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Tagline: One of their own is a terrorist

Plot: Months after their training FBI rookie agents are the primary suspects in a terrorist bombing of New York’s Grand Central Station.

Always remember the first blamed is usually a red herring, but the creator says “it could still be ‘Alex’.”

We open with the Grand Central Station in NYC disaster of 9/11 proportions, with Alex Parrish found lying in the middle of it.   After this in Big Brother fashion we get clips of each of our characters in the place they hail from.

The Cast Left to right 
Miranda Shaw  played by Aunjanue Ellis
Alex Parrish  played by Priyanka Chopra
Ryan Booth   played by Jake McLaughlin
Shelby Wyatt played by Johanna Braddy
Caleb Haas played by Graham Rogers
Nimah Amin  played by Yasmine Al Massri
Simon Asher played by Tate Ellington
Looking at the cast, they seem to have all covered but Asian and black (although agent Shaw is but I meant with the Trainees) but I meant from the main group of trainees. 
      During the clips when we ‘meet’ them Alex goes to grab something in a plastic baggie, which I have now figured out after a couple of episodes. Which leads me to say, every one of the trainees also has some sort of secret so we not only have to figure out who did it, but maybe even whatever the secret is for each.
       They are all in a dorm, which seems you can see into all the rooms from what I first see. Later I notice that the rooms are sectioned so that the roommates can have their own privacy. They get cool exercises (too bad we didn’t get stuff like this in school)  like a redacted file and they have to figure out what it is that was censored about who’s dossier they get.
Time is split between the previous six months of training at the academy, and ‘current time’ post disaster.


  • investigation
  • Interview
  • if you can’t be honest with yourself, how can you get the truth out of someone else?


      Alex Parrish is blamed because she was found on the pile of rubble and there is not a scratch on her.  All sorts of wires, blue prints and other ‘terrorist’ paraphernalia is found as well as Agent Booth in her apartment. My instinct says she’s being framed. So she has to fight to prove her innocence.

My Suspects




one of the twins

Well that’s one down and the not so golden boy Caleb failed at the physical  portion of the job.
This is going to be a fun mystery to solve.
After watching the pilot, the ABC action thriller mystery looks quite promising.    
Parish is Booth’s ‘Mark’ (whatever that means for this or the end game) and What the hell language is that, the blonde chick was speaking in ep 2 or 3?)
The show is written for us at home to play FBI agent, by using the evidence  we see to construct what character may be the culprit.
“Everything is connected and nothing is extraneous and everything is a clue.”  says showrunner Josh Safran in an Entertainment weekly preview of the show. he also explains the show as “what Die Hard would be if Die Hard was a weekly show and a soap.
There will also be a staggering body count. The reveal of who, will likely happen before the conclusion to the season. If the show succeeds, the creator says  he’s got plenty of twisty plots  up his sleeves  and can see it going for several years. Also sounds like it would be like an anthology w/ new recruits coming in each year. 
Zi Approved TV seriesBinge worthyMotvision seal of approval
and found out Sunday Night Quantico has gotten a full season order on ABC

my Personality assessments

Alex-  great at figuring people out

Ryan-  military Slippery

 Nimah – Two Faced
 Caleb-  Cockey pretty boy who’s in because his family has a legacy in the FBI
Natalie – Miss stick in the ass attitude, frankly I’d like to see this character go down! (but it’s always the hated ones who seem to stick around.. unless it’s Lost) 
 Simon- Nerdy,  seems obsessed with Nimah
Shely- has a sharp eye, Southern belle 
Elias – Where’d this guy come from? Late comer , still trying to figure out


 ‘We’ve given you the haystack; let’s see if you can find the needle’ 




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