News 19 and Gift Guide Insert

So I’m back, with a new laptop so hopefully I can get more done, once I get the email read and reviews typed up.

While working on this news issue, a few days after thanksgiving I thought “you know I should set up a gift giving guide”. With this being published on the 30th, I’m not sure if I should as to me it’s a little late. I don’t just shop for the holidays in one month I do so through the year. To me gift giving guides should be published maybe starting in September or the end of October. So here I will make an abbreviated guide for what you may not be watching, but should be. I would like your suggestions as well. But before we get to the Gift Guide Its Here!!


A Quick Gift Giving guide

all Links are to Amazon pages for the product noted.


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News 8 – May Day

Ok so I thought I had published this already (or at least had it scheduled) but then again I have not been on the computer much this week. Really just on the Kindle and I don’t like working on the blogs on that.

Anyway Happy Late Mothers day to all of you and In case I don’t get another news post out before hand, I hope you have a happy Memorial day weekend

Arrow’s Stephen Amell get’s his wish!! He will be on American Ninja Warrior May 25th 



Did Lego Just Spoil Another Superhero Movie By Releasing Its ‘Justice League’ Toy Set Early?

Marvels Inhuman’s come to life

Dark Tower trailer and POsters


Game of Thrones could get 4 spin-offs 

THE THING board Game

avengers infinity war harry potter hogwarts durham


travis-fimmel-named-2016-most-handsome-australian-actor-vikings-season-5-alum-beats-out-chris-hemsworth-hugh-jackman maybe NOW he’ll be in the Sexist Man issue?!!?!?


Rosanne Revival

Game of Thrones  Who has a Valerian Steel?

Gal Gadot: ‘Of course’ Wonder Woman is a feminist


Early On Thursday the 18th the news came out Lead singer of Chris Cornell lead singer of Grunge rock band SoundGarden, Audioslave and was even part of Temple of the Dog   (and that ‘Jesus Christ Pose’ was found dead.

Later on that night I came across an article it said it was an apparent suicide


Maggie’s Plan

2015  R  1:38  Romantic Comedy Drama,

** Greta Gerwig, Travis Fimmel, Ethan Hawke,Bill Hader,Maya Rudolph,Julianne Moore

Maggie’s plan to have a child on her own, is derailed when after choosing her sperm donor she meets the man of her dreams.

Ethan Hawke plays John, the married man she falls in love with, whose own marriage to Julianne Moore’s Georgette (I forget what she does as far as work) but she’s colder than the Arctic on a winter day, and is a busy body, hardly any time for the kids let alone paying attention to them. No wonder why he’s straying.

Maggie’s plan in itself was a waste of time in her life as she ends up marrying John, has his kid, and the marrige starts to mirror he old one!  She gets bored  and falls out of love with him and gets him back with his wife. There’s a nice twist at the end during the ice skating but you do need to listen for it and the one she should have been with all along shows just in time! Sequel?? it’s open enough for one. If so I think there will be more of Travis Fimmel which yes I watched only to see him play this pickle entrepreneur. Which was you could say quirky I guess. If Travis weren’t in it I wouldn’t have even bothered watching it.



Preview & watch via youtube or  rent or purchase on Amazon



warcraft-poster1The Basics

WarCraft  (The Beginning) is based on Blizzard Entertainment’s online universe,  World of WARCRAFT

Official UK site

Get Warcraft free when you see it in a REGAL cinema theater

directed by Duncan Jones (@Manmademoon)

Production: Legendary Pictures, Blizzard Entertainment and Atlas Entertainment production  & Released by Universal Pictures.

Which side do you fight on? click thumbnail to choose

Genre: Epic action Fantasy (with a sprinkling of wit)


warcraft-horde Rob Kazinsky as the Horde’s Ogrim DoomHammer, Toby Kebbel as Durotan,Clancy Brown as Blackhand, , and Daniel Wu as Gul’Dan, with Paula Patton’s Garona

‘Warcraft’: Check out a Side-by-Side Comparison of the Actors and Their Orcs

warcraft-alliance    Dominick Cooper as King Llane Wrynn Travis Fimmel as the Alliance’s Anduin Lothar Ben Foster as Medivh, Ben Schnetzer as Khadgar, and Ruth Negga as Lady Taria More on IMDB


In the epic 3d fantasy saga where war has many faces and everyone fights for something,
the peaceful realm of Azeroth faces an impending war when a Horde of orc warriors flee their dying home in search of colonizing another. Two heroes from opposite sides will collide on what will decide the fates of their families,people and home.

I am surprised that the UK gets an earlier release by 2 weeks to a month theirs being Monday May 30th  2016 and the  US release date I heard is supposed to be June 10th.. but the article I read about this in said June 30th 2016.

Here’s the original WARCRAFT trailer announcement from June 2015 and somewhat a video preview  

Why you will root for both the Alliance and the Horde in warcraft  * Why Ogrim is Warcraft’s biggest and baddest rawler

Welcome to the War room

I have also included assorted News, reviews, and Videos

below leading up to the release (so wish I knew a way to just make a grid so you could choose which of the videos you’d prefer to watch instead of the way they are here)

So will it break the videogame to movie adaptation curse?

There were a couple of witty bits of dialog like  a moment in the beginning I liked between Dorotan & a very pregnant Drakka  which shows we don’t have just an epic fantasy but one that will be lighthearted at times as well.

Did the trailers show too much?  For me this is a big thing, as they can ruin a movie or shall I say make it do you don’t have to see it in the theater cause most of the time they show too much. The Warcraft trailer(s) there was plenty but at the same time not much, so this one is more yes and no.

As far as watching this vs HBO’s Game of Thrones, I’d say there are  maybe as many players and places to keep track of but thankfully I don’t need a map to keep track of everyone in this movie.

I stared in wide eyed childlike amazement  at Storm wind and the rest of Azeroth. As it is a big screen, video game adaptation

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Vikings Mid-season 4 postmortem

Have Withdrawal symptoms yet? Last week I sadly had nothing to watch at 9 or 10  (other than a couple of Netflix movies, thankfully)

Here’s a round-up of  articles and reviews from the Mid-season finale… unfortunately we won’t get the 2nd half until the fall?!?!!?!?  COME ON! I can understand maybe a month or 2 between but you can’t at least start it in July or August?! GAH! Why not just give us an episode a month of the remaining

If you want to read my review of the show in full  then by all means

   Vikings Raid!


So what did you think of the season 4 mid-season finale? What were you expecting, did it happen or were you disappointed?

IF you didn’t watch the mid-season finale yet.. then please

spoiler alert


I thought the fight between the brothers would be a fight to the death (as I I know bein as 1. Ragnar & Rollo were not really brothers  and 2 Rollo either outlived him  or came after him regardless I know Ragnar’s time it counting down. Plus a article asked if it could be Ragnar’s (Travis Fimmel’s) last season on the show as Ragnar could possibly die this season… I thought it would come in the midseason finale…. but thank goodness I get some more time and we can maybe see him interact with his now adult sons Alex Høgh Andersen  who plays Ivar Marco Ilsø as Hvitserk (I think I heard them say the name once or twice so I am still ot sure how to pronunciate it) and the last one I would swear is actually related to Travis Fimmel, to me he could be a younger doppelganger! When Jordan Patrick Smith as Ubbe turned around when all the brothers were together outside I nearly fell off my bed. I thought I saw Travis from the first season then the brain caught up to the eyes and still gasped Holy Braided…



Ragnar not finished raiding and exploring

Interview: Katheryn Winnick and Clive Standen Talk Vikings Season 4

Vikings Gets a Fifth Season and Adds Jonathan Rhys Meyers


‘Vikings’ Season 4 Midseason Finale Review: ‘The Last Ship’


mid-season finale Its Victory or Death for Rollo

Vikings mid-season finale: Clive Standen talks Rollo’s big showdown


Katheryn Winnick & CliveStanden Interview


Titan Comics VIKINGS series  was originally supposed to release on April 6th, then it was pushed back I was told to the 20th and now again but thankfully Rollo Actor Clive Standen posted it is now to be released on the 27th (it better!)

‘Vikings’ Renewed For Season 5; Creator Michael Hirst Talks Series Finale – Movie News Guide

Vikings Raid!!

So How do you like THAT for an entrance?
Yes  last Season is long over, but I realized that I had not written a review for it any of them previous (even though I did not have a blog then) so this is  part preview for season 4 and (hopefully) 3 parts review for past seasons. This post will serve as the main Vikings ‘page’ for reviews on this blog.

Actually I just noticed, that is not fully true as looking in my archives again I did find a couple of Vikings related posts:

vikings-season 1 & 2 review * and something of a preview  tv-tuesdays-24-days-til-we-raid/

Historically accurate?

Vikings series logoYes and no.  It’s as accurate as can be with what we know.

NO they did not wear horned Helmets.

Were there really Berserkers? (AS in Bear or bare) Yes.. (in both regards) Rollo is one of those berserkers or in his care BARE warriors.  Berserkers would get worked up into such a frenzy that they went ‘bear-zerk’  (Once I get my Norse page fixed up I will likely link back to iZi Approved TV seriest here)

However here’s a not so surprising fact… Ragnar and Rollo were not really brothers. This was a creative liberty taken to tell the sagas of both Ragnar and Rollo. The cast has said themselves, if you do not want anything spoiled for you, then do not read the viking sagas.

I have always loved Norse mythology, Vikings and curious about the culture. As far as my research and studies on Vikings and the Norse culture, the show for the most part is quite accurate. It’s all the comic Hagar the horrible’s fault we think vikings had horned helmets, well that and Opera. They did use drinking horns though.Binge worthy

While re-reading a review by In Harsh Light  (in the link below) I am reminded they did (Thankfully) mention that Christianity has Pagan roots (and yet they say not to cheat, lie & steal… and what did they do?) and the reviewer (even though I already know) mentions it is historical fact.

If you’d like to watch the 2015 Comic con panel (or missed it in an earlier post)   you can watch it here

10 Reasons why Vikings is so Badass

Reviewing Vikings

Season 1 starts off in 793 in the East Baltic sea  and is supposed to have the theme of strength in it. In short this season Ragnar, Rollo, & a young Bjorn journey to ‘The Thing’ (an assembly) the viking version of a parliament. Laws are made,  complaints are made, punishments are doled out  and planing raids & a lot of drinking. Ragnar procures a way to sail west and has Floki (yes like Loki) make a ship for him.  As punishment for going without his blessing their Jarl (earl) keeps most of the score and keeps Ragnar’s ship as his own. Ragnar humiliates the jarl and they both look to the future. Kattegat is under attack and Ragnar gets badly hurt, while he recuperates as winter falls and Floki tells stories around the fire. Rollo’s Loyalty is put to the test and Ragnar & the Earl go head to head. They meet with the English King an their camp is attacked. Th Lothbrok’s travel to Uppsala to pay tribute to the gods. The gang travel to meet with Jarl Borg in place of King Horik about some land while back home sickness befalls most of the population.  Ragnar meets Aslug (more like Aslut or the slug 2 names I love to call her) daughter of shield maiden broomhilda… Bjorn is not happy with this.
Vikings: Season 1      via amazon

Season 2‘s theme is crisis of faith power & relationships (trust & betrayal)  and picks up  in Scandinavia in 796

Lagertha learns of Ragnar’s betrayal, and drops the wifely facade and Kicks ass, among other things!  Rollo and Ragnar  have a sibling Battle for the ages. Princess Aslug (or as  I call her Ass Slug)
Vikings: Season 2 – Via amazon

vikings-season-1-2-review (this review is not by me, and I haven’t even read it this way I could be fair so I’m not just including bad or good reviews.

‘No Complaining’ on History Channel’s ‘Vikings

Season 3 – Had me terrified! I know that Rollo & Bjorn out live Ragnar but I really do hope it will be awhile before Travis’ role ends. I Just love him, I mean his acting etc. There’s the massive battle on the castle and a really cool hallway stunt… OUCH!
Vikings Season 3 via amazon

The raiding party travels back to England and deal with King Eckbert, to make a settlement and do some farming.  in season 3
we are in France and there’s a great epic battle, and Ragnar seems gravely sick or injured.


I think this guy explains best WHY those that are fan of Vikings, love the show so much.

Season 4 preview

So what’s In store for season 4?  

First Four Episode Titles of Vikings Season 4 Revealed

See Rollo’s ‘disasterous’ wedding night

This is a (possible) season 4 spoiler. Do not read if you want to keep things a surprise 

Watch  Vikings Season 4 here via Amazon

The Lothbroks

king ragnarRagnar as one review I’ve read (noted below)  called him power hungry. That is wrong, he was a curious person and was ambitious. Oh also he is said to be a descendant of Odin (the All father as in the top God of Norse Pantheon)

Played by Travis Fimmel of the piercing Blue eyes, Ragnar is bloody (all puns intended) fearsome on the battlefield and a loving husband and father when we start in season 1. You can also see part of Travis’ personality come through when playing Ragnar. The scenes with ‘his children’ and  Travis is a prankster on set, so that twinkle in those blue eyes can be dangerous!

3 Reasons to Love Vikings Star Travis Fimmel

There’s an episode (or few) in season three upon first watch that had me terrified (& that is all I will say) I will give you a hint that it may be in the last 3- 5 episodes.    ivana-chubbuck-talks about her Vikings work with Travis Fimmel

(The saga of Ragnar)

rollo-goes-shirtless-for-his-battle-preparationRollo   is a great ‘berserker’ warrior however tormented as the older ‘brother’ who lives in the younger’s shadow. He loves Lagertha (I
forget if there was a thing between the two of them or not but  Lagertha Saved Ragnar and somehow Ragnar won out (as usual). In season 1 Rollo is tortured to keep his brother who at the time was injured, safe. Between Ragnar and  Rollo, I’m not sure who I’d fear more on the battlefield. (what would be worse a ripper or Berserk?)

Lagertha The beautiful former  (as the guys make the mistake of starting to say)
fierce shield maiden has given Ragnar 2 children though they sadly lose one to a lagertha shield close upplague (Ragnar you need to stop going on Raids!). Her role gets beefier as the series goes on and I love that she doesn’t take any crap from the men. In season one when they go raiding and the current Jarl (earl) sends one of his men. The earl’s man tries to rape a woman and Lagertha just wasn’t going to let him… She is one bad ass and not only on Vikings but in real life! Katheryn Winnick who plays

porunn quote

Porunn quote

our favorite shieldmaiden is a black belt 3x and has her own martial arts school(s) (since she was I think 16 or 18 I know it was a young age) After Ragnar she’s with some drunken Jarl who  beats on her. Bjorn wants to kill him for it. The jarl is a D-bad and well I’ll just say Lagertha doesn’t need her son to fight her battles.

Katheryn Winnick aka ‘Lagertha’ give shield maiden lessons

What is the ‘deep dark’ secret of Kathryn Winick’s on set?  Find out in this castemate quiz  here

Bjorn alex ludwigBjorn  He goes from being a young boy with an attitude, to a fine handsome adult. We last see him leave as a child I guess he feels as much betrayed when lagertha leaves Ragnar for his extra curricular activities. Now being in his late teens (? not sure if 16 or 18)  having to deal with a stepfather and Lagertha’s new tool of a hubby D-bag, won’t let Bjorn  just go to battle as he would like   (apparently he wants Bjorn to be a coward like him)  but stepfather won’t have it. Bjorn wants to see his father again (yes more of a viking man than this piece of nothing. When they are permitted to leave to help Ragnar he trains with his uncle Rollo, and in time becomes Bjorn Ironside in season 3.  I’m glad Alex Ludvig was cast to play the teen-Adult Bjorn. I think he fits in well (and come on that last name it just screams cast me!)

Better than HBO’s ‘Risk’

I’m a Game of Thrones fan and a Vikings fan so which do I say is the better show? VIKINGS …Hammers, Axes and Shields down!  I said it before anyone else did (I think unless I just didn’t hear about it yet at the time) then I started to hear ‘whispers of it in other reviews etc.   I love the way this review from In Harsh Light put it

I can also make the argument however that they are 2 totally different types of shows. First off Game of thrones is fantasy Fiction;  Vikings, on the other hand has really happened. Think of it as a reality show just what a thousand few hundred years later?

“History’s impressive take on Norse warrior legends and mythology often rivals HBO‘s Game of Thrones. Yes, I said that. I realize I commit blasphemy against myriad GoT fans by saying that.”

but know what… tough shit… what on the show, is actual history (with a bit of creative liberties) and GOT is just a fantasy drama, that ‘beheaded’ itself in the first season (to which I screamed Nooooo…) and which I found to be a ploy to hook all into watching. Kill the heart and soul of a show at least the first season and you know that no one is safe.  In Vikings relatively there is no safety because of the life they lead (but  known at the same time if you are into Norse Mythos & history that certain characters will last at least a few seasons)

Michael Hirst creator & writer of Vikings…Reddit

‘Vikings’ recap:  4.1 ‘A Good TreasonVARIETY’s season 4 review

(did they get to watch the whole season already?)

My review….

WOW first the Walking Dead Mid-season premier, then having seen Deadpool on Tuesdays (feb 16th) & now the first episode of vikings! A lot goes on in this first episode of the season. Which was over an done in what felt like a blink or 2 of an eye!

a quick summary…Bjorn comes back looking even taller and baring ‘gifts’.  Ragnar is still sick, and Floki tries to make it up to Motvision seal of approvalhim. Queen Slug…(as I call her) is already prepping for Ragnar’s death, while Kalf & Lagertha have become co-Jarls. Rollo gets married and truly becomes a traitor. Everyone seems to be planning to betray Ragnar in one way or another. They’re gonna
have a revenant type scene that I’m sure you’ve already seen in the trailer, so Bjorn goes off to see if he can survive the wild (which isn’t just the motivation… I’m sure it’s to bring a name for himself as well)  Porrun has disappeared in the night etc. We
travel to Paris and Ragnar & Rollo go at each other which Rollo actor Clive Standen said a few blows really did hit so he and Travis went home bruised! This looks to be a fight to the death and after seeing an article saying Ragnar may die this season… I had the Kleenex ready but had a jaw drop in the Mid-season finale (I think the next half will come in june or july) It’s been one crazy season so far for me at least oh yeah and we jump 6 or 10 years after the events in Paris and meet the adult versions of Ragnar’s sons

You can read more on the Vikings show, characters and actors on my Vikings Hub

Now as for the soundtrack…. I don’t know who amoung the myriad of credits sets up who composes the music (or secures getting current music in a soundtrack) but there are a few people as well as myself  I know of that would love for the band Tyr which is one of my favorite bands, and they play Viking (or Folk) metal  on the show.  Lead singer Heri wants to do a song for the show. I have tried helping, (even during the 2013 or 2014 comic-con panel)  I was tweeting on and off trying to get someone’s attention but to no avail (still trying to find out who and how to get in touch with the creator or find out who is in charge of ‘casting’  for music ralted stuff on the show) anyway I found one Vikings video to the song ‘By the Sword in my Hand’  by Tyr, and this can somewhat be used to review the events of the past few seasons as well.


There’s one actor I would LOVE to see cast in Vikings… I will say he’s played a Turk and certainly does not look like one, however he has the perfect name and born in one of the perfect places to be cast…Thorvaldur David Kristjansson  he was BORN to be on the show!  If I ever got to meet this guy, I think I’d blush calling him Thor!  Here’s a link to an interview 

And this is me Signing off….Holding the Heathen Hammer High!

Comic-Con Vikings panel Prank

I hope this puts a smile on your face….

For those of you that have been reading this or maybe it was mentioned in my ZodiacImmortal blog My favorite show is Vikings, and I know somewhere I posted Travis Fimmel who plays Ragnar Lothbrok one of the Stars is the prankster on set.

The cast has said they can never get him back or at least think of ways to do so (elaborately like he does) but soimetimes simple is better! The boy is slick too! I didn’t even notice on the first watch.. or the 2nd or 3rd!! LMAO still laugh every time though!


So I present to you