The Deep

2012   NR    1:25  Foreign


So I’m watching the movie reading the sub titles and one of the guys says “Did you watch Jaws”  which had me cracking up. Not sure why but I guess part of me thought they were going to start singing.

The movie is based on a true story of the will one man had to survive the frigid waters for 6 hours  through the rolling water in the black of night getting tossed around in mother nature’s washing machine then beaten against the rocks of the Fjord after the Icelandic fishing trawler he was on,sank.

Physicians do batteries of tests, and he’s heralded as a hero.

Mot for all, it was interesting and if you can take reading the subtitles (I just prefer watching that way.. Listening in English and seeing peoples mouths move off the track just bugs me.)


Deepwater Horizon


2016, PG-13,  blu-ray,  1:47  directed by Peter Bergsstars  Mark Wahlberg, Kate Hudson, Kurt Russel, John Malkovich,  Gina Rodriguez, Brad Leland

Based on true events of the April 20th 2010  BP Deepwater  oil rig. The drama recounts the horrific experience of the crew of 126 on board and the courage that saved many lives. All due to the inept executives who want to save a few bucks by not keeping up maintenance on the rig.

Loved the daughter in this for the short time we got to see her in the beginning. I give her presentation an A+!  Makes me miss kicking butt in my grade school Science fairs! (never got to do a volcano like I wanted but what I did always seemed to get an A and an A+ anyway!)

John Malkovich and Brad Leland play the dips who basically cause the Big Problem  spill.

This was an interesting telling of what happened  in the moments of the accident all due to greedy ignorant incompetant Executives that never listen to their underlings. (Serves your asses  right when you lose money)

it took ( I think I heard) 11 lives and The spill lasted 87 days  (doing who knows what to the aquatic life)  I forget did any of these people go to jail?



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Black Mass

2015, R,  Drama, True Story,

Joel Edgerton, Johnny Depp, Jesse Plemons, Will Arnett  & many others


This drama recounts the  story of Whitey Bulger a notorious Boston Gangster who, to get rid of his rivals turns mob informant  (talk about eliminating the competition) eluding authorities for over 15 years while facing imminent indictment and was finally arrested in 2011.

As far as the Boston accent(s) go (and I’m basing it on what I hear from Mark Wahlberg & family as well as Sully Erna of Godsmack)  the actors did a good job. Johnny Depp  is just horror movie freaky looking to me and when they were int he 1970’s man did Joel’s charater’s kitchen bring back memories of the apartment I spent the first quarter of my life in with the wallpaper.

It was pretty cool but for a ‘gangster/mob’ like movie…it wasn’t as violent as I thought it would be  Not that it has to be though, but going into watching something I normally wouldn’t  try to prepare myself for things I may not like or might offend most (its super hard to do that with me)

I think there’s a bit of it I was lost on not sure why but if that didn’t happen I might have given it a slightly higher score.


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