10pm (est)   NBC  stars Clive Standen (Vikings)  Jennifer Beals , Gaius Charles   (IMDB)

Taken the tv series is a prequel to the movie series, that made Liam Neeson an action star in his mid-50s.

Its  the origin story of Liam Neeson’s Taken movie character Bryan Mills. to which we meet at 35 years of age, a former  green beret and yes ladies the character is single!  Although it’s a genesis series depicting the evolution of the character, it does take place in present time, and how the hero became the hero, before he had the full ‘particular set of skills’

Star Clive Standen a martial arts master who is best known as Rollo in the History series Vikings first had to shed some of his bulk of Rollo’s 220 pounds before filming.

Besides the trailers I was able to see the opening scene before the premier of the show, and between the two it looked like it was worth a watch (even if you are not in Vikings withdrawal) and a good action show. The first movie was pretty cool but then there were the sequels.

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I thought to give this a try even though I’m not big on procedural shows, if you’d call this that. To me there are already too many cop dramas on in various forms and I normally save mine for Wednesday & Friday nights, in Lethal Weapon and Hawaii 5-0. That later for me is a 1 hour vacation of beautiful landscapes and I don’t have to pay to travel for.  I like the 5-0  chemistry, especially Dan-O and McGerrit they crack me up when they start to argue. There’s also the chemistry of Lethal Weapon’s characters, and like Hawaii 5-0 its not all seriousness. Yes they are very similar and why

I gave a chance to APB, because I wanted to see what it would be like with the cutting edge technology in it. Would it be full drama, or would we have some funny moments like with Hawaii 5-0 and Lethal Weapon.

As far as the first episode goes,  there was the drama of Precinct 13 not having the funding they need to do their jobs so it’s an incredibly bad area. Billionaire Gideron buys the precinct, and when the APB app comes out, the war on crime takes a turn in the cops direction.

(why isn’t there an app like this in real life? I mean you can’t always make a verbal call, especially when a text won’t get you shot! Just make sure you put your phone on silent mode  if they haven’t seen you yet!)


Wow those cops fight great! They don’t fight like the cops on any other show, that looked like there was some martial arts thrown in. Oh yea and fast choreography. So we not only have some cool fast fight scenes, chase scenes as well.  I do like those jackets but I thought they were fully bullet proof.  Also they look a lot more comfortable and moveable in.

After watching a few weeks  (it takes the time slot of Lucifer which I think had its season finale) I find the angle of the technology in it interesting.

Its a crime of the week sort so I wouldn’t call it binge worthy, but should definitely watch the first 3-4 episodes.





the CW Invasion ~ Heroes vs Aliens

Based on the 1988 comic book miniseries Invasion! event from Keith Giffen, Bill Mantlo, Todd McFarlane, and Bart Sears, the plot of the story is The Dominators descended on Earth to bring an end to the “threat” of Earth’s burgeoning meta-human community.

So Supergirl kicks the whole thing off, however I don’t think I qualify it as cross over material. We just get what turns out to be a few time holes that pop into this scene or that and at the end (like the last 30 seconds…literally!) Barry and Sisco show up . For me that’s just a Supergirl episode, now if they had popped in half way through and participated more in the epiosde I would consider that a cross over. So as far as her episode goes, I’m not happy with it. If this were still on CBS I would chalk it up to that but sadly for me Barry and Sisco feel like they were just added to the story at the end and of course the time holes too. 

I will be re-watching the shows but this one I won’t as I do not recall anything in it having to do with the Aliens (aside from Supergirl herself and Mon-El)


I hope the Flash’s entry into the crossover event will be better.

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Kindred: The Embraced

Complete Vampire Collection Disk #2 (via    1996 4 episodes (4 hours)

C. Thomas Howell, Mark Frankel, Channon Roe,Kelly Rutherford

This was recommended to me by a friend in England. I rented it from Netflix on DVD sadly, they only had disk 2.

When I first herd the title of this I thought of the role playing game, Vampire The Masquerade but so far have not heard one mention to it or anything similar (not that I played but at least knew of it and little about it)

5 secret vampire clans who clash among themselves and mortals battle to rule San Francisco. The leader ‘Prince of the city’ Julian Luna (that sounds more like a werewolf surname than vampire) fights to keep his title.

The first episode was Live Hard, Die Young and Leave a good looking corpse

Ivan Sergei guest stars as some rock star named Zane and my Lost Boys addled mind sees way too many similarities between this episode and the movie. He sort of reminds me of a cross between Lost Boys  Jason Patrick’s character Michael Emerson and Queen of the Damned’s Stuart Townsend. (Only I think Townsend portrayed the rockstar image better) Wait did he just mention something about Jim Morrison? What the hell? Why does he always seem to be mentioned in or is somehow portrayed as a vampire? (Hello Queen of the Damned, The big Poster of Morrison in Lost Boys…Might have to look into that more)

Zane turns some girl against her will which threatens ‘The masquerade’  well there it is! definitely based on the RPG! But there ARE more than 5 clans in the game. There’s some clan name dropping (Toredor,Ventrue, Bruja) And they drop names Morrison, Cobaine (really Kurt Cobaine as a vampire?? I’ll have to ponder that a bit, yeah I guess he had the looks for it)

Humans seeem to know about them, or at least the cop. Channon Roe who plays Cash from the Gangrel clan looks more wolfish than vampire to me. Regardless he’s pegged to be a supernatural character as he already played a dark lighter in the (original) Charmed series (yes word is they are rebooting that too! but will be a prequel set in 1976)

Another few episodes..

The Rise and Fall of Eddie Fiori – The leader of the Bruja tries to take over the Masqurade

Bad Moon Rising – a member of Nosfratu clan steals a human’s baby for a ritual to regain their powers

Cabin in the Woods- The Prince of vampires goes with his reporter girlfriend to some cabin, she ends up finding out about the surpernatural world.

Get the DVD via amazon

Notes:  Asimites are chemeleons or shape shifters    Toredor are the artists


You can find more about Vampires here   (and I am trying to work on something for the RPG as well)

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& The Kindred The Embraced Wiki







Demons (tv)

2009  TV   Crackle (app)  English Mini series .. Christian Cooke ,Holliday Grainger, Zoë Tapper,Philip Glenister         IMDBpage

Luke is a teen or college student and comes to find out he’s the last Van Helsing. No not as in Stoker’s version but the real deal.

I like the theme song, it’s a bit catchy but not as much as the one for Buffy the vampire slayer which this is somewhat that premise. There’s less of a ‘scooby-gang’ though you could say there’s a ‘Giles’ (which was her Watcher)

Philip Glenister plays the would be ‘Giles’ (almost looks like him) Rupert Galvin who knew Luke’s dad, and has watched over Luke through the years. He’s the one that will train him though he and Mina (Zoe Tapper) keep too much from him. No Luke doesn’t help much as he goes to school, and tries to keep his social life.

Mina is blind but somehow find the books to research etc. Luke and Ruby have been friends since grade 4  and she is does or is starting to fancy him as more so. She’s the only one that learns of his Slayer secret.

In this they call the supernatural beings ‘Half-lifes’  and you ” just grade and smite them”. For instance i the episode ‘Suckers ‘ yep you guessed it, Vampires they are a type 12 (on and man is the master AWFUL at bowling) Oh and that ‘Zippy’ character won’t ruin it. but I was cracking up.

Also we get a little bit of Shakespearian Insults (well sort of) Galvin calling (I think it was) Thrip a ‘Festering plug of Drain slime”  honestly I wish more shows and movies had insults like that. (at least that way you don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the insult.


Exorcist (tv)

2016     Fox   Horror Thriller

Geena Davis,Alfonso Herrera,Ben Daniels,Hannah Kasulka,Brianne Howey,Alan Ruck


I am lacking in what to say about this. I’ve watched 3 or 4 episodes now (if not more) and like the movie I guess this is a slow burn, either that or its actual crap.

I don’t find any characters to be likable except the girl that is possessed when she’s a being rude or evil. So far unlike other movie to tv series (ahem lethal weapon) this one is at the bottom and not even at the basement level more like subbasement, (for now)

so far the only thing worth watching for is how they can push the shock boundaries and grosss outs. I don’t think I would be surprised if it gets canceled but will if  it gets another season. Geena Davis is almost forgetful as the possessed girl’s mother, however I do feel like she’s hiding something, which  is reveled I thnk in the 5th or 6th episode.

 The gore and violence of the end of the 2nd or 3rd episode on the train, I was surprised they got away with on fox!!

Catch up with Amazon Video here     or get the Complete Anthology



USA, Tuesdays   Conspiracy Thriller, action,  Drama  stars   Ryan Phillippe,  Omar Epps,  Shantel VanSanten, & Eddie McClintock, Image result for shooter tv


This 1- hour USA series  based on the Mark Wahlberg movie of the same name is executive Produced by Wahlberg and produced by Phillippe as well as plays former and Highly decorated Marine  Bob Lee Swagger.

Our introduction in the pilot is  a lesson

A bullet can kill you 3 ways.

1- Extremities- miss a major artery and bleed out in 10-20 minutes

2- Tens- Center chest, bullet tumbles, splintering bone, the heart or arteries may get hit and blood Pressure drops

3- the Kill shot- Middle of the skull any angle and like a marionette with the strings cut, you’re dead before your brain can register what’s happened.

I particularly appreciated him sticking it to the hunters, however I would have used their own traps on them. (I may not be vegan but  1. I don’t think I could ever harm a forest animal even if my life depended on it. 2. If you are trapping to hunt you are a COWARD. 3. My father who used to hunt when I was younger, I may not have liked it; but at least he would eat it and if we didn’t have enough room in the freezer he’d share the meat with family & friends.  4.  hunting with a Bow or gun… at least it’s a ‘sporting chance’ which is the idea of a hunt. I think a bow is much more honorable as it is what our forefathers used along with spears for hunting. 5. I prefer the way the Natives do it, what they hunt and kill… They use everything, the meat, skin etc.

Ok with my stance on that… I can get to the actual plot of the show.

The president is supposedly threatens by some Chechen named Solatov who is a sniper that can hit his mark from 3/4 of a mileshooter-scout away. So Bob’s former Captain,  Isaac Johnson who is part of the President’s Secret Service hire’s him to scout the area where  the attack may come from. This is just a cover for a scheme that Issac has hatched along with Jack Payne (McClintock) in framing Swagger. But why? Is  Issac a traitor to his country, and some sort of spy  (for the Russians or who?)

The show passes by quickly, so far well  told as far as the story goes. I’d say this is a winner even if it’s not your preferred Genre.


(more info on IMDB)

You can order or watch the movie Here on Amazon Video  or  Just catch up on the show