The Pacifier

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2005 PG  action/ Comedy     Vin Diesel, Brittany Snow, Lauren Graham, Max Thieriot,Brad Garrett ,Carol Kane

Vin Diesel plays a Navy Seal who becomes a body guard to the children of Government scientist Tate Plummer. His enemies are looking for his new program ‘Ghost’.

The kids are a mess when Vin’s Shane Wolfe shows up.


The Oldest son and daughter are always late, or missing classes. The baby is always throwing up on the nanny whose accent kills me when she says Max Thieriot’s  Seth “Walks like Dracula”

Oh yeah and there’s the pet mallard duck, which is a trip. Almost makes me want a duck for a pet. Wolfe gets the kids in shape by giving them the discipline they need at home and in school. The older daughter is up for getting her driving test, but she has been skipping classes. 

Seth is skipping wrestling, and Wolfe needs to figure out a way to change the baby’s diapers. Helping the younger daughter and her Fire Fly group with some cubs scout like troop of bullies.

If only all parents could be like Vin’s bodyguard. Of course being a family movie, everything works out in the end, then there’s that bonus for the guys of the family with the action and the end save.

I couldn’t believe that was Max compared to now, I actually had to look it up.

I thought this was a cute movie but I remember it not doing well.


F8 of the Furious

Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson, Tyreese Gibson, Ludacris, Michelle Rodriguez, Jason Statham, Elsa Ptaky,

So in this one Dom flip on his family or so seem and plays the villain’s sidekick, though Diesel is no sidekick.  But what would, could make Toretto tur on his own family?

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Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2


2017  PG13 2:15  Blu-ray   Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, Zoe Saldana, Kurt Russell,Zoe Saldana, Batista

I went to see King Arthur aka Charlie Hunnam in the theater instead of this. I’m glad I paid to watch Hunnam and not this. (not to mention I also rented and watched King Arthur Legend of the Sword again before getting this) I still like the other movie better, shame it had to be against a Marvel movie.

Baby Groot breaks it down with an amusing dance number around some creature with a very toothy grin, tentacles, and wait was that…confetti breath?!?!

Star-lord…meet ‘egg’ lord and did I just see HOWARD THE DUCK?!

The ship that comes out of the egg looking ship, looks like some dental mold, that takes the impression of your teeth. man is Ego’s planet pretty but it is no Pandora. Oh and Rooker’s character and that Arrow… Too bad Stephen Amell’s Arrow doesn’t get his own Rooker fin-hawk.

Rocket and the rest of their faces when they jump through space.

I think Quill just outdid Roman Reigns’ Superman punch (you’ll get it when you see it… Pac punch?)

Rocky ‘not raccoon’ cameo

and I’m not one who likes Independence Day because of the fireworks (I don’ mind watching them, don’t want to be around them, most of the time they just don’t impress me and most of all I can’t take the noise.) But these are some Hela pretty ‘fireworks’

Watch ALL the credits there are many Groots! How many are there in all (I lost count)

Yondu’s new ‘hair’ gives him a Unicorn profile

rental special features has a Gag reel on it.


This wasn’t as good as the first one (chalk it up to a sophomore slump, or just a bad story?)

There’s only 3 parts of this movie I remember maybe 4 and I think I have already mentioned them all, oh and then there’s the part toward the end but don’t want to risk ruining it.


but if you already have a Marvel Library going you can order your format here

xXx: Return of Xander Cage

2017  PG-13  blu-ray  1:47 Vin Diesel, Samuel L. Jackson, Nina Dobrev, Donnie Yen, Toni Collette

                                         Kris Wu  Ruby Rose  Deepika Padukone

I like the opening ‘space’ scene and the bit in the Chinese restaurant with Gibbons trying to recruit some guy (at the end of the movie shows he’s some soccer star) but showed a ‘stats’ card that said he thought he was being recruited by the Avengers.

Now there’s a cool stunt.. ‘flipping off bullets’ onto a bike might beat Winter Soldier’s grabbing the bike out from under the rider..  but I’m not really sure on that. I’ll go with a tie. Now wait… skiing …without snow… in a forest…I mean I know they ‘snowboard’ on sand dunes but with all the rocks etc that would be in a forest would that even work? I’m going to just chalk this one up to Hollywood imagery.

Now THIS was freaking cool he goes from BMX dirt bike to a …errr… SKI Bike!!! or do we call it a surf bike WTF should that be called! but whatever I’d LOVE to try it!

Oh Forget Xander can we get a spin-off of the Green haired sniper?  (for some reason she reminds me of that 90s Aeon Flux cartoon)

What should be the meaty part of the movie, with not only story with a minor and a major stunt and action work …ends up a disappointment.

Just as said… gridlocked traffic (lol) ok so maybe they saved some budget that would have been used for at least a fight in act 2, for Xander going fast and furious!  Ugh the corny ass chick pose shooting, really I thought we were past that  Charlies Angels crap!!! (where’s the feminists bitching about that?!!?!?!)

‘The Mouth Problem’  (not gonna ruin that) and we get a surprise I didn’t expect to show! WOW for once something in an action movie is actually kept on the DL  although I do say they do show too many stunts etc in the trailers, and with this one not having as much as I remember in the original (though I could be wrong.. I haven’t re-watched that in years)

I will say one way the original is better than this one… the sound track! The original one had a 2 -in-one a disk for the rockers and one for the hip hop/rap fans. 

I can’t even find an actual soundtrack.. just ‘Music from the motion picture’ which from reading the titles is actually the score (being it’s not music made by different artists and bands)

I thought it was going to be total crap like certain other reboots that have happened but it wasn’t too bad, I might even consider putting it in my library with the original





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The Last Witch Hunter

2015  PG-13 1:47  Blu-ray      Action Adventure Fantasy         Vin Diesel,  Michael Caine,  Rose Leslie, Elijah Wood

A powerful coven bent on destroying humans aims to unleash  a horrific plague on New York City. It’s up to Vin Diesel’s Witch Hunter, a priest and a good hearted witch to curb the plan.

Wow wait… did I just see them go down a tunnel in the split of the tree?

There’s a truce that so long as witches did not use magic against humans, they would not be incarcerated. Kaulder is the Witch hunter who’s life has come to an immortal full circle, what he once killed he will have to again after a dark witch conjures one of the 3 most powerful witches ever.

The story was pretty thin , not entertaining, nor thrilling actually the only thing remotely funny (or so I got a chuckle out of it) was Michael Caine’s line about “Do that with a iPad”

I think I’m at the point where if Vin isn’t playing Dom Toretto… I don’t dig his character. He didn’t have (or get to have) any swagger in this maybe a  micro bit but is wasn’t enough to even help the movie.




after the dreaded plague starts to recede

Furious 7

2015 PG-13 2:08 starring Vin Diesel, Paul Walker

Michelle Rodriguez, Tyreese Gibson, Ludacris, Dwayne Johnson Kurt Russel

Torettos crew of racers return to the u.s. to settle down but Declare is out for revenge. His brother left from fighting for his life in a hospital bed.

WAIT what kind of car has Neptune’s Trident as its emblem? I’ve never seen that before.


“They say we live in the hearts we leave behind…”

“I was reading your files and really impressed with your team; but meeting them, now…you truly have a gift”- Russell’s agent

A fave moment was the crew in Russell’s team’s workshop and s#!+ how do you top the tank stunt screen from last movie? Hint..(I’m singing) free fallin. A+ on that!

I think theres more cars in this movie than the past ones. As usual one giant car commercial!

I kept getting anxious in parts as i had forgotten that production had ended before Paul’s accident happened, so the part with the convoy had me freaking out and a couple others. Happy to say his character gets a happy ending and was classy,tho I think doing more movies wouldnt be.

Statham and Diesel fight…” What tools”😆

Can’t they do a spin-off with Ludacris and Tyreese? If i watch the movies beyond this one it would just be for their comedic refrain.

Great fight. Paul walker vs. Martial arts assassin “too slow” guy

“Woman i am the calvary” -the rock

Forget the name if that rare car in abu dabi but that was intense.

Paul’s Last scene (and the mock up of him) abd the look back on some scenes from the previous movies along with the song written for the movie after his death made me start crying.

I didn’t want to see the movie and tried to out it off as long as possible as imknewnits Paul’s last and thought I probably wouldnt be able to enjoy it with a geavy heart.

There were some parts i enjoyed Even tho i believe they were in the trailer i watched maybe once or twice, as i boycotted trailers after seeing them once or twice, cause they just make me sick of the movie
(like what i am currently experiencing with batman vs superman…over shown. even though i have ignored it, i hear it every commercial break it seems. so even trying to avoid trailers that may show too much…hearing them
Too often doesnt help at the point i dont think i want to see it so ben as bat boy is the first strike (basevall not bowling)
Against and now this

I alsobdidnt mind the rock in it this time and the stunts topped those of the past. I felt indifferent while watching with a bleeding heart for paul so a B but likely an A if tradgedy had not put a damper on watching