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Bitten & Lost Girl PReview * tv-tuesdays-game-of-thrones * welcome-to-wayward-pines/


Animal Kingdom

Macgyver 2016


Political Animals

American Horror Story season6

American Gothic

The NightShift


Vikings season 4-mid season post mortem


Under the Dome


The Night Manager





Heroes: Reborn


The Last Kingdom

The Player

Blood & Oil


AHS: Hotel



The Bastard Executioner

Minority Report

Gotham season 2

The Strain


Best time ever with Neil Patrick Harris


Fear the Walking Dead



Todd & the book of Pure Evil

I forget how I originally heard about this but the geek of this kind of stuff that I am… I’m just happy I can now catch it on the Chiller station on Wednesdays from 10-12. It’s a kitschy half hour comedy show basically a possession/ ‘monster’ of the week sort.  I got to see starting with episode 11 of season 1 (as I forgot about the show the week before).

So I’m not sure how to explain this, but this is either bad, or geniusly good. I however  may be jumping the gun as this oneis only the first episode I’ve seen so far so I’ll peg it as a ‘campy comedy’

Jason Mews!!!! (as in Jay & Silent Bob) Awsome, though he plays a janitor with deep insight/ or infinite wisdom.  The girl that wears the glasses is reminding me of a cross between Willow &  Buffy’s lil sis (Michelle Trachtenberg) from Buffy the Vampire slayer series.  The only way I can put it is hilarious or hysterically horrible (in a good way)


The series has gotten a reboot so to speak, in hopes they won’t be booted from the screen themselves. The pilot episode is a confusion made in time travel. There’s 3-5 times we are shown before the actual story just to set us up with what happened. Their trick to ‘retell’ the story after the events of the first season. He husband is now dead, and Jeffery Dean Morgan is in it. She’s been in a ‘rest’ home, but it’s really for those they think have mental problems. after a few episodes, it’s not really improved. I’ve slipped in watching it; besides Chiller shows Todd and the book of Pure Evil from 10-12! Even with the changes, the show is still a bore and frankly not worth your time. The only time to watch this is in a black out on your fully charged portable whatever (Laptop, Blu-ray, DVD, Table phone)

The Strain

season 2 episode 1  1 1/2 hour premier

WE start with a story in Romania which I’m guessing is how ‘The Master’ came to be. The predecessor of the master apparently hangs his balls from his neck, WTF? I  couldn’t help but chuckle at that and mention it, looks like an oversized Turkey!  Oh & that was all sorts of gross (not the neck.. a scene sometime after it) Something tells me that the young boy in this is NOT going to turn out to be like Chandler Riggs character on the Walking Dead. He’s definately a darker, more reckless character. I wouldn’t be surprised if this kid gets ‘worms’ if you know what I mean! I do think though f they do go in the fashion of the boy being a dark character that it would be a nice change.  aside from the kids on the Whispers (which really may not know any better) there’s no kids on tv (at least in shows I watch) that have this really dark side, I think they’d have a ball getting that angst out, esp tweens! Now that I’ve finally been able  to type this up and watch some more epiosdes I think this season is going pretty fast. I swear it’s like the show comes on than its over in minutes (it feels like it goes by in 15 minutes) which is a good thing. Who wants to watch a show that they equally watch the clock for it to be over as well?

I am currently working on a full season stand alone post review

scream-the-series  & scream s. 2





Under the Dome  s.3

What did the narration from the past seasons say 3 months or 3 years?  Ewww ectoplasm but there’s no ghosts …yet or are there? Now that was an impressive ‘fireworks’ display to start the season but what will the consequences be. Oh Yummy  Mike Vogel in Tac gear… Ug there’s time travel or flash backs or maybe an alternate universe  not sure what we have here. Maybe its the alternate universe being as the ectoplasm is there. Whatever the case.. this show has hurt my head. y bet is parallel/alternate universe/dimension. It took a few yers but I now Officially dub this the ‘the new Lost’


TV Yes it’s back!! after damn I can’t remember when the first one or 2 seasons were on. My dad and I enjoyed this I think it was the early 2000s that this premiered! I thought it was on the syfy channel though, maybe I don’t recall.

So the robots this round

MY PICKS  (by the names I like)     WINNER

Razorback vs Icewave

Wrecks vs Plan X      I forget her name but the pink haired girl is a vet of the show and has won before.

Biteforce vs Warhead   ok this one  have to make a coment on.. Warhead reminds me of the Star Trek ship for some reason!

Nightmare vs Warriror clan

The following didn’t have their matches n the pilot

Overdrive vs Chomp   (not sure maybe comp and that’s only on name)

Bronco vs. Witch doctor

overhaul vs Lockjaw

Captain Shredder vs  Stinger   (soft choice)

I think Capt. Shredder is a vet but I could be wrong though it sounds familiar unless its just my 90s addled mind thinking ‘Shredder’ from Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles

Radioactive vs Sweetrevenge

Hypershock vs mohawk

Counter Rev vs Tombstone 

Complete Control vs Ghost Raptor

Big Brother season 17

So there will be 3 twists this year a fan fave  The battle of the block, The BB Take over and I think the other was a set of twins playing as the same person and if they make it past 5 weeks then they can play as individuals.

Meg who lives in NYC with her Gay guy friend or as she or her friends call him her “Gusband” as in Gay husband which gave me a chuckle… never heard that before. So far she seems way to hyper and is already annoying me so not sure how I feel about her yet.

Audrey from Georgia is the first Transgender person to be on Big Brother, and she let’s them know it right away.

Austin who when I first see I’m thinking looks like a cross between Russsel Brand and WWE wrestler Damian Sandow. The funny thing is when they show his intro he says he is a pro wrestler that goes by the name Judice (sp?)

D’Vonne from Inglewood, Ca is a single mom, and card dealer!

Clay the major eye candy of the bunch and my new fave Texan sorry Lane you are so season 12) He’s a student from    Texas A & M

Jayce says he’;s a board explorer and will ride anything skateboard, Surf etc he’s a personal trainer and reminds me of one of the guys from last  season (also had long hair)

James ..well I know it’s wrong to but I saw this little Asian looking dude who then he opens his mouth and it’s a full on southern accent and nearly spit my drink out! He was adopted and doesn’t really know his heritage (I can tell you he’s Chinese or Japanese)

Shelli from  think I saw Atlanta Georgia is a decorator and another one that says she’s  girly girl I think she’s the  one of the girls that said she recently learned that the 30 year old version of a cougar is a puma

But where’s the other 8 people? Oh they’ll be on tomorrow night

 Dark Matter



Update…. I read somewhere Hannibal is canceled!

This season is supposed to be from Hannibal’s point of view where it was Will’s in the past couple of seasons. Gillian Anderson is now his wife (what?) now the she has removed herself from shrinking his head.  It could just be the season pilot  bu I felt not interested. I don’t know for what reason, if maybe it was the switch of the view point, or the script writing (directing whateer)  but I found the narration too slow I guess. Maybe its the change of scenery, this year Hannibal is on the run and has gone to Paris, so maybe my yawning is the cliche that is Paris. There’s a new character this year, Anthony Dimmon (played by Tom Wisdom) which I think is a character already part of the mythology of the movies; and which a body part I’ll just say becomes deformed (hopefully that won’t ruin things)



imdb page

Joe Layton plays Kyle Connor who is visiting the Cook Islands for a bit of fun with his friend ‘budgie’ played by Theo Barklem-Biggs . After a bit of this fun Kyle starts seeing some woman he doesn’t know, one vision of her is that she is dead.

One guy tells him he has a nice tattoo and asks if he knows what the symbols mean, but having designed it himself he does not know, he just always saw it in his mind. The guy doesn’t even explain to him what it means.

Kyle has visions of a local woman ina red dress, who has drowned. Somehow he comes across someone in her family, they asure him that she is fine and well. When her brother goes to pick her up at the airport, Kyle and his friend are there.

Kyle is still having visions, and sneaks on the property and hide out in the garden where she notices him in the bushes. She is kind enough to hear him out, and even along with her sis in law meets with him to hear him out further.

So far I like the suspense of it. Can he save her as the old spirit man says he’s supposed to? The girl’s family are pearl farmer’s and have been for generations.

I think you will have to watch fromt he beginning to be able to keep up with it. So maybe view it live (or via instant video… here via Amazon Tatau, Season 1 otherwise Tatau will be available in June on DVD & Blu-ray

The Odd Couple


Lizzy Borden Chronicles

Lifetime Sundays @ 10pm (I think, I watch on Demand)

Stars Christina Ricci as Lizzy Clea DuVall as her sister Emma and Cole Hauser as Charlie Siringo (a detective) and Copper alum, Dylan Taylor as Officer Leslie Trotwood.

The show is a fictionalized account of the people and events of 1892 that surrounded Lizzy after her she was controversially set free after killing her father and step mother.

This is an interesting show, I don’t know much about the real case aside from the whole 40 wacks and that she might not have done it. As far as Lizzy goes Christina Ricci and her big eyes would if her name wasn’t Lizzy Borden would make her seem like an innocent child, meanwhile there’s a devious crafty mind in that head. You almost admire her in a bad way. The epsiodes feel long even though it’s only an hour drama. Also I noticed bits of morbid humor … I’m intrigued so far! B

Game of Thrones

Man did that episode go by quick. I thought there was more coming and when I looked up it was already an hour later, it felt as though they jipped us a half hour to me. Well as they say, keep them wanting! So the dragons are pissed and kalisi is afraid of them…We saw many parts of Westeros but no Arya So far it’s off to a good start. Can’t wait to see more (and what way it is headed)




CW Tuesdays 9pm EST

iZOmbie is based on a comic series. Olivia, a physician goes to a boat party and wakes up in a body bag…literally! As for the one who witnesses this ..’Priceless’. After zombification she goes to work at the morgue …Don’t judge! .she needs a way to get her food, becasue if she doesn’t eat at least some brains she goes full ‘zombo’. When she eats brains she takes on some of their personality traits and knowledge like memories and in the pilot knew Romanian, was a clepto, and had visions of a murder victim’s memories. The cop is told by the mortician that she’s psychic, and coming back from a commercial we get the comic panel treatment which has the title of our next ‘chapter’ or scene I guess you can say. Again the CW is recycling their actors and here we will see David Anders who was ‘uncle John’ on Vampire Diaries. Anders has played a zombie before in the movie The Revenant (link to look it up on Amazon) or Netflix here. He’s the one I think that scratches her in the pilot but doesn’t look like a zombie, and I have seen him in a scene speaking to her when he DOES look like a zombie so I’m just adding things together (though I could be wrong) This has so many genres in it! The Comic, Procedural, Comedy and more. So with this show I think I’m going to have to start calling the CW the ‘Comic Shop’ instead of the TV TEEN a fun watch with smarts and a little original on the zombie revolution. Finally a smart Z, and about time they use this type of story as it was done in the 90s with vampires (as far as I can think the first time) how they get their blood without drinking from a person etc.)

The Returned (TV)

It’s probably just Resurrection masked by another name! Though it seems at least with Camille that the deaths have occurred recently (at least in the 2000s) ah finally I get my answer! 4 years, again for Camille and 6 years for Simon who didn’t quite make his wedding. The episodes feels like they flow along smoothly (faster?) unlike (and I had comparing shows even if they seem like the SAME exact storyline) Resurrection. Does that mean the Returned is better at least writing wise? (or does a show that feels like it drags on and sound monotonous mean it’s bad, or just for those whose brains run a bit slower maybe for a 50- and up demographic? as far as Resurrection is concerned?).

After 2 epiosdes of the Returned I think I will keep doing so, even if it’s just to see if it’s ends up being (exactly) like Resurrection. I think for those who are Resurrection fans, will find it a comfortable watch, but remember it IS just starting, I just hope it doesn’t keep going on and on. (really maybe that’s why I do watch resurrection but don’t care for it, as it just feel like it goes around in circles.)

Oh & be warned The CW will have their own version of what looks like a back from the dead (without being a zombie) show called the Messengers and NO I will not even bother with this one!

Battle Creek –

Procedural Dramedy 1 season = series

I might have to watch a couple more episodes to make a fair assessment of it, but basically it’s Good cop bad cop. Josh Dumhal usually being the nice one. He’s from the FBI (or formerly) and there was a bit of a running joke in this pilot episode to how good looking he is (yeah can we give Ryan Seacrest the boot & Make josh the Host of everything?) Oh Kal Penn (from the Harold & Kumar movies) is in this. On first Impression…. C

Sons of Liberty

I never liked history in school, but that could be because it was never on the parts of history or particular cultures I was interested in. (Egyptians, Vikings & the Norse Greek & Norse Mythology etc) When the Tudors came out I was mad we didn’t have the Showtime channel. All I have to say is if there is any truth to the show of actual events, then why couldn’t we have had this while I was in school (not that they covered that) Now the History Channel has Vikings going into it’s 3rd season February 19th and it’s a great show. So what would History do with our founding fathers? Well I watched it in support for one of my favorite actors… Kevin Ryan who played Maguire on the BBC America show (of 2 seasons) Copper.

Sons of Liberty is a 6 hour mini-series starring Ben Barnes (yeah Prince Caspian of the Narnia Movie) as Samuel Adams and every time I hear the name I wanted to drink my beer (but my Octoberfest beer is reserved for the new season of Vikings! I should have drank it during one 2 hour episodes. Kevin Ryan played a Red Coat John Pitcairn  who played Neil on Once upon a Time and the red head’s husband Rene on True Blood & was in 2 episodes of The Walking Dead as Dave (when Hershel & Rick are in that bar) Marton Csokas as Britain’s General (is it just me or does this guy always play a D*Bag?) and Benjamin Franklin… played by ‘Big Jim’ Dean Norris from Under the Dome. So there’s plenty of great actors

What about the show itself? I do remember learning about the Constitution & Preamble etc in I think grade school I don’t remember if I cared but if not; I would say to definitely have shown this mini series if you are working on the founding fathers. Your students will likely not be bored. The action is great, and even when there is none- they still won’t doze off! I like the grief they gave the General and the underground market they ran. (remember people NEVER make anything solid as a means for identifying someone for a secret group, however , if you were to do something make it invisible ink! just keep a specific mark or something on it so you know what it is)


Another Hit for the History Channel * of Liberty


  • (season 2) I do not remember much from last season except a 28 days Later looking ‘rage’ virus, only set in the arctic. This year they’re on an Island (enter Lost jokes here!) and it looks like the people are growing Barnacles, or coral stuff that grows on boats, sometimes seen on aquatic life. I actually gagged at one image so that’s a score for the show with me. (Takes a lot to scare, or gross me out) also part of it looks like a cross between a rash and a burn maybe flash eating virus. This season they are flash forwarding ahead 30 years as well. (Which seems for no apparent reason) For me this is more background fodder than must see TV. I usually read while watching.

Marvel’s Agent Carter

(2 hr Premier Bridge & Tunnel) If just the 1st hour of this show foretells of things to come, Then it’s a HIT!~ So long as they keep up the pace esp. of the action. Well if it isn’t Chad Michael Murray where the heck has he been all this time? He doesn’t even look like he’s aged! (Last I heard of him he & Sophia Bush had been married then I blinked & they were Divorced.) mmm Leviathan I’m guessing is the big baddie like the boss at the end of a video game. Also That Marvel wit as Expected, esp. the times that Howard Stark or Jarvis is in a scene. Definately Recommended. Also those of you girls that want to know what it was like before women’s lib and sexual harrassment laws.. just watch the show. Things have gotten a little better between the (90s & 2000s but there are some men out there that still think we are nothing more than an arm ornament and belong in the kitchen, Trust me, I worked in a lumber yard and well I didn’t take any SH!+e from them) A


There’s times I swear I’m watching Supernatural if it weren’t the English accent (or is it Aussie or Irish.. I swear this guys sounds like all 3 I really have to see where he comes from… oh he’s Welsh.) There’s Tehre’s a couple of episodes that were as if they were pull right from Supernatural, that may have been covered a few seasons back watching episode 9 now the 2nd part to the mid- season finale ‘The saint of last resorts’. I hear the show is not doing well and will have an 8pm start time on Fridays (just an hour earlier) I found out that Face-off’s first season champion Conor is on the make-up FX crew. Oh wait this episode is mimicking somewhat what’s going on in Supernatural now, with dean and the Kane brand. John Constantine has purposely possessed himself with a demon so I could heal himself. C  You can see Constantine in season 4 of Arrow!


The kookie musical comedy mini series I figure I’d give a try as well I normally watch Once Upon a Time, though Galavant (the character) is a poor substitute for Captain Hook. It can be really stupid maybe almost annoying or obnoxious (I’m not a musicals person if it doesn’t have GREASE in the title.) It can be funny, maybe not be in the action but some of the lyrics to the songs. The pilot’s jousting match… The slowest ever, annoying… but funny and it was against John Stamos! If you can’t stand ‘cheese’ in yur shows musical or otherwise then it’s a definate skip. With Weird Al yankovich, Ricky Gervais (& I think a few others) will have parts in the show, I wanted to give it a try. (Gervais cracks me up) besides it’s a mini series so after its run we should hopefully never see it again. (I was wrong… The actor that play Galavant was on the Chew. & he said there’s a chance for a 2nd season) I think it would work better as a half hour show, and do one or 2 musical numbers in that. I usually watch it (or listen) as background fodder while I do some form of crafts or my nails. Anyway a Silly C from me

Transporter: the series.

Saturdays on TNT or USA I can’t remember which or what day. I saw it the pilot (stated in January 2015) and I was not impressed, and no Jason statham is not in it. Chris Vance stars and also produces. I’m not feeling the fights , they choreographed and when they feel that way, the fight/action scenes are slow and should be faster. Oh well that was the first six minutes and was a simulation for him and his team. The title intro seems like a cross between a James Bond film intro and a classic cologne ad pose with the car behind the guy and the chick on the opposite side of the car. The guy looks really familiar but can’t place him. I look it up and oh he was in Prison Break. as for the show… Not really sure about it. I hope for those that do watch it, the rest of the series will be better. Something tells me this may not have lasted long, I didn’t watch it (already had too much on my plate) I’m guessing best as a Binge


a Syfy original mini series I really hope it stays that way! It reminded me as part Elysium meets The 100 (on the CW) I watched the first 2 days and totally forgot about the 3rd (probably not forgetting, but subconsciously giving up on it even though there was only I think another 2 hours.) It was a bore and frankly I think there were times someone went to earth, or that was still on it went to the ship, but there was no telling in the way they went to that scene that they did. I found the story mundane and not at all creative. D

The Flash

–  Watching some of the show felt a bit odd as we had a sneak peak during an episode of Arrow. The part where Barry Allen becomes the flash (or the means by which he did) was shown he was getting home and the news report was on the tv and a storm was brewing while a particle accelerator was being tested. We get to see the moments leading up to that part in the premire of the show which I just have to say the CW has yet anther Hit on their hands!  The Flash so far seems a bit brighter  than that of Arrow’s tone for one; Then there’s what makes them ‘super’ heroes  while Arrow’s ‘powers’ are all learned abilities the flash we get to see  his ‘lightning’ fast sprints.  I also came across these  25 flash-tv-series-easter-eggs-yo may have missed. I’m not sure if you saw the previews of the show but there’s a certain cameo at the end which well is ‘Cool’ don’t miss it! A

flash-arrow-crossover-humor-surprise/ AWESOME!!!!

After reviewing the Flash & looking back, I’ve forgotten to review

Arrow s.3

well the end was a surprise , I’m not digging whats his name from Superman returns (or whatever it was called) in this. I just wish they’s bring in Stephen’s cousin for something ( but I think that will happen only on the Flash)  If there is any episode I’d say (at least up to mid season to watch, is the Flash vs Arrow 2 night event.  The mid-season finale had me bent out of shape, not because it was bad, but the (literal) and figurative cliff hanger. Last season I don’t think I liked as much as the first season but this season I am loving so far. It’s becomes known Ollie is the Arrow  (Stephen Amell always says the writers have no respect for the alter ego’s identity getting out) There was quite a bit of drama between Ollie or others getting caught or going missing and so on. I can’t wait for season 4

The Walking Dead –

so the first half  kicked off on a err.. ‘high’ note; energetic and packed full of action. I’ve heard it was going to be a crazy year, and frankly with Rick ripping the throat out of that guy the end of last year (Jaw dropped!) I think that was just a (sorry for the pun) taste of things to come this season. Wow this season has been non stop. Never liked the priest way too soft for that world someone should have just killed him when they found him. I knew he’d either get someone killed (almost did) by attracting attention or just fouling up; or he’d be killing in just a few episodes (why did he go as long as he did?) That midseason finale was surprising. and damn I was upset (Dammit Daryl made me cry!… Literally! )  Now we come to a community that seems way too good to be true! Let’s just hope our gangly motley crew doesn’t get soft

American Horror Story:Freak Show – (s. 4)

Oh my there are some odd ones here, and not even sure what all of them are called I mean as in their Jobs like Bearded lady, strong man and such. Wow! are the stars really coming out for cameos this season! Wes Bently had an arc for his Mordrake character, Neil Patrick Harris & Husband is supposed to be in this, Heather Langcamp from the Nightmare on Elm street movies made an appearance in the episode that aired on December  10th (I’ll leave it for you to play ‘where’s waldo’ instead of giving you a hint where) Matt Bomer is set to show those beautiful blues of his as well. (If I were his partner.. I don’t think I’d let him leave the house without me!


stars Ioan Groffudd (pronounced as Griffith) who in the show they say is 23  (doesn’t look close to that, 30 or 35 would be more believable unless I misheard..) plays a Medical Examiner in NYC and has lived for I think 250 years (so far). He can’t die no matter how he does, he just wakes up in water. He has an adopted son who is now older than him. Our Immortal isn’t Mr. broody he cracks some jokes and there’s lighthearted parts. I love the way he deduces things, too bad he & Sherlock Holmes (Johnny Lee Miller) from Elementary can’t have a cross over! That would be a freaking fun epiosde or 2! Oh yeah & the actor that plays his son I think is the guy that pays Jeff Goldblum’s dad in Independence day.  Another favorite….Canceled


yes I did watch it just because its the symbol of my zodiac sign; though I was interested in the premise of it. A bit of a twist in a way on the procedural drama. A group of (in lack of a better word) Misfit geniuses is hired by Terminator 2’s ‘Liquid terminator’ to work for the government. I’m sure you have seen the coming attractions if you are in the States at least. In the pilot I think it was they have to keep a plane full of passengers  from crashing, as LAX has some sort of computer virus.  One of my favorites of the year, Must watch live. They even had a cross-over with NCIS:LA so that was cool. The pace is pretty quick and never a dull moment. Toby is the shrink with the kryptonium of gambling and funny man, Sylvester has a photographic memory & math genius but has way too many phobias, ‘Happy’ is a mechanical engineer and Walter I guess is supposed to be the adorable one he may seem robotic but (damn forget her name…) anyway she’s there to help them be more ‘normal’ act more human I guess. Then there’s her son which is a genius himself so they have a little family going and the kid gets to hang with people around his own IQ. A

How to get away with murder

last night (nothing else was on yet) I might keep watching it (or at least free on demand.. which is my version of a dvr & don’t have to pay anything extra!) I love how she says “How to get away with murder” in the commercial it’s so creepy, a few times it gave me a chill. It might take me a bit more time on this one, as the first episode was somewhat an initiation. She has a large class, & she gets a new case and unlike other classes that teach theory etc. It’s baptism by fire. The students have to come up with how to present (defend?) the case and which ever one (if any) bests her’s will be used & likely that student will receive the ‘trophy’ (a statue of lady Justice) as the best in the class (which she says can be used as an immnity from a test at some point) She will also choose 5-6 of the students to work with her as well. Other than that there’s also some thing going on that the students killed someone I think but this is the mystery of the show (so you can watch it with the mythology or just watch from time to time as well) Well that Murder mystery is solved. I saw that coming as to who it was maybe 3 episodes in (if not less) still a great drama I wonder what will happen in the 2nd half of the season


stars Donal Logue, Benjamin MacKenzie,  Jada Pinkette Smith  I’d say all share equal time.

Dark as The Dark Knight, yet you won’t see him other than as a Grade school child. After 3 episodes (as of Monday the 6th) I think it’s starting to pick up and be more interesting. The premier and 2nd episode I wasn’t sure if I like it but it’s starting to grow on me. When I heard Donal would be in the show I groaned, as  his  roles in Vikings, Copper & Sons of Anarchy to put it nicely were butt heads. He was Quinn in Blade years ago & though a ‘villain’ as he was one of the vampires,  he was likable. In Gotham  Donal Louge may be a crooked cop, but this time he’s in the gray  You may like him and you might not, but in ways (even you don’t like him er his character) he is still likable.

Meanwhile his new partner Jim wrestles with his conscious as to go along with his partner’s ways of getting information and taking down the criminals or not.

Family Guy/ Simpsons

1 hour crossover which was fun. I’ve been a simpsons fan since it started though I have been a bad goul as I don’t get to watch it so I have to try with the on demand. I een have a Bart’s guide to life book! some magazines somewhere as well. If you are a Simsons’ fan &/or family guy fan I think You will appreciate it. There’s meta jokes rip offs & I just love stewy & Bart together! I hope someday there can be a reverse crossover where it’s a simpsons episode. The homer & Peter fight was epic quite long & just when yuou think it’s over…. well I’m giving things away (esp. that of what they get into the fight about). a satisfying episode A

Friday Night Lights  review

 Once Upon a time

(what is this season 3 now? for 2014-2015?) – So did Storybrooke get frozen over? Well she arrived, and I don’t want to ruin it, but I want a nice creamy fluffy looking sundae. After Emma finds Maid Marion in the past & brings her back (last seasons finale) will the ‘evil queen’ go back to her old monsterous ways? I enjoyed this episode even though I wasn’t crazy about the movie Frozen. Oh it was so good to see captain hook again! I missesd him so. I wondered how they would work Frozen into the storyline, though I wish they would have worked the storyline in to the episodes that would come maybe before the december hiatus  or the first few when it comes back from the holiday hiatus. Though with the sudden summer weather back for a couple days it was welcome. i’m looking forward to the rest of the storyline. So far so good!

Resurrection (season 2) 

Whoa! Wait I thought he was already though? And now again wait what?

This is becoming Lost proportion mystery (maybe worse). I just hope the creators writers etc don’t lie about what people theorized about Lost .. SPOILER if You have not watched Lost…)  How everyone was all dead & they all denied it …. & some of us ended up disappointed because their denial was  a lie!  I do enjoy the show & I am waiting to find out what is causing these people to come back. 2nd (or was it 3rd) episode and I’m thinking so far that season 2 is going to get really weird. And it has, though not sure if I like the show much. I hope if not the end of this year, they wrap it all up at the end of the 3rd. For me it’s getting old quick.

Penny Dreadful (season 1) –

this I wanted to see but sadly I don’d have showtime so I had to wait for video. Dark Victorian times with Dorian Grey, Victor Frankenstein, the wolfman and more. For those into classic horror I think would get some of the inside mentions and ‘jokes’ . I hope there will be a 2nd season. I was wondering where wolfman was, and had an idea of who it may be but I wasn’t sure. Oh sure NOW he’s out of the closet WHY did we have to wait til the finale?  C

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