see the difference between the 2. The first mostly centering on surfing and robbing banks.

In this things are taken to the extreme , unlike the original which was one of my favorite movies of the 90s, so with the differences I do like the new one as it didn’t ruin the orignal for me (unlike  Terminator Genysis which to me ruins the whole franchise!Sorry Jai..unlike Sam worthington you didn’t steal he movie)  they do have a cameo in this (like the original had Anthony Kedis of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers) unless you are into the sport or culture… you may not know who it is.

The scenery and cinematography, helped me get lost in this adventure and really did forget about the rest of the world. The majesty of the Spine mountain trail, though I did get a bad feeling) The flight through the air was exhilerating and was one of the best parts of the movie to me, so to me it shouldn’t have been in the trailer, or maybe jsut an upclose blink & miss it clip) I would have loved a P.OV. camera on one of the stunt doubles to see it through their eyes.  What you can’t use a go pro in movie making? I mean the extreme athletes actually use them)  While watching the ‘wind swim’  I couldn’t help but make a crack they look like flying squirrels to the empty theater (went to first showing on discount day)

In this Brodi is going after the Ozaki 8 (which is something new to this update). It’s 8 ordeals (trials) that celebrate the  forces/elements of nature

(In no special order)

  • Birth of sky
  • Awakening Earth
  • Life of ice
  • life of wind
  • Emerging force
  • master of six lives
  • life of water
  • act of ultimate trust

and Ozaki himself started it to bring attention and awareness back to the beauty of the earth and for people to see that it is dying. As he completes the trials he also has to give back to the earth which is where the crimes come in. It is said whoever completed the Ozaki 8 would achieve nirvana. Ozaki himself was believed to have died during this 3rd trial. Most of the great stunts were in the trailer, (but those are what I wanted to see) while there’s plenty of action the update lacks the heart of the original.  I just noticed… There’s nothing about fire within the elements of this unless that would be awakening earth (volcano?)

I liked the boatman for some reason.The sound of ‘the wave’ crashing is both intimidating and scary  but also calming.

Oh crap looked like an upside down twist maneuver on the (2nd to) last stunt. In this you again want Brodi to emerge (or at least I did)

I’m not sure if they’d do a sequel, but I liked this one enough adventure wise, I’d see another one. The story building however took a back seat to the globetrotting adventure of all the trials, but hey how many can say they travels all over the world for $8! (no one!!) In that i would recommend the movie, esp. on the big screen as if you wait for rental or cable well unless you have a TV screen the size of a movie screen (& a blue ray player) it’s not going to be the same. I’d likely even buy the movie when it comes out just so I could watch the beautiful scenery again!

How’s Keanu Reeves feel about the remake? 

I didn’t watch the whole thing.. but here’s a Behind the Scenes

for another opinion I think The B.A.R. Brawls Attractions and Reviews has if not an actual review then one of the trailer.


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