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New J.K. Rowling story reveals origins of American Hogwarts

Gleaming The Cosmic Cube: A History of Marvel’s Most Powerful Reality-Altering Artifact

GOT catchphrases


Ranking Every “Star Trek” Movie, From Worst to Best





10-actors-who-need-a-redemption-movie asap


Game of Thrones interactive map 


What Are DC’s Film/TV Crossover Rules?

Can You See: The Greatest Patriotic Super Heroes of All-Time

Brooklyn Celebrates Captain America’s 75th Anniversary With Bronze Statue

Captain America’s 10 Most Patriotic Moments: Giving Speeches, Punching Hitler

20 Patriots, 5 Codenames: A Salute To Marvel’s Red White & Blue Heroes


Ranking Every “Star Trek” Movie, From Worst to Best

Stay Puft reacts to what has recently gone down as the Worst movie Trailer EVER

Honestly the only good thing about it is Chris Hemsworth. The fact they have remade it with all the female comedians (see my Female Centric post) is just insulting! Usually chick comedies are jsut not funny maybe good for one or 2 chuckles but mostly one the fact of how bad it was. For one they aren’t at least related to the previous characters like daughters or anything which if they had might have been accepted more. For those of you that have seen the original when it originally came out, I ask and beg of you to boycott this garbage (or at least until it comes out on rental or watch on cable) I can asure you it won’t be worth any amount to see it in the theater unless you get it to see it for free!~ a video from Movie Geeks United (just audio actuallY)  is at the end of the post if you’ like to listen to the discussion

As far as they say fans are made because its not what we wanted or envisioned… this fan isn’t for that reason. I can understand if the remaining actors do not want to be in it. The material looks crappy, what they actually show in the trailer isn’t even funny. I know they are not all ‘big names’ (at least not to me) but Melissa McCarthy I don’t think I mind being in it as depending on the material she can be funny. The others just are not and a few come off awkward to me.  They just better have slimer in it.



Beginners Guide to horror on Netflix

Clues to who negan probably killed

Chracters Negan DID NOT kill

The scene that may hold the key to Walking Deads season 7 final

‘Keanu’ Kitten: How a Cat in a Hat Was Trained to Act for Key and Peele’s Movie

“The 23 most “SEXIEST” zombies seen on the Walking Dead!?!!??!?  SERIOUSLY??!  (can’t believe that word is used in the same sentence as zombie… )

Captain America 3: Anthony Mackie Calls Civil War Marvel’s Best Yet

The 20 best romantic comedies of all time

Gone to the wall…why modern movie posters are so dreadful

“Harry Potter” Author J.K. Rowling Introduces Four New International Wizarding Schools


 Angry Moms Want TV Series Lucifer Taken Off the Air

(a lot of good it did them…it came back for a 2nd season)

and in hopes to get all those moms a heart attack….  this movie comes out on my mothers birthday….

THE WITCH: a new england folk tale- February 19th

RIP – Alan Rickman
The mellifluous film great redefined Hollywood bad guys, drew heartbreaking empathy with ease and did withering put downs better than anyone. Here are his most memorable roles. [Read more…]

Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe’s Tributes to Alan Rickman Will Break Your Heart
Alan Rickman, 1946-2016 | Obituary | Sight & Sound


Lemminum Campaign is going really well. Help us take it to the next level

A campaign to name a new metal element is gathering serious momentum please join in…


The Secret You Need to Know About Ebooks


30 Best Music Movies
School Of Rock. Purple Rain. Pitch Perfect. Find out if your favourite made the cut. [Read more…]

What If’s #1 


2 of my fave ‘What ifs’ are shown & The ‘Kill Bill’ one had me laughing. Also like the Dead Zone one… and the fact most of these are styled as vintage movie posters and I think many of you would agree the History of Violence one would have been better with these legends

What if Movie Posters Volume 5


wow I’ve seen a 2nd article pertaining to another character on Vikings… from the previews it looks as though Floki is in trouble and we may no longer see him, but there’s ‘Lagertha may be in danger‘ article and Ragnar as we left him was very ill so will season 4 possibily be the last for Travis Fimmel?

RIP   Christopher Lee


Christopher Lee memorial gallery/on IMDB

& Legendary wrestler Dusty Rhodes


Harry Potter Fans Are Leaving Notes In Books For Future

nfl-helmets-reimagined-with-marvel-heroes-logos a few of these need changing  it should be the Pittsburgh Punishers & something else Hydra I forget North carolina Wolverines Yeah and You’ll get sued by the real ones of Michigan… Hello! Tennesee thors sound rediculous NY Dr. Strange just sounds stupid. The New York Strange maybe or What city has a DR to start? Cinni Ultrons need a different one That needs to go to Utah Ultrons maybe  Huston Odins… not likely and that logo is horrendous,  it looks like a bull.  Oak wood  is  favored by Odin So oakland Odin’s would be the smart choice



50 Weirdest Movie Ever Made







50 Greatest Modern Monster Movies

wwe’s stardust steals stephen amells arrow line

20-of-the-scariest-clowns-of-all-time/ actualy I don’t find them scary at all. I laughed more esp. at the hitler one! ROTF

Royal Baby Named

britains-new-princess-named-charlotte-elizabeth-diana   (Diana Charlotte Elizabeth to me has more of a ring to it)


While i was at my aunt’s looking for something to watch or trying to figure out a schedule how to watch a show while she was taping or if there was a later time one of them could be recorded. I think say yes to the dress was on (I could be wrong) but one of the people says

You’re not Howdy Duty; You’re howdy dummie

and it caught me just right that I was in full belly laugh. The cats in the house were looking at me funny!

Then there’s the Quote from ZOO

Senator, I did my grad school thesis on the inverse proportionality to their owners penis size….My condolences to your wife“ -Mitchell Morgan played by Billy Burke



Thank you to Supernatural star ‘Jpad’ for thinking of those who suffer from mental illness (I have personally suffered from Depression & still do with anxiety… blogging is somewhat my sanity)  here’s the Direct link to the Fundraiser  https://represent.com/jared  & you can read  more  http://www.people.com/article/jared-padalecki-supernatural-always-keep-fighting-gilmore-girls-interview













13 best-and-worst-modern-horror-movie-remakes



Classic Rock fans (esp. The Beatles & Elvis also the Who, Rolling Stones & MANY others Cartoon Cells (I’ve seen Looney Toons, Jetsons, if you are a collector you WILL want to check this out!) i see something Captain america, Betty Boop

Check out these items from http://www.bonhams.com/auctions/  There’s a few things I see I’d wish I had the money for at least the House on Haunted hill (Vincet Price) poster as well as the Abbot & Costello meet Dracula & Frankenstein, The Horseman’s sword  Jaw Drop… johnny Depp’s Pirate Hat!!!   and Oh .. MY  (screams) a Bela Lugosi signed and Boris Karloff Contract :*( Whaaa  any idea if you can make a kickstarter to win an auction?

Kitty Bowl In the Championship game The Good Witch Wild Cats  beat the Hallmark Hearties!  Which tells ya Balck Cats are the BOmb! go adopt one now!










Wait First Wentworth miller & Dominick Purcell from Prson Break shows up on The Flash now.. (damn can never remember the actor’s name but) the Guy that Played ‘Abrusi’ in Prison Break will be on the next Arrow! (Who Else? Let’s see the girl from hat was in Walking Dead & then we have the Lost merry go round on Hawaii 5-0…. can’t wait to see who show’s up next as villains for the CW Superheros!




http://www.filmmusicmag.com/best film score of 2014



  Chris Hemsworth people’s sexiest man alive 2014 


Kevin Harvick win Nascar Sprint cup Championship




@ AWards?

and for the ‘How to keep an idiot busy’ category

(me being a cat nut I could watch for an hour)


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