Maggie’s Plan

2015  R  1:38  Romantic Comedy Drama,

** Greta Gerwig, Travis Fimmel, Ethan Hawke,Bill Hader,Maya Rudolph,Julianne Moore

Maggie’s plan to have a child on her own, is derailed when after choosing her sperm donor she meets the man of her dreams.

Ethan Hawke plays John, the married man she falls in love with, whose own marriage to Julianne Moore’s Georgette (I forget what she does as far as work) but she’s colder than the Arctic on a winter day, and is a busy body, hardly any time for the kids let alone paying attention to them. No wonder why he’s straying.

Maggie’s plan in itself was a waste of time in her life as she ends up marrying John, has his kid, and the marrige starts to mirror he old one!  She gets bored  and falls out of love with him and gets him back with his wife. There’s a nice twist at the end during the ice skating but you do need to listen for it and the one she should have been with all along shows just in time! Sequel?? it’s open enough for one. If so I think there will be more of Travis Fimmel which yes I watched only to see him play this pickle entrepreneur. Which was you could say quirky I guess. If Travis weren’t in it I wouldn’t have even bothered watching it.



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