Alice Through the Looking Glass

2016  PG 1:53   Johnny Depp, ‘Borat’,

Alice returns from a seven year sea voyage and passes through the magical vortex where she journeys  into the past to save the mad hatter . So why is she at sea, let alone captaining a ship? in the 1800s a woman would likely not have been aloud as captain let alone on a ship as they were considered bad luck for ship and crew.


I LOVE how colorful and bright her kimono type outfit it. But then again it is mostly purple  with green trim  and the spattering of other color on the shoulders, then the dress green with gold…she looks like a walking Mardi Gras party.


Man does Johnny Depp look like Elija Wood and Carrot top had a kid! (SCARRY!)

The White queen apparently has taken hand flair lessons. (Way too much and exaggerated)

In the movie there’s I’ll say ‘robots’ Seconds that turn into minutes which protect time… They remind me of the Mixels from the shorts on Cartoon Network (or is it Boomarang) station.

its fun when it starts but a decline however we find out the history of how the Queen of hearts head got so big.


Ouija Origin of Evil

2016, PG-13, horror, thriller, 1:39,  Elizabeth Reaser, Lulu Wilson, Annalise Basso

set in what seems to be the 1960s  a fatherless family pays the bills by holding seances and palm readings. The mother does the psychic thing while the daughters when not in school, help push the point across.

The mother comes across the new ‘game’ in a store and brings a board home to use as one of her tools. (You are NOT supposed to use them in your home!!!) The youngest starts talking to ‘a friend’ which is never good, even when she thinks her dead dad tells her how to help save them from losing the family house. After this she stops going to school as she’s the one the board works for best.

Once things hit the fan when the older sister finds little sis scribbling on paper on the floor of her room to her right while looking to her left, the sister (I guess its the morning after) finds the papers sticking out from under the bed when she gathers the girl’s things. She gives them to the priest (which I guess is the principal of the school) to find out what they say as they are written in Polish.

I think somehow the story that was told about this family was ‘fudged’ a bit. Of course it’s been awhile since I watched the original movie but something about the story of these 3 didn’t sound right. Also unlike the first which was a little creepy this was not even eerie or anything remotely ‘scary’



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The Huntsman: Winter’s War

2016  PG-13  Action, Fantasy  1:54  Chris Hemsworth, Jessica Chastain, Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt

Prequel to Snow White and the Huntsman. Here Ravenna has a sister Freya (yes as in the Norse Goddess) whose grief leads her to unleash her icy powers (queue ‘Let Go Let it snow whatever the name of it is..)

She is feared in her kingdom  where the only rule is Do not love.

“Do Not Love….it’s a sin. Love is a lie, it is a trick played by the cruel on the foolish and the weak. Cast it from your mind never let it render you frail of mind or of will.”

She saves the children from ‘suffering’ and they are trained to become her army. Just one problem, her 2 best warriors fall in love…

Wait if this is a prequel then how the hell is Ravenna in Snow white and the Huntsman when here she is supposed to be dead? did someone make a consistency error; AHHH that’s how!

Whoa! a river of molten gold, why not just throw the ‘mirror’ in that so that it melts.

I swear its a live action version of Frozen and for that alone it gets a            D!


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Exorcist (tv)

2016     Fox   Horror Thriller

Geena Davis,Alfonso Herrera,Ben Daniels,Hannah Kasulka,Brianne Howey,Alan Ruck


I am lacking in what to say about this. I’ve watched 3 or 4 episodes now (if not more) and like the movie I guess this is a slow burn, either that or its actual crap.

I don’t find any characters to be likable except the girl that is possessed when she’s a being rude or evil. So far unlike other movie to tv series (ahem lethal weapon) this one is at the bottom and not even at the basement level more like subbasement, (for now)

so far the only thing worth watching for is how they can push the shock boundaries and grosss outs. I don’t think I would be surprised if it gets canceled but will if  it gets another season. Geena Davis is almost forgetful as the possessed girl’s mother, however I do feel like she’s hiding something, which  is reveled I thnk in the 5th or 6th episode.

 The gore and violence of the end of the 2nd or 3rd episode on the train, I was surprised they got away with on fox!!

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Mondays on A&E 10pm horror drama

Based on the movie series The Omen.
Here Damien does not seem to remember his childhood until a Damaskus woman grabs his face and memories come back in a flood.

I really can’t make any comments on it after just one episode,so i’ll have to wait at least 1 more week to write this.

Intriging and suspenseful come to mind, however feels a little slow in pace but the dark tone us perfect; I just hope we sink into it like the car in quicksand.

Damien played by Bradley James, who played King Arthur in Merlin who looks more rugged in this. He’s now a photo journalist, in this muddy plot… are we supposed to see him become the Antichrist in this? Barbara Hershey is what I suspect the nanny that cared for him (or maybe his real mother)

Do we really need another devil on on our TV screens…let alone Monday night…Lucifer is my Monday night date, cracks me up. The devil has been in and out of Supernatural’s storyline every few seasons.

I prefer to watch NY shows weekly, unless of course I wait for the video release then I usually watch a disk (3-4 episodes) a day. I think due to the pace, that it’s best to watch either by week or maybe 2 episodes at a time.

Not sure how the scales will tip…this may be a take it or leave it after 3 episodes, or just wait for full season

Paranormal Activity:Ghost Dimension

2015       R      1:32


The Malfarious (Malicious & Nefarious) spirit is back while Uncle Mike comes for a visit during the 2013 holiday season. He finds an old (big ass) home video camera and some tapes in a box of paints.  The camera is an acid trip of blur, color & flares, even with a regular camera if there’s no natural light coming in this would mean there’s some sort of otherworldly (spirit) interference.

They come to learn the camera is a custom job. It films something that looks like dirt  floating around. There is a part or 2 where the black shadowy spirit makes me think of a misty ‘Groot’. Unlike this effect of the spirit which looks like a tar like goo… others are not so good, like the part where the house (or that particular room) is shaking and you see the frames shaking and it’s not how they would normaly shake. It looks like someone just strung them together behind the set & shook them by pulling on a wire.


This I think would have been a bit better if it left off on the ‘high’ note where I think it had climaxed  with the father and the ghost, but no.. it goes on into the ghost dimension and ends up just being really lame in that scene. If they had ended it where I think they should have I would have been willing to give it a C but no… I’m giving it a D-


The novelty of the series and it’s jump scares have worn off (though there is one close up that made me jump, but it was one of those you may as well in real life) they should have stopped after the first 2 movies.