Do Batman V Superman’s Reviews Prove That Critics Are Snobs?

A bit late in publishing, but its not so much about the movie itself but more the question.


I thought the same, and as I’ve read a few that sounded snobby, these are the reason I decided to start writing my own reviews.

These people are probably forced to see something that they are just not interested in and therefore the reason they blast the movie. I agree with the article that they sound like they just want to cover movies that are more artfully made etc. This is one reason I think critics should not have to go to college unless they are going to specifically cover those sort of movies.  Another reason is they usually always compare it to another movie they don’t seem to include a short plot and some other information and most importantly I don’t think they ever mention Why they did or didn’t like it.

I find any critic, pro or novice blogger when they write a review  they should always include a pros and cons list …so to speak. Write what your over all feelings about the movie is. (I make notes while I watch and why sometimes sounds like a play by play…I want to include my reactions to some of the movie.. also write what you do like about it (all of the reasons) and why the same goes for why you didn’t.  also include how you think it could have been improved on.

For those of you that are writing reviews professionally for a paper or magazine (or a well known website) and getting paid under the table by studios or whatever to give great or bad reviews …

I am Shaming your ass right here!

as much as I could use the money… I cannot be bought and you can find that in my about page.. yes it says for products but it’s a blanket for any review I do.  I can understand in a way if you are given a movie to see you are not interested in, I know when that happens (like when friends force you into seeing a romantic comedy when you just broke up with someone) emotionally & mentally you clash and usually the more emotional side wins over. This is why I not only write some of my review during the movie but sleep on it, re-read it and think about the movie again and see if I still feel the same 1-2 days after I’ve seen the film.

I’d rather have an average joes eye for fx etc. I hope I don’t sound snooty in my reviews. As far as them mentioning the fast and furious films with the diversity etc.. That’s not what makes a movie or franchise good; , stand out ..yes.  I always wonder why people always have to look for some underlying agenda about a movie or show… for instance…Harry Potter’s Professor Umbridge could you say Nazi. I’m one who prefers to just read or watch what’s put in front of me as visual story telling. Entertainment was supposed take your mind off your reality.

As far as the comic superhero movies go, I find those that are not ‘fanboy’ ‘geek written are sometimes just as hyped as the rest of the media. Granted I haven’t read the comics so I just critique them as I do anything else I’d review. Yes maybe I compare them a little too much to how the characters look in the comics to the movies (especially Aquaman.. Sorry but Jason Mamoa does NOT look like the one in the comic however the guy that played him in Smallville (actor Alan Ritchson) looks like he jumped off the page

I do my best to not give into the hype of any of the movies,  yes there are usually a couple during the year I am pretty excited for. The only DC comics movie I was excited for was Suicide Squad (big fan of Jared Leto & I’ve also been watching Will Smith since the 90s as well while Jai Courtney is a new fave) sadly I have recently heard they are going back to reshoot scenes for SS as the jokes in the trailer were the only jokes in the movie. (and as I have been saying all along… someone needs to learn HOW to edit movie trailers!

1 joke 1 stunt a few seconds not to ruin it or the whole scene, as was my beef with Fast & Furious 6! Then there’s Man of Steel and it’s.. from what i counted 10-11 different trailers which basically all had the same scenes with the exception of one or 2 in it and therefore shows us pretty much the entire first half of the movie! If it weren’t for the 2nd half I would have been pissed but I should have asked for at least half my money back for the fact with all the trailers I already saw of it I saw the movie. If they hadn’t had so much in the trailers… I think I would have liked it more, it told a full story etc.

Batman vs Superman.. would have been the 3rd movie I was pretty excited to see this year but once the trailers started showing and the closer it came to the release the more and more the trailer was shown and the less enthusiastic I was about it. I’ll give you a couple reasons why

  1. for a Superman movie it looked more like we were about to watch another batch of the dark knight Christian Bale movies
  2. the amount of times they showed the trailer (actually this should be #1) after Fast & Furious 6 I have somewhat boycotted watching trailers so as to not ruin the movie for myself. Sadly It’s somewhat hard to do even if you don’t watch it you have to hear it EVERY… Commercial… BREAK.
  3. batman is not going to help superman fly! I Love Henry Cavil as superman and I think maybe with another director (and or script writer) that a 3rd superman movie would be better. I can understand that a goody two shoes Superman won’t cut it, I know he’s more gritty and that’s fine to me but then I’m not a comic fan girl.  But honestly I don’t think I would see a goody goody Superman movie in the theater, especially after the last batch of Batman movies.
  4.  I won’t even go on the topic of BATfleck… wasn’t crazy about him being Batman and as I said in my review of the movie he did not impress me at all as Batman, but as Bruce Wayne he was more believable, sort of like a favorite uncle.  Though it will definitely take at least one or 2 more movies of him as Batfleck  for me to fully decide what I think of him. (so glad to hear  he won’t be in next movie)
  5.  I’ve heard more mixed reviews on this movie than any in my life.. (and I don’t read reviews before seeing a movie I am interested in, so I do not become biased.)

as for the  question if the boogyman has finally set in that we may now have superhero fatigue, I don’t think that is the case. My opinion is that maybe a superman sequel with Batman in it was not a good idea to ‘save’ face on the series.  I think it is the hype that killed the movie in reviews.  Even if it was the right idea to put them together than they went about the story wrong weather or not there was anything in there that had to do with the comics. They mentioned in it why we are bashing the movie when we should be asking questions about Aquaman holding his breath (really the blink and you miss scene of him) I saw but I was trying to take in the whole scene so something as small as seeing him holding his breath (if he really was) would escape.

inspired to write post due to this article.

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