Political Animals

Image result for Political Animals2012  mini-series (6 – 1 hr episodes)    Sigourney Weaver, James Wolk, Sebastian Stan Carla Guigino Adrian Pasdar, Ellen Burstyn  IMDB

The former first lady Elaine Barrish  and current secretary of state juggles foreign crisis and family life  two years after divorcing her unfaithful husband.

Her (twin?) sons Douglas played by James Wolk  and Thomas played by Sebastian Stan. One point in the show Thomas asks, How did we end up so different even though we shared a room?

Douglas is his mother’s assistant (forget the term) and engaged to be married soon. Thomas is an Alcoholic and coke addict, and just so happens to have come out of the closet while the father was still in office. Grams doesn’t help that fact either. She’s a bad influence on Thomas and in that I’m pretty sure every scene we see her in, she has a drink in her hand! But at least she’s fun, and I’m guessing supposed to be the humor of the show.

So I thought I’d give this a try and if I didn’t like it at least I could just watch Sebastian Stan and Zoo star James Wolk, but for a political show, it’s not bad. Unlike other Political drama which can be filled with a load of political talk or legal lingo so it’s unbearably boring to watch (or just gives you a headache), it’s more about the Hammond family than the politics.

I think anyone could enjoy this mini series.

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Zi Approved  TV series

I usually do not watch political shows, but I think as I have been watching what I call a  dark comedy called Brain Dead (being on spring/summer 2016)  There’s plenty of  politics, but it’s more the mystery of the show which is part sci-fi with some horror occasionally thrown in.  Not sure what in the coming attractions for it made me want to watch it, but there was something that made me interested to try it. Now I know why…(You’d have to watch it to find out~



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