Red Clover

2012  R   1:29

The town of Irish Channel (nothing about that I heard unless it was called so when first establish or where the founders were from in Ireland) the Town is called Keening  and for 66 years St. Patrick’s day has been banned due to a mass fire and as far as netflix’s label said a supposed massacre cover up I think someone was smoking something cause what the description reads is not the movie I watched) aside from the My Bloody valentine like premise.

Not knowing there’s still a dangerous risk the town holds St. Pat’s celebration festivities.

The girl in it and her pops (grandfather) go hunting in Keening woods which is supposed to be haunted, finds a tree with a massive amount of horseshoes on it and huge patch of 4 leaf clovers, one of which is red. Not knowing the legend or superstitions (or just ignoring them) she picks up the clover and seems to burn into her hand.  She’s now cursed with 4 days to live, and what looks like a human goat killing people (don’t wear gold unless you want one to kill you and eat your gold. This isn’t the Lucky Charms sot of leprechaun nor is it the creepy nasty little dude from those movies. This one is called something else but in old Celtic means leprechaun.

Frankly Goat creature looks like it could also even go for playing the jersey devil.

I think about halfway through the movie (when some kids are crawling into an abandoned brewery, I realized I had seen this before (I assume under a different name) .


Save for watching in March. I didn’t find it scary, but some of the deaths are pretty cool!    C-


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