April Fools News

Bill and Ted 3 could actually happen  (but what a YAWNER of a title)

Walking Dead FANS helicopter theories

Avengers Fan Theory: Infinity War Secretly Features Multiple Timelines

Possible Origin of TWD Helicopter

CARL’s full letter to rick

Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Will Be Accessible To New Viewers

Recasting the Fantastic Four For the MCU Matt Bomer…Maybe but no. As for Johnny Storm (sorry but you will never do better than Chris Evans)  I suggest maybe Targon Egerton or would Kellan Lutz be ‘too old’ for it? Either that or get unknowns.

‘Hawaii Five-0’: Alex O’Loughlin reveals the most difficult actor on his directorial debut

Ernest Cline By the Book

Godsmack’s new album will be out April 27


‘The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan Brought Some Negan To ‘Rampage



Posts coming this week

Movie-Ready Player One


Book-Streams of Silver


Empire Infinity War Covers

New ‘Deadpool 2’ Trailer Officially Announces X-Force

‘Deadpool 2’ Trailer Confirms Terry Crews Plays X-Force’s Bedlam

Kevin Smith Has Lost 20 Pounds Since His Heart Attack Through A New Diet

Spielberg vowed not to include his own movies in ‘Ready Player One’ — his crew did anyway

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (AKA Negan) says it would be the “thrill of a lifetime” to be Batman – here’s why it could happen

as long as he does it with a little Negan swagger, cause Batman needs an upgrade in personality, wait he NEEDS a personality


Was Shane right about Rick?

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Avengers Infinity War    *    The Terror * Grizzly

Trying to get a classic cut out


Happy 2018 NEWs Year

yeah I know it’s cheesy but I need to figure out a way to sort one year from another.


To start I hope your New year has been good so far and if not I do hope it gets better. I have been proofreading one of my articles and editing for it to be the first article of the year (I hope) I also hope to get back to working on my Classic Cuts series. The idea is to have one per month but I do also have to re-watch the movie (or at least a few episodes of a television series) I do have some I am in the progress of working on.

I have updated the Movie Calendar on the Silver Screen page in the menu. I am still working on when some shows will premier if it’s during the mid-season which we are in now, or if they will come back in the spring or summer (for instance iZombie and Originals, as well as dates for summer shows like Shooter, Animal Kingdom and I know Game of Thrones won’t be back until 2019!!!)


Looking for a book to read here’s some of the best of 2017

Top 15 Horror Movies of 2017 (and 5 Disappointments)

as if Bruce Banner isn’t scary enough as the big green guy, but NOW we have….. HULKverine

Ernest Cline is working on a sequel to Ready Player one

Horror Movies that will Blow everyone away in 2019

WWE MixMatch Challenge on Facebook   (but WHY not do them on Raw and Smackdown?)

ANIMANIACS come to HULU as a REBOOT    (as long as they are not CG creations and it’s as zany is the previous I’m fine with it)


Carl’s Fate on Walking Dead  yeah it was probably decided as soon as he said he was going to college

what a few classic movies might look like if they were rebooted today:


Most Anticipated 2018 Movies

How the Rosanne set was recreated

Avengers Chris Evans & Don Cheadle have funny spat over Fantasy Football


News 19 and Gift Guide Insert

So I’m back, with a new laptop so hopefully I can get more done, once I get the email read and reviews typed up.

While working on this news issue, a few days after thanksgiving I thought “you know I should set up a gift giving guide”. With this being published on the 30th, I’m not sure if I should as to me it’s a little late. I don’t just shop for the holidays in one month I do so through the year. To me gift giving guides should be published maybe starting in September or the end of October. So here I will make an abbreviated guide for what you may not be watching, but should be. I would like your suggestions as well. But before we get to the Gift Guide Its Here!!


A Quick Gift Giving guide

all Links are to Amazon pages for the product noted.


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6 News

Arrow: Manu Bennett Will Return as Deathstroke Despite the Actor’s Public Denial

Worst Main Characters from TV shows


Big little lies

Major Villain from Doctor Who past returning to series?

Deathstroke returning to Arrow


Why Guillermo del Toro is not directing Pacific Rim 2

New Game of Thrones character posters 

Venom Movie Listed As Horror-Science Fiction

Power Rangers Cast Lobbying For Green Ranger To Be Female WHY Not the black or Blu Rangers??

5 Action Movies That Deserve A TV Reboot

And the Next James bond is… My Vote is for Tom but I’m still PRO-CAVIL


Justice League Trailer Proves Marvel’s Superior Strategy
The Walking Dead’s Ross Marquand Nails Hilarious Movie Impressions With A Twist
Spider-Man: Homecoming – Official Trailer #2 Teaser [HD]

News 5

Here’s Everything Leaving Netflix In April

 Coming to Netflix in April

The Dark Tower

The Matrix Rebooted 

David Boreanaz looks back on 12 seasons of ‘Bones’

Netflix Unveils Release Date For Live Action Death Note Film

Tom Hardy Drama ‘Taboo’ Renewed For Season 2 By BBC One & FX

Deathstroke talks training

I accidentally came across this  on my Paper.li  (the link is on my twitter profile @kymoDragon)

Zombieland Writers Offer Status Update For Sequel


Marvel Reveals New Hydra High Council

The Words That Made Thor Unworthy Have Been Revealed

WWE Hardy Boys fans

The Walking Dead Star Shares Mind-Blowing Series Finale Theory

New Photo Showcases Kurt Russell’s EGO In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2



Happy 2016


For my fellow metal heads.. I’m sure already heard of Motorhead’s  Lemmy Passing on

I am hoping to do an memorial post likely it will include this Obituary

George R.R. Martin Confirms ‘Winds Of Winter’ Novel Won’t Be Ready Before ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 Begins

George RR Martin missed a crucial deadline

Independence Day: Resurgence trailer 

Point BReak star Luke Bracey on the new stunts

The Walking Dead Tops 2015 TV And Social Media Nielsen Lists

Smashing New Teaser Drops for “Omen” Sequel Series, “Damien”

James Cameron Confirms Christmas 2017 Target For “Avatar 2”

Fans won’t be disappointed in number of characters in Infinity war

What Horror Icon inspired the look of Krampus

Which Arrow Supporting Characters We Want To See On Legends […]                                                                                                                                                                                                             

misadventures of Grumpy cat and pokey nears 100,000 sellout!!!

Mark Ruffalo Reveals The Real Reason For No More Marvel Cinematic Universe “Hulk” Films

Stephen Amell Wins WWE Slammy Award, Stardust Steals Trophy

RUMOR: Which Justice League Characters Are (and Aren’t) in “Batman v Superman”

Seriously Already?!?!? Peter Capaldi Says This Could Be His Last Year On “Doctor Who”


Yeah it’s almost here 

Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Destroys Monday Box Office Record

WATCH: “Lucifer” First Look Tries To Redeem The Devil

The Legends Of Tomorrow Get Weird In The Seventies 


     Fans Won’t Be Disappointed In Number Of Characters In Avengers: […]          

Check Out These Modern Movies With Classic VHS Covers                

Watch Deadpool & Weasel Tease New Film Trailer – And Break the Fourth Wall                                                                                                                    

 Create your own star wars opening crawl!!!