Finding Dory

2016  PG  1:37 adventure, Animated    Blu-ray  Ellen DeGeneres,Albert Brooks, Ed O’Neil,  Ty Burrell, Diane Keaton, Eugene Levy, Sigourney Weaver  IMDB info

Oh my Dory must be short for adorable cause look at her as a baby!

He parents notice early on she has a short term memory as well as being easily distracted but they taught her well.  In this adventure we travel the sea to find her parents who she thinks is in a sea world type aquatic rescue place.

With the help of friends along the way and yes we get to hang out with Nemo and his Dad Marlin again. She finds out where she originally came from and that her parents aren’t her only family.

I think you could say even when you can’t see him the octopus is a bit of a scene stealer! (which watch the beginning of the credits as it works as a find the octopus.

The last half and even better last quarter of the movie is best part of the whole.

The octopus driving was a hoot

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Nine Lives

2016   PG   Blu-ray  1:27  Comedy  Jennifer Gardner, Robbie Amell, Kevin Spacey     (IMDB)

Mr. Brand is a worlaholic CEO of the ‘Fire Brand’ on the night of his daughter’s birthday (party) he buys a cat for her and ends up falling off a roof with the cat and he ends up in the cat’s body somehow, while his body is in a coma.

What is with all the cats by three? It’s like 3 of the same cat or 3 cats together…

Oh my the blue of that cat’s eyes! And The part where it’s drunk had my family cracking up!

I can see why Entertainment Gave this a worse of 2016 movies; The pacing is too slow, not sure about the characters in general, there’s so many ways this could have been at least a good if not great movie. The only good parts is when the cat is on screen.


“Oh look Satan’s over for dinner’ (in reference to his ex-wife.)

Oh yeah and then at one point the mother mentions (I forget if it was Amell’s character or the daughter) had asked “Why is daddy a vampire”

There’s a part where the cat Mr. Fuzzy pants  (gosh if I were a cat and someone cave me that name I’d rip your face up’ I jsut hate those stupid cliche pet names.) looks like he’s i a donkey Kong game  When he’s walking up a wall or something.


Those security guards deserved that!!! (You know what I mean when you see it) and there’s Lil Bub!!!

I won’t kill the movie completely, but it deserves at least a D for some of the jokes. They could have made it better if it were an hour long special!


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Haunted Honeymoon (a comedy Chiller)

Image result for Haunted Honeymoon1986  PG  Gene Wilder, Gilda Radner,  Dom Deluise, Jonathan Pryce,


Larry Abbot, speaker in the radio horror shows of Manhattan Mystery Theater with his Fiance Vicki. For the wedding they go to the mansion (or is it a palace) where he grew up.  His Psychiatrist uncle shows up at the radio station to cure Larry of his fear which has again come to the forefront sine getting engaged  three weeks ago.

The idea is to  give him a shock therapy, scare the fear out of him! Snakes in your drawers, & the moose was chuckle worthy…  odd happenings around the castle, and greedy relatives who want his inheritance (gee that’s original….)

I wouldn’t exactly call it Haunted or a honeymoon (as they aren’t married upon arriving there or even get married by the middle of the movie) thought that is the name of the story they are performing o the air. There’s 2-3 musical numbers which aren’t annoying (as many come off as with me)  and didn’t recognize Dom Deluise in drag!!!

Wait is Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy of Harry Potter fame)  some sort of relative to Jonathan Pryce? They’ve got the same shaped head and hairline….

a little dated with the styles but I did love the interior sets of the mansion (or whatever you want to call it) and claim Mr. Larry Abnott cured of his neurotic speech defect and exaggerated bursts of fear



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Open Season: Scared Silly

2016  PG   1:25  Blu-Ray


In this sequel Boog (the bear) is afraid of some werewolf Campfire story. Elliot the half wit deer decides to help him face his fears so they can go on their annual camping trip.

Together Boog’s woodland friends help scare the fear out 0of him while solving the mystery of the ‘Wailing Wampus Werewolf’

There’s not much to really say about it there were a few good laughs and the psychotic Lava coaster was cool but I found it lacking quite a bit, in story and plenty of other things. As it is a PG movie it’s also made in part for adult’s to enjoy  sadly I think this one is more for kids. The only thing I remember about it is the werewolf which to me belonged in one of the new scooby cartoons.

The 5th Wave

2016  PG  Cable     Chloë Grace Moretz, Nick Robinson,  Alex Roe, Liev Schreiber, Ron Livingston,  imdb

The Alien ship(s) look like Spikey floating islands


While watching the movie I am glad I waited for cable to watch it, It’s not even worth a dvd rental (and I wouldn’t waste my time with streaming it…)

Even checking out an article I wrote on How to Write a review and what criteria to cover was not even able to help me find ways of writing about the movie, which likely means it’s that thin and unoriginal of a storyline aside from the


1st wave  cut power & electronics which cuts communications

2nd wave is the literal sense of the term a giant wave of water to flood (are they terra forming?)

3rd wave  another bird flu?…. Infection of survivors of previous wave and eradicating the weak?

4th wave infiltration & inhabiting human form

5th wave Maniulate and invade rid the survivors of their humanity and enslave them.

(that’s at least what I got from them)


I cannot remember anything really exceptional happening aside from the giant wave and Chloe character being ‘saved’ by some hottie.

Shriber’s speech still in no way compares to that of Idris Elba’s from Pacific Rim not sure it was the power in the voice or the speech (or both)  but I can still pretty much hear it in my head any time I think of that movie!

There is one part which Moretz just not good with the acting. She’s rolling down a hill and has a Teddy Bear in her hand and instead of when she bounces or something and letting it go you see her just throw it. (You COULD have protected your head with it at least)

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2016   PG  Blu-ray  1:48   **  Gennifer Goodwin, Jason Batemanm, Idris Elba,  Tommy Chong, J.K Simmons, Octavia Spenser IMDB


In Bunny Burrow a young Judy Hopps dreams of becoming a police officers, however no bunny has ever become one (sadly not mentioned if tried).   Judy goes to the academy and trains her tail off…and passes as valedictorian of her class. Her first day she’s put on Parking duty!

“You are not fine, Your ears are droopy”

The rams on the train gave me a laugh. It’s an Old trick but I think the fact it was rams (and just saying Rams on a train) made it funny.

Of course  Judy cracks the case of the missing otter and the other animals.

I could say if I were the analytical type that this is not just dealing with race (the different animals) but also possibly sexism being as a female bunny and ‘no bunny’ (sorry couldn’t resist) has become had previously become an officer.

The movie was only ok, and I wasn’t surprised to who the culprit was. as to re-watch-ability….its a one and done deal. Its not worth the purchase unless your kid wants to watch it over and over and over. Just rent it or wait for the cable.

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The 4 districts of Zootopia


2015   PG    Hugh Jackman, Gerrett hedlund, Levi Miller & Rooney Mara


So far I am Uniquely annoyed with the soundtrack. The musical numbers are awful or maybe its just the songs (in any fashion, original or re-written) I did not find to work well with the parts of the movie they were in other than Nirvana’s Teen Spirit. That one although maybe in the right part, the tempo could have been sped up a bit, this variation at a half chant that at first i sort of recognized the rhythm but at the same time because of the slower tempo than the original I couldn’t place it. One part is a chant and then another part of it is used as a speech!

Speaking of the speech, Hugh Jackman as Black Beard… Not sure if it’s him or the costume (esp. the long cloak or whatever you want to call it, he looks like he’s wearing a (I think the right era is) Victorian dress the way it’s bunched in the back…. I don’t get embarassed but I am for him in that! Who the hell were the costumers? Oh and that wig… why not throw some white pancake in his face and call him a geisha while you are at it?

Gerrit Hedlund, my dear I loved you as Murtah in Eregon, and have tried to keep up with your other projects but this one, I wish I had skipped, I’ve lost some respect for you! I meay not be an actor, but dear  over projecting came to mind. He’s so not working for me as Hook I too bad they couldn’t have used Colin that plays hook in Once upon a time…

Oh so that’s what they are mining for… pixie ‘dust’ which (as an adult)  look like what is normally shown in crime dramas as crack or heroin. Oh but at least there is a glow to it, so that is what makes it pixie dust.. (I scoff)

Memory tree is kinda cool and why is that ‘carpet’ atop her head, with those little ‘pom pom’ balls? (or is that supposed to be hair?)  Well the natives are quite the brightly colorful bunch, which was cheerful, that I liked as well but when black beard shows up I think some of them get killed off, in a bright puff of colored powder if I saw right~! Well at least that was a creative way to ‘show blood’

UGH Cara Delvine (or however it’s spelled) or as I call her ‘Eyebrows’ is the mermaid and if she’s going to have blond hair as a mermaid, can’t you people CGI her eyebrows to being the same color?? that looks so awful!

Best part- when Pan saves hook in he ‘crystal’ (pixie dust) cave’ I just about cheered and felt like a kid again!

Some of the CG FX are bad and can tell more than once when a stunt double has taken over, WTF Disney you billion dollar nazis.. you can’t fork over 5 thousand for better FX on your Garbage stories?

Oh and what’s with the neon Jolly Roger sign? tacky…

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