What is “Staunking”

I know you’ve seen me say it a couple of times in reference to a few actors etc.  and thought maybe now would be the time to explain.

in the Review of the show The Night Shift  I got a bit off topic and wrote this

“Irish born Eoin Macken and apparently every actor that was in the Tudors is haunting (stalking ?) me! No matter what I watch, it always seems like there’s someone from the Tudors shows up (also the occassional other actors seem to do so as well. Like Donal Louge but actors stalking fans via tv shows even if the fan does not know they’ll be in it) will have to be a topic for another time (& yes you can start chiming in on what actors are ‘Stalk haunting’ you!) sorry for getting off topic!” 

I wasn’t sure whether to call it ‘stalking’ or haunting so I combined the 2 together as they aren’t literally stalking you in person, but neither do they know they are doing it as far as the shows you watch.  The ideas I came up with for combining the 2.. Most are already in the dictionary like Skulk(ing) for instance. and so Staunking was born


V.   St/aun/king  (the ‘aun’ is pronunciated like that of the letters in haunt)

it’s a word I made up to explain

  1.  Actors (that you like or not) that seemingly pop up in everything you watch (even if they show up to star in one like a fave genre).

Another way to know is if they are in the 3rd consecutive, or have been killed off on a show you already watched and seems to ‘immediately go to another’ you do.  It’s even more so if they have a few episode story arch or cameo.

However the term is NOT used if you DID know ‘said’ actor was going to be in the show (say especially as a star…) and you don’t want it (because it’s not your type of show or you tried and don’t like it) also  if you watch it only because because they are in the show (read 1b) then it also does not count  However…

1B    If you liked the premise of the show and originally knew this  actor was in the show but forgot;  then the term may be used.  also

*When you first see the ad for said show or movie that they are in, that’s fine.


Movies & Music can do this as well, being as I have a running joke it seems  with Battleship and Pacific Rim.  You’d swear  I could sense that they’re on!  This happens when you channel surf to find what you are in the mood to watch and low & behold the movie is on (and seems to be chasing you every night for at least 3 consecutive nights if not at least a 2 week or month streak.) Or somehow maybe you CAN just sense that its on (I swear I did a couple times & I checked ..son of a gun the movie was on!) This usually happens when an actor is coming out with a new movie or tv show (Think Rob Kazinsky from True Blood who was in Pacific Rim) True bLood would be bookeneded by them!

Same goes for SIXX A.M.’s songs on the Music Choice stations on Cable. Or just that one song that usually you can’t stand that seems to be on every station at the same time (at least 2 or more)



Donal Louge was staunking me when he was in the 2nd season of Copper, 6th season of Sons of Anarchy and then had to be a king on the 2nd season of Vikings! (and all were on at the same time if I remember right, at least for a short time)

I don’t mind Don, He’s not an actor I can’t stand seeing, (besides he was ‘Mr. Crispy’ aka Quinn in the first Blade movie) however there is one I don’t (honestly I think I really just don’t like his face! or maybe it’s that 6th sense of mine whenI get a bad vibe about a person)   James Frain  who was in The Tudors, and he started Staunking me from there!

Of what I watched (since the show aired, I think he was in season 2 & 3)  he’s shown up in  Fringe for a couple of episodes (tho’ I’m not sure if it was the first season as I do remember watching that whole season as for if he was in the 2nd & after… I don’t know if I watched & def. did not watch the 3rd season)  Leverage, True Blood (which REALLY pissed me off) Tron:Legacy, The Lone Ranger, Sleepy Hollow, Intruders, & Agent Carter. Now that does not count the 3 items I saw that sound familiar but not sure if I watched or not)  and does not even count the movies or shows I watched that came out before the Tudors aired.  Invasion, Threshold, Into the Blue (which had Paul Walker & Jessica Alba in it) , The Count of Monte Cristo (Jim Caviesel & Henry Cavill) Tales fro the Crypt. 

My question is why can’t it be the lies of Chris Hemsworth, Taylor Kitsch & Luke Evans Doing so and for an old fave Where has Stephen Dorff been?!  I’m going to stop right there before I go on a full on rant.

Let’s see there’s also the Lost-ies  Knew Daniel Dae kim was going to be on Hawaii 5-O but then ‘Locke’ shows up, ‘Desmond’ & then ‘Hurley’ I wonder if Dominic Mognahan (who played Charlie as well as one of the Hobbits from LOTR) will show up, what about the new mom, Wood Elf of The Hobbit (& Legolas love interest?) Evangeline Lily? as well as some of the others? heck why Not Kill Nikki & Paolo again? Not to mention the lot of them showing up sporadically and usually I don’t know they are. Warning Daniel Dae Kim I’ve seen in a trailer for one of the movies coming out but I can’t recall which & I just saw the trailer!


The official list…. as of May 11th  Let’s see I’ve already covered some

MAJOR Offenders


James Frain  (this one would basically be Federal offender)    EVERYTHING I watch he shows up in at one point or another!

Mark Sheppard who plays ‘Crowley’ in Supernatural which followed me to leverage and White Collar (the least)

Harold Perrineau -Lost (walt’s Dad) 

Lance Reddick Another that has haunted me since Lost John Wick, Intellegence, American Horror Story, The Guest, Old Boy, White House Down

Robert  ‘T-bag’ Knepper (Prison Break & so much more)

Battleship, meanwhile  Pacific Rim (The day after I wrote it in here, it’s on again!) The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug


MINOR Offenders

Nikki Reed

Donal Logue – First Blade,  Copper, Sons of Anarchy Vikings  now Gotham

Jeffery Dean Morgan  Supernatural… now he’s everywhere

The Band- Sixx am   Song= Stars

Eoin Macken (which I didn’t realize until I did the review on The Night Shift) 

Dean Winters (allstate Mayhem guy,  John Wick and will be coming on Battle Creek)

Most of the cast from Lost….

Kevin Durand (Lost, The Strain Vikings) soon to be  a major offender

Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost and more after that)

Lost’s Creepy ‘Ethan’

Needs a Summons

John Noble

Eoin Macken (which I didn’t realize until I did the review on The Night Shift) 

Adrianne Palicki after playing Tyra on Friday Night Lights… Red Dawn, G.I. Joe Retaliation, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., & John Wick (not to mention she’s been in Smallville & Supernatural)

The Band- Sixx am   Song= Stars

Tadhg Murphy (Vikings, Black Sails)

Jeremy Sisto (Six Feet Under, The Returned, Suburgatory)

Kevin Alejandro (True Blood, The Returned) 

Nestor Carbbonell (Lost, Bates Motel)

Maggie Grace


Who or what is Staunking you….

File your report here and we will get on it right away!



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    I posted this to my Entertainment blog. Couldn’t think of anything else to call it, so I took 2 words (which was the best way to describe it) and made it into one.

    Do you have the same experience? Any Actors, movies or music ‘staunking’ you?


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